Are Blundstones good for hiking?

Are Blundstones good for hiking

Are Blundstone boots good for hiking? On a vacation, one of the toughest questions you’ll always end up asking yourself ” Which shoe from your closet can you take on a vacation?” You’ll have soo many shoes to choose from sneakers to timberland to all-time favorite Blundstones. The shoe depends on the type of trip, terrain, and your first choice is to go for your easy, lightweight, no laces Blundstone’s.

But today we are going to learn about whether you should take Blundstones on a vacation or not? And are Blundstones good for hiking? Blundstone is one of the favorite footwear brands in Australia. Blundstones, quality footwear “designed to be lived and worked in”. Blundstones has the same tagline, that was launched in 1800. The reason why Blundstone’s are so popular is that they will last a couple of years as they are highly durable and were once made for factory workers, lorry drivers, etc. 

But it begs the question” can you hike in Blundstones” and ” how good are Blundstone’s for hiking?”

Blundstone boots dominate the shoe market because they are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and suitable for any weather. In addition, you can choose from different styles and colors and also can choose a custom style design if your Blundstone boots. This makes them the perfect boots go-to boots for your vacation.

But what will happen if you wear Blundstone boots on a hike?

Are Blundstone good for hiking?

Blundstones boots are the ideal choice for hiking. Although Blundstone is durable, comfortable, and also considered as indestructible as it was used by factory workers, they are the perfect choice for long hiking. Blundstones are not good for hiking, as they are made of non-breathable material, and if they are worn during a hike can lead up to blisters.

Also, Blundstone lacks ankle support,  traction, and grip, which are must need for the best hiking experience. 

Reasons why Blundstones are not good for Hiking

Many travelers love to wear some classy, durable, and fashionable to their trip and it’s no wonder Blundstones are their first choice. They are in the category of fashionable footwear, and way better than sneakers.

You can pair them with any of your clothes and looking amazing, but if you are on a hike, you may have to consider other options.

If you are on a short day hike, you can easily wear the Blundstone boots, but if you are on a multiple-day trek, Blundstone is not suitable.

Blundstones are not the best choice for long trekking, and these are reasons why you should avoid them during hiking.


If you are hiking, you must wear shoes that fit perfectly. If you wear loose or tight-fitting shoes, it will create friction between your feet and shoes, and this is exactly what causes blisters!

Also, one of the biggest issues with Blundstone boots is that they don’t have laces. Without laces works well in everyday life, but when it comes to hiking, you need shoes that can be tightened to resist the friction between feet and boots.

Without laces, Blundstone doesn’t provide proper fitting and it is okay for shorter hikes.

But it will be very difficult in walking long distances, as at the end of the day, you will have enough blisters that will keep you moving forward on your next day.

So, if you don’t want to ruin your vacation, the best choice is to get a good pair of hiking shoes, as they are equipped with laces and provide proper fitting than any other shoes. 

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Traction and grip

During hiking, you always have to wear shoes that provide the utmost grip and traction. Blundstones are a better fit than sneakers in terms of grip and traction, but they are no match for hiking boots.

If you are on your way to the easiest hiking trails with no steep climbing, you are good to wear Blundstones as they offer traction and grip.

But if your hiking trails are strenuous, long miles, it’s better to wear a pair of hiking shoes. Cheaper hiking shoes offer more traction and grip than Blundstones, so you have a decision to make.

Ankle support

Ankles support helps to prevent ankle injury during hiking. Lost of people have weak ankles, or the hiking trails are steep that causes pain in the ankles. This can be easily avoided by wearing a pair of choose with good ankle support.


Blundstones are recognized as durable shoes and they have to be they are used to make for work shoes for labor in ints entail years. But that is a long way back, it is now one of the fashionable shoes which you can wear in casual wear.

It was considered indestructible shoes, but in reality, is different. They can last up to many years if taken care of properly but due to the increased popularity of the shoes.

The company couldn’t manage to keep up with the quality of the shoes and they are not durable as they once were. 

So, if you wear Blundstones boots on a hiking trip where you’ll face steep climbing, unpaved paths, you could easily destroy your shoes. In addition, Blundstone boots are not as durable as hiking shoes.

Even the cheaper hiking shoes are better than Blundstones.

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If you are on long hikes, you need shoes that offer breathability. If you wear Blundstones in summer, you will face feet sweat with the pack of breathable material in the shoes. This is one of the problems that can lead up to blisters. 

Although Blundstone is considered warm because they are not so warm for the winter season ( Winter Hiking for Beginners ) if the leather material has no breathability.

You can not wear Blundstones boots, in severely cold weather. They can be used in a mild cold but not for extreme winter weather conditions.


Blundstones is now one of the popular footwear brands, and you can see shoes in different shapes, sizes, and different prices, But an average pair of Blundstone will cost you $100. With an average price, this is the perfect choice between fashionable and convenient shoes for everyday use.

But if you are fond of hiking long treks, it’s better to go for hiking boots. Blundstones boots are the same price as hiking boots, so in the end, you know which shoes are the best for you.

In my opinion, for short day hikes, Blundstone boots are okay to wear but for long treks, you should avoid Blundstone boots and op for a pair of hiking boots. 

So are Blundstones good for hiking? Well, if you have considered all the reasons, you know the answer is no. They are good for short hikes, but not the best choice for multiple days trek.

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Hiking in Blundstones in the rain

During your rain hike, the hike needs a good pair of waterproof boots, provides good grip, traction, and is not heavy. If your shoes have all these qualities, they should be the ideal shoes to wear when hiking in rain.

Blundstones boots have all these qualities, as it was built by a special type of leather material, that act as water repellent. This will keep your feet dry through rain, and being lightweight, durable, you can easily use them when hiking in the rain.

The worst thing that can happen during rain hiking, is getting your boots to soak wet from inside. This can lead to hours to make them dry. So what will happen if you accidentally get your Blundstone wet.

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How to dry Blundstones?

To dry Blundstones boots, you only need a newspaper. Stuff your Blundstone boots with newspaper, this will absorb all the moisture from the boots and it doesn’t take hours to dry. Drying with the newspaper also keeps the shape of boots intact.

Always dry your Blundstone at room temperature as this practice will keep your Blundstone boots intact for few decades.

Note: Don’t use any equipment or heat source to dry them faster, this can ruin the leather of the bluestones.

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Are Blundstone good for snow?

Blundstones boots are the perfect choice for winter and in snow. Blundstones are made of leather material, which is suitable for winters as they provide warmth to the feet with superior comfort.

If you want to use Blundstone on hiking during winter and in snow, you should get a winterized variant of Blundstone classic leather lined boots. They offer warmth to feet by being fully insulated with the help of synthetic Thinsulate lining.

But if your vacation can lead up to severe weather conditions, you can add a sheepskin insole ( sold separately from the boot) and also pack yourself a thick sock through winter for extra insulation, as well as a footbed if it will fit.