Best Multi day Hikes in Canadian Rockies

Best Multi day Hikes in Canadian Rockies

Glaciers to wildlife, breathtaking views to difficult weather conditions, Canadian Rockies has it all what true hikers want. After 2 years of hiking and visiting the different destinations or places, I must say the Canadian Rockies backpacking multiday trip makes a special place in my favorites. And if you are one who has an interest in hiking and conquering different places, I must say do visit Canadian Rockies. This article is all about the best multi-day hikes in the Canadian Rockies, I will share my experience what I have learned and noticed, and try to put basic information in a short summary for you so that you can choose the best from all.

Best Multi day Hikes in Canadian Rockies

Firstly I want to say I have visited 4 destinations myself and others are recommended by friend Mike who share the same interests and have conquered all of them.

1Mount Assiniboine

Attracting photogenic, hikers from all around the world mount Assiniboine is the one that I personally recommend you for hiking or trekking.

What makes mount Assiniboine a preferred multiday hiking destination lies in its environment and beautiful journey that you can experience through helicopter, or by hiking.

If you love hiking and want to experience the journey, you can take the first route from the east mountain shark trailhead or the second route which starts from the sunshine village, which is on the Northside of mountain Assiniboine.

Basic guide

● This hike will take approx. 4 days but if you travel 8/9 hrs per day, you can complete it in two days.
● The distance of Mount Assiniboine is around 25 to 27 km, depend on the route you choose.

2Jasper National park

When anybody says Jasper National park, the first name comes in my mind is skyline trail.
Skyline trail is one of the best and the highest in Jasper National park.

Skyline journey is filled with experiences that you want to capture in a frame and your memory. You will see wildlife across at a few distance, wind spit, and meadows as you keep going High.

Because of its huge popularity in the backcountry. I always suggest you book in advance to avoid any reservation problems.

Basic guide

● The best time to conquer the skyline trail is in summers because snowfalls continuously, and the weather is unpredictable. But for an emergency, it has an escape route that can be used in harsh weather conditions.

● It takes 3 to 4 days to cover the distance, which is about 45 km. But always take one day extra if you want to explore the beauty of it.

3Jasper National park ( Maligne Lake )

maglnie lake Multi day Hike in Canadian Rockies

Another eye-catching and interesting paddle journey that draws the attention of lots of visitors around the world, Maligne Lake is the largest natural lake in the Canadian Rockies with an area of around 22 km. It is surrounded by glaciers and spirit islands.

Maligne Lake has beautiful gods of valley view which is a breathtaking experience for everyone, especially for photographers.

There are two ways you can cover this journey, by cruise ship which is not the best option if you want to explore the area totally because they will give you a short experience or glimpse of the lake. Then you are left with the second and best option which is paddling if you want to explore the beauty of the late.

Some key points to remember (basic guide)

● Fires are allowed for 18 hours of the day i.e from 6 am to 11 pm every day.

● Maligne Lake is 44km, covering both sides. Which distributed into 22 km on each side.

● Always aware of the weather conditions as it is unpredictable and change anytime.

● You can stay a maximum of up to 6 nights at campgrounds.

● It can take 2 to 3 days to explore Maligne Lake totally. Sometimes it can go up to 4 days, depends on weather conditions also.

4Rockwall trail

Tumbling Peak from Rockwall Trail
Jock Rutherford, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to experience the thrill and beautiful glaciers and wildlife, then the Rockwall trail is the best option.

Rock trail is a group of wolverine trail, Rockwall pass trail, helmet creek trail, tumbling pass trail, Numa pass trail, and floe lake trail. So, actually, it is not a single trail it is a mixture or joined group of trails.

It is a 55 km (one way) long multiday bag packing trip in the Canadian Rockies, present in Kootenay national park.

It can take up to 4 to 5 days to complete the trip. So, always carry the extra amount of everything.

Points to remember (basic guide)

● Elevation gain is 2600 m with toughest routes filled with ups and downs.

● The best time to hike on rock trail is in summers, usually between July and September because the snow is less. If you have a plan for October, then Canada will not accept your campground booking.

● Due to wildlife, you may meet black bears during the journey. So always carry a spray with you, and prefer walking in a group.

5Lake O’Hara

Lake o hara Multi day Hikes in Canadian Rockies

The craze of Lake O’Hara is so huge that it draws most of the visitors around the world every year. What’s so amazing about Lake O’Hara you may ask?. The answer lies in its accommodation and beautiful views, along with hiking routes and climbing mountains.

The cost of accommodation is very less as compared to other trails. Here you get a shuttle bus at a decent price of $15 per person. Along with the bus service, you get cheap and world-class accommodation at the campsite, turn out to be the best backpacking experience with little efforts.

There are two options to start the tour, by bus or hiking. A bus is also a good option but if you prefer a hike then start from the trailhead that lies 95m away from the Trans Canada Highway.

Through the journey, you will get an occasional glimpse of peaks.

Points to remember (basic guide)

● This journey of 11 km is very adventurous with world-class and cheap accommodation.

● If you want to visit O’Hara by bus. Then, make sure to book the reservation in advance because during the summer season it reserves a huge amount of entries. Very slight chance of getting the seat, so make sure you book in advance.

● The best time to visit Lake O’Hara for a multiday backpack is in summer. It takes 2 days to complete the whole tour, with exploring the view alongside.

6Fortress cirque

This multiday backpacking trip to the Canadian Rockies is for conquerers and fearless. With an elevation gain of 1100m and passing through the wildlife encounters will make this trip a true achievement if you complete it. And don’t forget to say I’m the king of the world when you reach the peak because you deserve that and so did your inner self.

Fortress cirque is in Kawasaki’s and one of the best multi day hikes in Canadian Rockies. And the best time to visit here is in June.

Key points to remember (basic guide)

● This hike is 19km-21km long, depends on the route you prefer.

● Beware of the sudden weather change and lighting storms.

7Berge lake

Mt. Robson from Berg Lake, reflected
BrettA343, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Berge lake is one of my best multi day hikes in Canadian Rockies. The reason behind it is its beauty, you will get breathtaking views of glaciers, waterfalls through your journey.

Berge lake lies in Mount Robson Provincial Park in the Canadian Rockies, just 59mimutes(90km) west of jasper.

You get a view of Robson river, that follows the trail alongside. Through your journey you will pass the Kinney lake, later followed by the valley of thousand falls. You will see Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at 12,972ft, just over the Berge lake.

Points to remember(basic guide)

● Berge lake is a 42 km(both ways) trip for you.

● It can take 3 days to complete the hike, but if you want to explore the beauty and want to capture the moments along the way then add 1 extra day to it.

● The elevation gain of Berge lake is 2600ft which is 800m.

● The best time to visit Berge lake for a multiday backpack hike is in summers from July to September when the lake is snow-free.

● The difficulty level of this hike is moderate but filled with beautiful views of glaciers and waterfalls.