Best Mountain Hikes near Boston

Best Mountain Hikes near Boston

Hiking to the top of hills and mountains gives a feeling that remains with us. But what’s so alluring about mountains that hold us at the moment? well, this may vary from person to person but one thing that I think you may agree upon is the view and satisfaction you get after reaching the top. Mountains hikes give you challenges, beat you sometimes but in the end, you get a prize which is enough to give you one of the best moments of your life. Well if you love mountains because of the things explained above or you just want to explore nature and face some challenges the reason may be anything, you will get information about every best mountain hikes near Boston today which I picked after going through every list and research.

Best Mountain Hikes near Boston

Below is the list of best hikes near Boston. The list is not created to fill the places but to pick the best medium to short hikes for hikers, families, and people;e who love sports.

Pitcher mountain

Best Mountain Hikes near Boston

A drive-through of less than 2 hours will bring you to one of the easiest, yet wonderful mountain hikes near Boston. This is also a submit which can be conquered with family.

Following the 2-mile loop trail along with blueberry bushes, and a climbable fire tower that offers the cinematic view of green mountains feels like a blessing to witness.

Besides that, the view from the top includes hillsides, pastures, Mt. Monadnock, and if you are lucky you may get a glimpse of white mountains which are Mount Lafayette and Mount Washington. The 16 minutes long hike is an adventure in itself.

Surrounded by blueberries throughout the trail, and leaving behind the noise horns, and noises of the world you will enter a natural world where the horn is replaced by birds songs, gentle breeze, and trees. This small rocky submit is the best thing to do if you have less time but want to get out in the natural world.

Mount Monadnock

Mount Monadnock as seen from Bald Rock
Jonwmcinenrey, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A drive-through of 1hr 55 minutes from Boston will bring you to Mount monadnock, counted as one of the most hiked mountains in the world. No wonder why it is the most hiked mountain. Mountain Monadnock stands tall at 3,167 with a moderate level of hiking difficulty and 1,748 feet of elevation gain. The trails cover around a 4-mile distance both ways.

Located in New Hampshire, mount monadnock is the highest peak or point in Cheshire county, consist of 3 trails – white dot trail, white arrow trail, and white cross trail.

Starting with a white cross trail will take you passing through the springs of water, and challenges you with climbing through the woods. The Cross trail is rocky and can be recognized by the white cross blazes throughout the trail. Starting with a white dot trail is one of the popular routes which is rocky with a moderate level of difficulty, this trail is 0.6 miles and marked with white dots similar to a white cross.

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Middlesex fells reservation

User:Magicpiano, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sitting in Stoneham a few miles north of Boston, Middlesex fells reservation is filled with easy to difficult hikes. This beautiful state park is spread across 25000 acres with a total hiking trails distance of more than 100 miles.

Hiking to one of the easiest hikes like ber hill will make you think of yourself as a hero until you step your foot in the trails of the cross fell trails, on the rod the difficult hikes in Middlesex fells reservation. But the most popular one is seven miles of rough terrain pass over the hill, through a forest. Although you get beautiful views of lakes throughout this journey. To make this journey more interesting climb to the observation tower and explore the beauty of nature.

Blue hill reservation

User:Magicpiano, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located just 20 miles away from Boston, a half-hour drive through the car will bring you to one of the most popular destinations, consists of 22 hills, the blue hill being the favorite option for everyone, stands at 635 feet. Blue hill is spread across 7000 acres with a total trail distance of 125 miles.

To explore the beauty of blue hill climb all the way up and enjoy the view of the skyline city from the top. Blue hill draws the attention of many visitors every year, makes it one of the crowded destinations, especially during summers.

To conquer the mountain through trail and visiting the top peak you have two options, either take the 95 route or 138 route which brings you to the museum parking area, from where the hiking trails lead to the top submit

We have picked the  list of best mountain hikes near Charlotte Nc

Mount Holyoke Range State Park

Bare Mountain - Mount Holyoke Range
Pgagnon999 at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Running along an 8mile ridge line mount Holyoke range state park is spread across 3000 acres. Mount Holyoke range state park is famous for holding a variety of cultures, history, and ecology. The park is consists of 80 miles of total trails distance. Through your journey, you will be offered scenic overlooks and a glimpse of natural landscapes. Along with that parks also features woodlands, streams, and wetlands.

The park offers several activities from hiking to horseback riding, and Mountain biking to cross country skiing. Popular hiking trail seven sisters is an 8 miles trail filled with series of submits and Nature creations. Challenge yourself with reaching the highest peak in the parks i.e Mount Norwotuckk which stands at 1,106 feet above sea level.

The critical natural landscapes which release our happy harmony are a habitat for native wildlife animals that helps in maintaining the balance. The state is a huge contributor in providing beautiful natural landscapes view.

Mount misery

Embed from Getty Images

The delightful and totally filled with wildlife, forests, and adventure, Mount misery is the largest conversion area, and hike that you can bet any day. During your journey, you may meet with deers, squirrels, and birds.

The journey is conquered by walking through the forest and then climbing to the top of the mountain, rather it is a manageable hill to conquer.

During your journey, you may find yourself surrounded by gree sea, full of trees, but the top is worth it, as you reach the top you can capture the view of Sudbury river and Fairhaven bay. To make this mountain hike more interesting, Walden pond of concord’s wildly is nearby.

Reaching mt misery is easy, near Boston just a mere distance of 20miles west.

Wachusett Mountain

Standing 56 miles away from Boston, Wachusett Mountain is the tallest mountain near Boston, stands at 2000 feet above the ground. This is famous for skiing during winters, also offers hiking opportunities in clean weather, but mainly during summers.

Wachusett mountain is consists of 23 trails from easy to moderate level. Harington trail is the most popular trail that draws visitors’ attention, has a trail length of 2.6 miles. When you reach the top, you see the Boston skyline Mt. Monadnock is clearly visible if the weather is in your favor.

This mountain hike of 17 miles has a lot to offer you if you love hiking, sports activities, or are just a nature lover. There are three ways to cover this journey, the first is going by car, the second is for hikers, and the third is for those who love skiing (skiing is only available in winters). After reaching the top you will love the 360-degree breathtaking panoramic view, and will surely fall in love with this beauty.

World’s end

The drive of 6 hr 17 min from Boston world’s end park may be somehow bit far for some people. But the park which is spread across 750 acres, offers a lot of recreational opportunities to visitors. From walking through trails surrounded by forest to capturing the beauty of endless mountains, this place has a lot to offers to its visitors. Besides that, you can hike the high rock trail or double run trail. You can also visit the Loyalsock canyon vista and chapel in the park.

Through your journey, you will hike through hills, alongside saltwater marshes, and if lucky enough you will get a glimpse of the Boston skyline. You can also explore the myriad species of birds from down in the forest. There are 5 miles of trails distance ranging from easy to difficult.
The world’s end park is located in the valley of Loyalsock creek.

Ward reservation

sitting 22.6 miles away from Boston, the ward reservation is famous for rolling hills, skyline views, and glacial kettles. This beautiful nature-filled destination has trails with a total distance of 13-mile  and is spread across 729 acres.

There are several options to choose from. If you don’t have time then choose the yellow loop which has a total distance of 1 mile. Your journey will start from the parking area on Prospect Rd. The journey follows the yellow loop trail, Which brings you close to the bog, from where you mark your steps to the top of Holt hill where you get to enjoy the alluring view from the solstice stones.

the second option is for hikers who want to explore the ward reservation. To get to the top you can either take a blue loop or red loop, blue is the more popular among visitors because it takes you to the top of 11 Boston hill from where you can enjoy the Picturesque view of the skyline from the elephant rock.