10 Best hiking socks for women

Hiking socks are is a very important accessory for hikers. You can have high-end hiking boots but if you don’t have good socks to protect your feet from blisters and ribbing then you may probably not have a good trip. When looking for hiking socks, I see a lot of men hiking socks but there is very limited information on best hiking socks for women. For the same reason I decided to list out some best hiking socks for women that are durable, comfortable, and blisters free. 

If you don’t have time to go through all the options then I would recommend you some of my best hiking socks that can pass the test of every trail. 

Quick recommendation :

Darn tough socks: my number pick is darn tough socks for women hikers. You get everything in these socks from comfort to a lifetime guarantee. Check out 

Smart wool socks: smart wool is another pair of hiking socks for women who prefer comfort. These socks are super comfortable and have all the qualities of hiking socks. Smart is a great choice for winter hiking, you can sleep in them at night outdoors for extra warmth and comfort. These come at around $18. Check out 

Injinji socks: Injinjisocks are durable and beat hiking socks for women as they are specially designed for women’s feet. Moreover, you get grey cushioning and Merino wool fabric in socks that keep your feet dry, cool (in summer and warm in winters). I would recommend these socks for summer and mildly cold winters. These socks are lightweight and you may feel cold in snowy winters. Besides that, it is one of the best women hiking socks. Check out

Best hiking socks for women

Darn tough socks

best  women hiking socks

Darn tough socks are the best women hiking socks for women who love long hikes and who want socks that can last you very long. 

You get plenty of options to choose from darn tough women’s socks. Some of the options are – women’s bear town crew lightweight, women’s hiker boot mid-weight hiking socks, women treeline micro crew mid-weight, and women’s light hiker no-show lightweight hiking socks. 

Out of all, my favorites are – no-show lightweight and women’s hiker mid-weight hiking socks. 

Darn tough socks are made of 69 percent Merino wool which keeps you warm in cold and has the ability to dry quickly. 27 percent of nylon and 4 percent spandex is used. 

I would recommend these socks to every woman hiker who wants tough and comfortable socks that last you many years(with a lifetime guarantee). It performs great in both cold and hot weather. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about slipping as socks stay up and gripped for your whole journey. 

This is a number one pick for women hikers who love long treks and have blisters issues. 

You get two options: cushion and full cushion socks. In full cushion, you get cushioning on entire socks. In cushioning, you get cushioning under and on the sides of the ankle. For full cushioning socks, you have to pay one dollar extra. 

The only thing that bothers some people about darn tough is the price of the socks which are between$16 to $27. The best ones like women’s hiker mid-weight hiking socks come around $26, which is too much for some people. But for me, it’s a reasonable price if we look at the quality, comfort, and durability. 

Darn tough socks are best because of two reasons. The first is that they are durable and can last you very long. Secondly, you get a lifetime warranty from darn tough which means you can replace them if you get holes in your socks or your socks are ruined while hiking or walking. You can send them the socks, or you can go to the store and they can handle this and replace your socks with new ones. 

If you have darn tough socks the here is the care guide for your socks – How to Wash Darn Tough Socks

Check out darn tough socks

Wright socks

best hiking socks for women

Wright is another brand that makes great hiking socks for both men and women. All socks by Wright are made in the USA and come with blisters free guarantee. 

The socks have two layers – the inner layer and the outer layer. These two layers help in preventing friction which is common while hiking in boots. 

It has a Wright-dri mechanism that wicks the moisture off efficiently and fast. The company claims that it is best than other hiking socks but personally I still prefer darn tough socks in terms of moisture-wicking speed. 

Here also you get a lot of options to choose from, some are – coolmesh quarter socks, coolmesh II tab socks, adventure crew hiking socks, and coolmesh II lo quarter socks. 

I personally recommend coolmesh II quarter socks. These are double layered socks as discussed above and also one of the best hiking socks for female hikers. These are light socks that are comparable for running, walking, and hiking.

However, I would not recommend this for too cold hikes or long as they are light in weight. But this can become your favorite pair if you have a blister problem. 

Some highlights of Wright socks

  • Stay up, thanks to stabilizer zone in the arch, provides grip. 
  • Blister free socks come with a guarantee
  • A lot of color options
  • Breathable and light than most of the socks

Wright socks are made of 70 percent of polyester, 4 percent lycra, and 26 percent of nylon. This is a good and durable sock but not the best option for winters. 

Wright socks cost less than some premium socks but more than socks that you can get from Walmart. The pair of coolmesh quarter socks come with the process tag of $15. 

Check out wright socks


Injinji is one of my best hiking socks for women as it comes with a lot of different options. You get four different options that are – women trail mid-weight mini crew, women trail mid-weight crew,  spectrum women’s trail mid-weight crew, and women’s liner + hiker crew. 

Out of all four different options, my personal favorite is the women’s trail mid-weight crew for several reasons. The first is they are very comfortable and thick enough to provide great comfort in the uneven trail.

The second plus point about these socks is that they are great at preventing blisters. 

If you have long legs and you need long socks with hiking boots then this is one of the best options I would recommend you.

These hiking socks are specially designed for women’s feet. They come with a price tag of $17. If you think that is too much for socks then you have a lot of other options also that works fine. 

Injinji socks are toe socks that are best for people who get corns and other problems in socks. These are comfortable, thick, and light socks which are good for summers and winters. However, I would not recommend it for very cold winters because they are not heavy enough for that. 

There are 7 features of injinji socks that keep your feet comfortable and prevent blisters and rubbing. To know more about blisters read this article – How Much do Feet Swell when Hiking?

  • Moisture management
  • Blister prevention
  • Foot engagement
  • Foot comfort
  • Perfect for women feet
  • Arch support

There is Coolmax which keeps your feet cool and helps in moisture management. For comfort, a mid-weight cushioning is a great deal. There is also a band for arch support or for a proper fit. Moreover, the toe socks allow your full feet engagement and prevent skin-to-skin friction. 

Socks are not enough if you have high arches, you still need hiking boots with high arches. If you don’t have boots that support high arches then check out – Best hiking boots for high arches

Injinji is my second best pick for you after darn tough socks. 

Check out injinji socks

Smart wool hiking socks

Smart wool socks are the most comfortable socks for women on this list. The brand offers various options for women’s feet, not only for hiking but also for daily wear. The best hiking socks for women from smart wool are women’s hike classic edition crew socks

As discussed above these are super comfortable and long enough to protect your feet from ticks. The cushioning on the entire socks makes it super comfortable for any hike. 

If we compare it with darn tough socks then both come at a similar price, but there is one difference between both. Darn tough socks are not as comfortable as smart wool but tough and durable on trails.

I would recommend smart wool socks to women who give priority to comfortability. This doesn’t mean darn tough are not comfortable, they may be the second or third comfortable socks pair after smart wool. 

Smart wool socks are made of 56 percent Merino wool, 31percent recycled nylon, 11 percent nylon, and 2 percent elastane to provide elasticity. These socks are Zq certified and last you long enough.

The only thing with these socks is that you don’t get a lifetime guarantee as you get with darn tough socks. Moreover, these also are not toe socks, like injinji socks, however, you get virtually seamless toe which prevents the toe problem and provides a great fit to your feet. 

These are good for women who love to hike in winters, these will keep your feet comfy, thanks to its cushioning. It is also good for sleeping at night outdoor in winters. 

Some highlights of smart wool socks

  • Made in the USA
  • Flat knit toe provides more comfort to the toe
  • Great arch support, thanks to elasticized brace. 

I would place this woman hiking socks in 3rd place after injinji. This is my personal opinion, for you, it may be number one.

Check out smart wool socks

Feideer crew socks

best hiking socks for women

Feideer is one of the best-rated socks online. Feider socks are not premium socks but work great for short hikes. 

Feideer socks are made of 75 percent cotton, 22 percent polyester, and 3 percent spandex. Cotton provides great ventilation to the socks but takes a longer time to dry than Merino wool. 

Feideer socks are a great option for hiking, walking, and running. Full cushioning provides comfort to the toes and heel and provides shock absorption. 

These socks are a good investment but not the best investment because the durability of these(socks) is not that good in contrast to darn tough or smart wool socks. The main problem is the material which is cotton. Cotton traps the water inside and takes a longer time than other fabrics like Merino wool and polyester. 

The price of Feideer socks is between $16 – $23. I personally never tried these but they got very good reviews online and some women hikers also use these for hikes. So, it is worth a chance. 

Moreover, Feideer is a good option if you have sweaty feet as ventilation of socks is great, keeps your feet dry, and lets the air pass through. 

Check out

Rei socks

Rei socks are another option for women hikers. These are not so popular socks but have the ability to provide enough comfort and warmth in cold winters. Rei has very few options in the socks category. One that I would recommend you is rei co-op Merino wool crew hiking socks. 

As the name suggests, these are made up of merino wool which keeps your feet warm and feels soft. Padding, reinforcement at the toes keep the feet at comfort during long hours of hiking. These socks are not full cushion but medium cushion which is great as it feels easy to wear, especially for hiking. 

If you have question like does merino wool shrink then read this article- Does merino wool shrink?

The socks may seem bulky at first but are not as bulky and big when you wear them. It also has a great ability to provide warmth to your feet in winters. 

This pair of socks is a great option for both male and female hikers. 

The fabric used in socks is Merino, nylon, spandex, and acrylic. 

The price of the socks is around $18. If you are confused between rei and darn tough then always go with darn tough for durability and performance. The reviews of rei socks are also great and they work well for hiking purposes. 

check out rei socks

Thorlo hiking socks

Thorlo hiking socks are one of the best women hiking socks on budget. Thorlo has many options in the hiking segment for both men and women, but most female hikers prefer women’s hiking maximum cushion crew

The company claims blister-free socks and also gives 30 days refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product. 

As the name suggests, the socks are made for hiking purposes. Cushioning and arch support is good, keep the feet comfortable and socks up. 

Thorlo socks are made of 85 percent thor lon fiber which is acrylic, 11 percent nylon, and 4 percent elastic is used.

Check out Thorlo hiking socks 

Dickies crew socks

Dockies crew socks are one of the famous socks among women. These socks are made to wick moisture off and keep your feet dry on the trail. 

96 percent of the fabric used in socks is polyester, which may create the doubt of moisture-wicking as polyester is not a breathable material. However, people still love these socks for some reason. 

Dickies socks are good for women hikers who don’t have sweaty feet. I would not recommend this for long hikes, but you can wear them on short hikes and keep them as an extra option.

Depending on the size the so k will cost you between $13 -$25. Well, spending anything above $15 for these socks is not a great deal. Instead, go with other options. 

Check out Dickies socks

Wild stag

Wild stag socks are one of the best women hiking socks on a tight budget. These are colorful socks and come in 3 to 5 colors. These socks are specially designed for outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, camping, etc. 

Wild stag socks are made by using 65 percent of combed cotton, 25 percent of polyester, and 10 percent spandex. These socks are made in Korea. 

These socks look stylish and cute, a great choice for women hikers. If you have skinny feet then these will fit you perfectly. This also creates problems for some people with wide feet because they begin to feel too tight in their feet. 

The best thing about these socks is that you can buy them for less than $10. The quality you get is the same as some of the $15 socks. If you are not too concerned about durability then this is a great pick. If you want something very best then you have three options darn tough, smart wool, and injinji. 

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Types of hiking socks for women

No show socks

No-show socks are the shortest socks that remain below your ankle length. No-show socks are also in trend nowadays because they look cool. 

There are two downsides of wearing no-show socks- number one is these socks don’t go well with boots. Yes, boots are big for these socks if you wear them your feet or ankle may get rubbed with boots. These socks are good if you are hiking in sneakers or trail runners. 

The second downside of no-show socks is that they are not compatible with protecting your feet from ticks or bites because of their short length. No-show socks can be a good option for summers but you need long socks for winters to protect your feet from cold. 

Besides, its downside, still, no-show socks are in trend among women hikers. 

Ankle hiking socks

As the name suggests, these socks cover your ankle height. This is a great option to protect your feet from rubbing against boots. Moreover, you also get a little bit more protection in snow and rough trail from these socks. 

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Crew length socks

Crew-length socks are the standard socks for hiking and are also more protective than any other socks. They go all the way up and give you more protection from ticks and rubbing. You can wear them with boots and trailers easily. The best thing that I like about these socks is that you get a lot of different color options.