Are quilts more comfortable than sleeping bags? 

Are quilts more comfortable than sleeping bags 

For a hiker sleeping bag or quilt is the best way to keep him warm and comfy on cold and as well as on a normal night. It’s has been a debate topic for so long in the backpacking industry that, which is better or comfortable between quilt and sleeping bag. Though both are quite comfortable and give you enough warmth, still it’s hard to choose between because of so many similarities and options. If you are confused between the both and have this question that, Are quilts more comfortable than sleeping bags? then you are at the right place. 

Are quilts more comfortable than sleeping bags? 

Yes, usually quilts provide more comfort than sleeping bags. The main reason is the open structure of quilts that gives you the feel of a blanket. Moreover, the space you get in quilts is a lot more than sleeping. However, sleeping bags are more warm and snug and keep you warm on cold nights.

Besides all of the reasons explained above, there are other deciding factors also that make the one more comfortable than the other. 

Reasons why quilts are more comfortable


Ventilation is very important to avoid any moisture or suffocation inside. Quilts are the clear winner in this, it has no hood or zipper which makes it more ventilated and comfortable in mild weather.

The ventilation can be a bad thing if you are staying in cold weather, otherwise, it’s always good to let the airflow inside to prevent moisture. 

More legroom and space

More legroom and space in quilts make them more comfortable than sleeping bags.

If you are a broad man then there are high chances that you will not be comfortable inside the sleeping bag, especially if you have a mummy shape sleeping bag that becomes narrow from the down to cut down the weight. 

Sleeping bags are snug and tight, they keep you restricted in one position when you sleep.

On the other hand, you have the freedom of rotation or changing position during the night in quilts. Personally, I have this habit of sleeping on the side, so that’s why I use a quilt most of the time. 


There are a lot of options you get in both quilts and sleeping bags from light to ultralight. However, if we compare both quilts and sleeping bags that have the same percentage of down-filled, then the quilt is lighter and easier to carry than sleeping bags.

The reason why quilts weigh less is that it cuts down its weights from the zipper and good.

Besides that, the material used in quilts is also less than the material used in sleeping bags which makes them lighter. Moreover, it’s also easy to pack quilts because they are less bulky than sleeping bags. 

However, it’s not always the case with all the sleeping bags and quilts. There are some sleeping bags that are light and even weigh the same as a quilt. And lastly, the down fill and the temperature rating are also two factors that decide the weight of the item.

If you want to buy a sleeping bag then before buying, you should know what is considered a light sleeping bag- What is considered a light sleeping bag?  

No zipper problem

If you have a sleeping bag then you have already experienced the zipper problem. In new sleeping bags or in some cheap sleeping bags this is a huge problem.

The zip is snug and you have to try for several minutes sometimes to loosen up the fabric. There is no such problem with quilts which makes them more user-friendly and comfortable. 

Other differences  between sleeping bag and quilt

Price difference

If we compare both sleeping bags and quilts with the same fill quantity and same temperature then the price may vary.

Usually, you will see sleeping bags are more expensive than quilts. Besides that, there are some exceptions where quilts you will find quilt more expensive than sleeping bags, but that is very rare. 

Warmth to weight ratio

Regardless of which one is the winner here, weight is not the deciding factor of the warmth of a quilt or sleeping bag. 

However, if you compare both sleeping bags and quilts with the same down fill percentage and the same temperature, then most likely the quilt will outperform the sleeping bag.

However, this doesn’t make the quilt more effective because it doesn’t have any zippers or hoods to keep you warm. But companies spend a lot of their time making quilts best for cold weather and that’s why today you have the option of neck collars and width to keep you warm. 

Which one should you buy? 

Well, it depends on what is the purpose for your buying. First, you need to make sure for what weather you are buying a quilt for.

If you are buying for hiking somewhere, where the weather is not so harsh or cold then the quilt is the best option. Check out some best backing quilts for warmth and durability-Best Budget Backpacking Quilts

But if you are planning to go to cold places then a sleeping bag would be a nice pick. Well, it’s not that you don’t find a quilt with a warmth that can keep you warm in cold weather, it’s just that you will have few options in quilts in comparison to sleeping bags. 

If the weather is not alarmy for you and you can manage some cold then a quilt is the better option. 

Further, you should also know if you feel comfortable when the space is more or if you fell asleep when the structure is closed.

If you need some space to make yourself feel comfortable at night or you have the habit of sleeping on the side then quilts are the best option. 

You should also prefer quilts if you don’t have enough money to buy a suitable or best sleeping bag. It’s not worth spending money on some basic sleeping bag that will have zipper issues and is too heavy to carry while backpacking.