Best small dog for hiking

Best small dog for hiking

Best small dog for hiking – Dogs are one loyal animal that always fits in with, no matter the circumstances. but just like humans, all dogs do not share the same traits and capabilities.

Some are best at defining love, and some do their best in providing security. But if you are a hiker or love hiking with dogs then you don’t need either of those traits.

You just need a dog that is energetic, healthy and doesn’t get blacked out while hiking up the trail.

While these are the secondary things, what if you don’t have any dog yet to be your hiking partner? then first, you should choose the dog according to your needs.

Well, there are many options out there for different breeds, but you may find very few options for the best small dog for hiking.

But don’t worry I have prepared the list of the best small dog for hiking by doing research and through experience to make your decision easy.

Small dogs are best as you don’t have to carry a lot of food and gear for them. Not only that they also make your hiking trip more enjoyable and less annoying as you can easily carry them on high altitude trails because of their small size and less weight.

Best small dog for hiking


Best small dog for hiking

Corgis dogs are one of the most popular breeds, owned by Queen Elizabeth herself. Corgis are happy, fun-loving dogs that have immense energy drive.

These are one short dog that you can take with you for hiking, as they are a highly active and fun-loving breed. Corgis will never disappoint you whenever you take him with you, you will end up creating memorable memories with this dog through hiking.

Corgis is a dog with ting legs and shares the attitude of a big dog in a small body. As they are super active, which also makes them tired quickly. So, before directly taking this little pup with you on a hiking trip, make sure to check the distance of the trail.

Short hikes or day hikes are always best and memorable with corgis. If you are planning for the long hike then you may have to carry your buddy on your back for some time.

Cargos are very intelligent dogs and prefer to be independent and involved at the same time. Because of the energy level cargos are super busy dogs, they keep themselves busy always in some activity.

You can train them before your hiking trip, they are easy to train, and also loves new tasks and activities.

Jack Russell Terrier

Best small dog for hiking

The dog was named after Reverend John Russell, who bred the working fox in England in the early times.

Jack Russell terrier is one of the best small dogs for hiking because of the personality traits it shares. Jack Russell terrier is a small, energetic, and busy dog with an intelligent mind.

If you take this small dog with you on a hike you do not need to be overprotective, head storm and very intelligent Jack Russell is a dog to whom hiking is a dream come true. The dog is more have the personality of a big dog with only 15 pounds weight.

Before you take this breed with you on a hiking trip, you must train it physically and mentally as hunting is in its nature.

Jack Russell terrier can become aggressive and destructive if not trained or exercised properly.

The dog is more aggressive towards other dogs and children, so make sure you have an eye on him around a group of people and other dogs through your hiking trip.

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Miniature Pinscher


Miniature pincher is a fearless beast in a small body. They are super energetic and very loyal to their owners.

Miniature pinscher is very fast and quick to perform activities. Miniature pinscher can be your perfect hiking buddy, this little pup will always be happy to give you company on your hiking trips.

Although it has high stamina still because of its tiny legs, it sometimes becomes difficult for this to catch up with your speed if you are walking fast.

Before taking Miniature Pinscher with you for hiking you should know that this breed is prone to wandering and loves chasing animals small of their size.

So, when outdoor you should not let this small alone, or it sometimes may get you in trouble. To make sure the dog doesn’t get tired on a long trail, lift the dog up for some time.

If you are planning to take this dog with you on a hiking trip during a cold climate, then you should always carry jackets and booties for him as they are sensitive to cold weather.

Shetland Sheepdog

Best small dog for hiking

Extremely intelligent, quick and herder from Scotland Shetland sheepdog is one the best small dog for hiking. Shetland is a working dog that loves to burn calories on the field.

The dog has furry long hairs that feel soft against your skin. This dog is well into every diet, whether its home diet or any other, but this also makes shetland too desperate to overweight and gain weight.

So, when you take shetland sheepdog make sure the dog doesn’t eat too much before or during the hike to prevent any overbreadth or tiredness.

Shetland s overall is a healthy dog, but still, you must do some tests before going hiking. There are some basic tests recommended by ASSA to keep check up on your dog health-

  • Hip Evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation

Shetland dogs shine out in exercise and training because of their extreme ability in tracking and herding. They love and enjoy hangout outdoors with their owners as this will put their stored energy at work.