Best hiking boots for high arches

Best hiking boots for high arches

Hiking boots are very important for any hiker. Though there are some great pairs of hiking boots available in the market, still we sometimes don’t get the right boots for our feet. Choosing the right hiking boot for your feet is more important than the hiking boot itself. If you have an average person’s feet then it’s very easy to choose the right hiking boot, but if you have high arches then you don’t know what hiking boot will be perfect for you. But don’t worry, today we will give the list of best hiking boots for high arches. 

Best hiking boots for high arches

The best hiking boot for high arches is Hoka one Kaha and Salmon quest 4 GTx

Hoka One one Kaha

Best hiking boots for high arches


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great stability
  • Amazing traction control
  • Water-resistant


  • Little expensive
  • Slight weight issue

Hoka is one of the most preferable and quality boots next to salmon. These boots are extremely comfortable, more than any boots on the list. This is a hiking boot that we would recommend to people with high arches, as it is extremely supportive and comfortable to feet.

The proprietary foam layers provide extra comfort at the midsole, keep your feet stuck and reduce the pressure. You can wear these boots the whole day and still don’t feel fatigued. Moreover, they also feel comfortable if you are doing multi-day hiking with lots of weight on your shoulder. If you want a hiking boot that provides great comfort then this pair is for you. 

If we talk about stability then this pair ranks as one of the top positions in the list. It has eofe forefoot, which ensures safety from ankle rolling. The ankle height also adds more safety and comfort for the ankle, as it can be laced all the way up to the ankle, which sticks the ankle and provides more comfort to the feet. 

However, you will find the material around the ankle less rigid than some of the other hiking boots. 

Moreover, the traction control of the boots is up to mark. The sole made of Vibram MegaGrip outsole, provides excellent grip on the wet surface, dry surface, and even on snowy terrain.

These boots have some out-of-the-box traction control if we compare them with other similar boots. The material that the company uses to make, Hoka soles, is not exceptional. A lot of other companies also use this but are not as effective as Hoka. Soles of Hoka boots are very big, which contributes to its amazing traction control on the surface. 

The weight of this pair is also good, but not good for all-mountain conditions. It weighs 2.40 pounds. A slight increase in weight can make this boot all-rounder for all hiking conditions. But you can definitely wear this boot for multi-day, day hike, or thru-hike. 

This is also a high-end boot that comes at the price tag of $220. However, this is an all-rounder hiking boot or shoe that can last you years and offer you great comfort, stability, and traction control. 

Salomon quest 4 GTX

Best hiking boots for high arches


  • Provides excellent grip on the steep and slippery terrain
  • strong in providing resistance to water.
  • Stability is excellent. 


  • Expensive than most of the hiking boots on the list
  • Demand more care in the long run

Salmon is one of the best brands in the market that makes high-quality hiking boots. The company made 4 GTX versions for professional hikers who do multi-day trips and long thru-hikes. But that doesn’t mean you don’t buy this. This boot is recommended in this list because of the performance and support that it provides to feet, even if you have high arches. 

The company has made shoe lacing systems easy and elegant for everyone. There is a self-lacing system, that makes the lacing process very easy. One you make lace, and you don’t have to worry about laces during your trip. 

Salomon quest 4 GTX is worth the money for hiking boots for backpackers. This boot is great in providing comfort to the person with high arches, as it is so comfortable when you put them on. 

Not only do they offer good arch support, but also provide ankle support at the same time. If you are planning a thru-hike or multi-day hike, and you have feet with high arches then, we recommend you this boot, as it is the overall package in one. 

Besides its arch and ankle support, you get excellent traction control downhill and uphill. The boot also has an excellent grip on wet surfaces. You will secure and avoid many slips when you are wearing Salomon quest 4 GTX. The heel caps on the boots provide protection against rugged surfaces and stones. 

However, the boot is not for all backpackers, as it comes with a price tag of $229. But the Price is worth it, as you get boots that have quality, and support your feet very well. 

The weight of the shoes might be an issue for some people. However, the weight adds security and performance to the boots. You can walk at night on a wet surface with these boots, with weight on your shoulders. People who use this boot have great reviews about the stability and grip of the shoes. 

The boot is made by using Nickbuck leather for the upper. And for sole, the company uses the rubber material. 

Vasque talus ultradry

Vasque talus ultradry


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Arch support is good


  • Not that stable
  • Eyelets issue

The company is one of the oldest boot makers for outdoor, making boots since 1964. The company has six styles in this segment, and this one is the popular one because of some reason. Vascuy’s design may look simple to hikers, but it does have some great features for hikers. 

Vasque talus ultradry is one of the best hiking boots for high arches, thanks to its dual-density EVA that is used as a footbed. Moreover, the boot has a midsole made of molded polyurethane, which adds more comfort and support to your feet. 

If we talk about boot comfort then, it’s good but not that great as some other boots on the list. However, the liners inside the boot are removable, which means you can replace them with some better options. 

The boot is waterproof and the company says it comes with Vasque ultradry protection. The boot does provide water resistance, but because of low ankle height, it is not that effective. However, the material used by the company is great, which is nubuck leather. 

Though the boot is comfortable, it does not provide you with enough stability on rough terrain. The reason for that is the lightweight of the shoes. The stability of this boot is not great, but also not too bad at the same time. It does offer you good support on the terrain. But we won’t recommend this for thru-hikers, with a lot of loads. 

There are a total of seven eyelets in the boots. The lacing system is average if we compare it with other hiking boots, but this is not a big problem. 

We recommend this boot to people with high arches who prefer lightweight backpacking or hiking. These boots are not that light but moves and flex well on the terrain. Though they do give some vibe of heavy hiking boots when you see them, but the misconception goes when you wear them. 

Ariat hiking boot

Ariat hiking boot


  • Great for high arches
  • Comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking Stuff
  • Water-resistant


  • Average traction
  • Bulky

One of the light boots on the list that provides great comfort to the feet. These boots are great for high arches, as it provides comfort and shock absorber option, thanks to it’s soft cushioning inside with gel forefoot. 

These boots are also great for dessert hikes or people who love to hike in summer. These boots feature moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet dry and provides enough room for air to pass in. This feature is very useful, as it helps in preventing swollen feet. If you want to know more about swollen feet, then read this article-How Much do Feet Swell when Hiking?

Though the boot has a polyethylene cupped footbed, still the stability of the boot is just average, but great for short and 2 day hikes. However, we recommend this boot to people with high arches as it has an EVA midsole that provides enough stability for average rough terrain. The grip of the boat is also good, and you will easily walk on slippery surfaces. 

The plus point of this boot is its flexibility and responsiveness on the terrain, thanks to the lightweight build. 

Boots are made of a rubber sole, and for upper leather material is used, which gives boots a rugged look. However, they look bulky to some people, especially women with small feet. 

The second thing we feel is average in the boot is traction, though you get a durated outsole that provides you above-average control if we compare it with some high-end boots with premium price tags. 

Boots are also reliable in the rain when you hike during rain. The moisture-wicking feature also helps the boots to dry faster. 

We definitely recommend you to buy these boots, if you have a limited budget, and want the boots that feel comfortable to high arches. 

La Sportiva Pyramid GTX Hiking Boot

La Sportiva Pyramid GTX Hiking Boot


  • Comfortable
  • Good enough stability
  • Good traction control
  • Waterproof


  • Ankle support is not up to the mark
  • Narrow

La Sportiva made the Pyramid GTX hiking boot is one of the boots that gained popularity among hikers in recent years. The boots are waterproof and breathable at the same time, thanks to the gore-tex surrounding. This hiking boot will keep your feet dry, on the wet surface. 

One of the main highlights of the boot is its breathability, as it has a ventilation system not only on the upper but also passes air from the midsole. This is good for people who have foot swollen issues or who prefer summer hikes over winter hikes. 

Though the boot is lightweight, still you get great traction control and stability over the surface. 

The only flaw in these shoes is their size and durability. The hiking boot is not below average but not as good as some other hiking boots. This is best for people with high arches who prefer hiking in Summer. 

Lowa Renegade

Lowa Renegade


  • Comfortable
  • Great stability and traction control
  • Provide great water resistance
  • Durability is checked


  • Heavy for some people
  • Expensive

Lowa is one of the best and classic pairs of boots out there. The boot design gives the rugged look to the boots, features high ankle cuffs, and a big sole underneath that provides great control while hiking. 

If we talk about the boot material, then the upper is made of leather, which provides great durability to the shoes. That is also the reason why it is more expensive and heavy. For sole, the company uses the Vibram Evo, durable for multi backpacking trips. 

The comfort of the boot is one of the highlights of the boot. The midsole inside provides you with great comfort.  There is a great comfort for the forefoot, as it is of Renegade. As it comes in a lot of different sizes and is also a great option for people with wide feet. 

The extra cuffs on the side for ankle support provide great support to the ankle on uphill and downhill. This is a great boot for people with high arches, and who have weak ankles. 

The boot has a total of 6 eyelets, four are lower eyelets and two are upper hook eyelets. You also get a central lock in the middle. Though the eyelets are perfectly designed, still some people face some issues with the lacing system. However, we find that issue, not a big deal if you want a quality hiking boot that supports the high arches. If you still find an issue with the lacing system then, you can change the laces with large laces or stiffer laces that stick and don’t lose. 

The stability of this boot is one of the best on this list. Stability is very important for people with high arches, as it helps in reducing the pressure on certain points of the feet. It comes with shank nylon, which keeps the boot stable on the rough and tough surface.

The high ankle length, allows the to lace up the boot all the way, which results in more support to the ankle. This keeps the ankle in place but also provides flexibility at the same time. This boot can prevent so many injuries to the ankle. 

What makes this boot great for people with arches is the polyurethane Monowrap Frame midsole. This midsole helps the person to be stable and reduces the pressure on the heel and forefoot. 

Lowa has one of the best Gore-Tex liners, despite the fact that it has an average six-inch height if we compare it with some other heavy hiking boots. The boot provides great water resistance, keeps your feet dry, and is good in the water. However, no boot is a hundred percent waterproof, so you may see the upper leather absorbing the water. 

Traction control of the boot is also great, as you can wear them on rough and wet surfaces easily. The front sole that has line patterns, provides great grip on the rocks and slippery surface. 

Overall, Renegade is a durable hiking boot with a lot of leather pieces attached to make the boot survive the rough conditions. The seam grip and 4 pieces of leather used in the forefoot, enhance the durability of the boots. 

The only thing that seems to be a problem to some people is the price of the boots which are $240. We know this is pricey, but you get a quality boot that can last you some years. 

Keen men’s Targhee II

Keen men's Targhee II


  • Comfort is good
  • Traction control is great
  • Great toe protection
  • budget-friendly


  • Stability is average
  • Breathability is not up to the mark, in contrast to some high-end boots

Keen Targhee is a budget-friendly hiking boot for all types of hikers. It provides great comfort, enough stability on most of the trails, and is a very lightweight hiking boot. 

If you are on a tight budget, and you have high arches, or even if you don’t have one then, we recommend this option. These are the best hiking boots you get in this price range. Let’s discuss what it offers a hiker on the trail. 

Comfort-wise this hiking boot is ahead of many of its competitors in this price range. The dual-density insole and the soft ankle collars provide great comfort on the trail. The boots also have a sole that covers the front of the toe, adding extra protection for the toe. 

The boot provides great heel comfort, best news for people with high arches. There are three lacing systems in the shoes- upper, middle, and lower. The eyelets system of the boot is good in keeping the laces tight for a long period of time. The laces will not lose if you bow down, thanks to the upper eyelets lock ability. 

The boot is water-resistant and performs well in keeping the boot dry. These boots are basically made of leather, which also sometimes makes them less breathable than a lot of other hiking boots. However, the boot breathes well enough. The breathing problem only rises when you wear thick socks, something like Merino wool. 

These boots offer good enough stability, thanks to the heel locking system. The boots have low ankle cuffs, which cut their points in stability. There are some hiking boots with high ankle height that offer great stability. However, these boots provide enough stability for your feet on the terrain. It also has a 4.5inch wide forefoot, which prevents rolled ankle cases. 

Traction control of the boot is also good enough, not the best in the list, but somewhere middle. Though the boot has a thin rubber sole, it still provides enough grip on the wet surface.

If we compare the keen sole with some other lightweight hiking boots then it’s thick, which also makes it a little heavier than other lightweight hiking boots. 

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How to choose hiking boots for high arches

High arches are basically a normal thing that a lot of people have in common. But having high arches means a lot of pain, especially when you have the wrong boots. If you have high arches, you need to look at some specifics before buying hiking boots for yourself. 


People with high arches need more comfort than people with normal arches. You need to look for more padding in the shoes. Wear the shoes or boots, and check if the pressure is not on your heel or ball. If you are shopping online then check the feature with arch support. Or If you don’t find any solution, we recommend you to go with Salomon quest 4 gtx Or Hoka one one


Check for the rear foot support in the boots. Try boots by walking and see how supportive boots are to your feet.


Midsole and heel cap is very important to check if you have high arches. The boot should have a deep heel cup or up midsole that provides support to the high arch.

Stability and grip

Stability and grip is a very important factor when selecting hiking boots. This is important for all hikers to look for hiking boots that provide stability and grip on wet and dry surfaces. Moreover, never forget to check the ankle support if you have weak ankles. 


It’s best to choose the hiking boot that prevents water from entering inside. However, you will not get a 100 percent waterproof hiking boot anywhere, because it is not built. 

Further, great hiking boots will also have proper ventilation. Hiking boots with average breathability prevent swollen feet and blisters. 

Conclusion– Overall, at last, I want to say that, choose the hiking boot that supports your feet. Never buy shoes, just based on reviews on the shopping websites, as all have different experiences. The list mentioned above is for people with high arches, but if you have normal feet then also you can choose these boots. If you want comfort and the best overall hiking boot for your feet then we recommend you to go with Salmon quest 4 GTX and Hoka one one. If you find these boots pricey then, you can choose other options, as they can do the work for you. 

We want you to share your experience related to hiking, trips, or any gear. We just want to know more about other people’s experiences. So, if you want to share any experience, then please send me a mail on