10 Best summer hiking shoes

Best summer hiking shoes

Summer hiking shoes: Summer hiking trip is all about long journeys on the trails, warm temperature, and sweaty feet too. For a memorable summer journey, you need to pack the best gear with you. The worst problem hikers face is sweaty feet because they didn’t choose the right pair for the trip. Getting the best hiking shoe with the perfect comfort, balance, durability, weight, and ankle support will change the course of your step on the trail.

Best Summer Hiking Shoes

Here are the 10 Best Summer Hiking Shoes to wear on your next summer hiking trail, Check out a quick review, to find yourself the best hiking shoes to support on your hiking trip.

Oboz Sawtooth 2

Best summer hiking shoes

Price – $115

Men and women – Yes

  • Good for rugged terrain
  • Available in a waterproof and nonwaterproof option
  • Nubuck leather with mesh makes it more breathable
  • Slight tight around the toes

Oboz is famous for its sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable hiking shoes, and Oboz sawtooth is the new edition that offers all these features. 

Oboz sawtooth 2 is the second edition of the hiker’s favorite sawtooth series. It comes with an added cushion, more stability on Long trails, and many more new features. 

To provide comfortability to hikers’ feet, these shoes come with a thick insole. It allows the hikers to travel long distances without creating muscle fatigue in their feet. Additionally, the materials used in making shoes are highly durable for every terrain use. 

For summer hiking, this new edition of the sawtooth series is filled with wider vents and more liberal use of mesh. If you use a nonwaterproof option, you don’t have to worry about sweaty feet, as these effectively dry the feet quicker. 

However, with a non-waterproof option, you might have a risk of sweaty feet, as these are made to seal out moisture. 

Despite weighing at 1 pound 15 ounces for the pair, the shoes feel bulky. It is mainly due to the tight-fitting. The inside is slightly narrow, for some hikers. 

If you are going on a trail with sharp rocks, the Oboz outsole effectively grips down the rocks without losing stability. Even if you have to walk in a slippery area, the shoes don’t lose grip, which is very satisfying from a hiker’s perspective. 

Oboz sawtooth 2 is available in two options, waterproof and non-waterproof. For a summer hike, the non-waterproof option is a perfect choice, as they are more breathable. Although, if you are going to use these in the rainy season too, you can with a waterproof option. 

These summer hiking shoes can easily last up to 4-5 years with continuous wearing them on hiking trips. Although, you might have to wash the hiking shoes after the journey,  as they tend to smell. 

Checkout here – Oboz sawtooth 2

Danner trail 2650

Best summer hiking shoes

Price – $128

Men and women – Yes

  • Not suitable for multi-day summer hiking trips
  • Low height creates a risk while walking deep water puddles. 
  • Lightweight, as it only weighs 1 pound 8 ounces. 
  • Takes a longer time to dry if wet. 

Danner based this summer hiking shoe on the 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. The lineup is built for hikers, who need a lightweight option and also a strong durability option. 

However, in reality, mid-range hiking is incapable of journeying the trail of this much longer. It is good for summer hiking trails with lightweight backpacks and short trails. 

The shoe is highly breathable, because of its open mesh base in the heel, and slight leather use around the midfoot and toe area. Additional ventilation holes in the midfoot area, make this more breathable. You don’t have to have to worry about sweaty feet in these summer hiking shoes. 

To Make this shoe waterpower a Gore-Tex membrane is added. Although, the height is very low (up to 2.75 inches), which makes it difficult to walk in deep puddles. 

For added comfort to your hike, the Danner 2650 comes with a single-density EVA with an 8mm heel-to-toe-drop. It makes this hiking shoe very stable and comfortable. It is only hiking shoes with an 8mm midsole, which makes it highly versatile in terrains. 

To add grip on the shoe, the Vibram’s 460 lug pattern provides strong gripes on sand, mud, and even on rocky desert trails.

The shoes weigh almost 1 pound 8 ounces which is a comparatively average weight among summer hiking shoes, like Oboz Sawtooth 2.

Despite being breathable, shoes take a lot of time to dry if wet from the inside. Additionally, the hiking shoe is great for small day hikes but lacks durability in Long hikes.

Checkout here –  Danner trail 2650

Hoka One One speedgoat 4

Best summer hiking shoes

Price – $145

Men and women : Yes

  • Light and quick
  • Run narrow for wide feet
  • Excellent grip

The updated version of Hoka one one speedgoat 2 and 3, speedgoat 4 is one the best trail runner and hiking shoes for summer hiking. It is also wider than the older version as the company used a wider toe box because of users’ complaints. However, the user still thinks the width is narrow. 

This shoe is light and quick. You can run and hike in these shoes. The outer sole of the shoes provides great traction control. You can easily walk in these shoes on a Rocky trail. However, these are not good for wet or muddy conditions, but a great deal for Rocky and plain terrain. 

The cushioning is also very comfortable. It doesn’t feel any hard when you stand on a rock. At the same time, the midsole is very responsive, provides support to the feet. 

The best plus about these hiking shoes is grip. The deep lugs provide a great grip on rocks and slippery surfaces. 

These trail runners offer great protection to the feet. The EVA foam used by the company makes the experience smooth. You don’t feel any pressure on a specific part of your feet when you stand on a sharp object. 

The upper of the shoes is made of mesh and 3d print overlay. The mesh used is quality material and also thin at the same time.  Because of the thin mesh, you get less protection on the sides of the shoes. 

There are two cons of these shoes, the first is they run narrow and are not a good option for wide feet. The second is they are not that stable if we compare them with other trail runners. Besides that, these are great options for summer hiking. You can run and hike in these in summers. 

These shoes come at $145, which is a medium-range for hiking shoes. 

Check here – Hoka Speedgoat 4 


Best summer hiking shoes

Price – $199

Men and women – Yes

  • Breathability is good
  • Provide ankle support
  • Not a good option for wide feet

Nucleo high GTX is one of the premium and lightweight hiking shoes that are compatible for summer hiking. 

The weight of the shoes is 2 pounds and 1.6 ounces for a pair. If we compare it with some other light hiking boots like aboz then these are lighter. Salmon ultra 3 weighs less than these shoes but they are low cut shoes, provide less ankle support. 

The mid-cut height of the shoes provides great ankle support downhill. Some tests done by hikers show that there are no ankle roles on the Rocky surface. This is a big plus point for a light hiking shoe like this. It also has extra padding and foam on the ankle sides which feels very soft and comfortable. 

Despite being a waterproof hiking boot, these offer great breathability, thanks to the nano cell technology by la Sportiva. This technology increases the breathability of the shoes. 

The only drawback of these shoes is that they run small and narrow. Well, this is a common problem with most LA Sportiva hiking shoes. 

These hiking shoes are durable and last you long, however, some reviews by users suggest a durability issue of eyelets. But there are very few of that, other than that shoes are very durable. 

These hiking boots are one of the best hiking boots for summers, winters, and fall. I would recommend this to people who have no budget issue, as these come with a price tag of $199.


Keen Targhee vent mid

Best summer hiking shoes

Price – $155

Men and women : yes

  • Breathable
  • Average traction control
  • good comfort

Keen is one of the popular hiking shoes and boot brands out there. Keen has some great options for dry hiking in summers. And the one that I personally like is the keen Targhee vent mid, it also has keen Targhee vent low hiking shoes which are also a good option for summer hiking. But I personally like keen Targhee vent mid because of their design and more comfort. 

Keen Targhee mid vent comes in a waterproof and non-waterproof version. The one which is not waterproof has more mesh on the top and provides more breathability in summers.

If you want shoes all year round then waterproof is a good option. But if you have sweaty feet or you want a hiking shoe for summers then go with keen Targhee mid vent non-waterproof. 

If we talk about traction control then it offers good traction control on the rough and rocky trail. It is not the best in traction if we see some other options by keen but at the same, not a bad option also. The soles of the shoes provide great grip on a rocky trail. 

The comfort of the shoes is good but some users find the issue in comfort because of less cushioning. However, you get great arch support, heel support, and toe support. The boot also stays up if tied up perfectly. You get all-day comfort on a light day hike. However, you may experience discomfort if you hike with a load. 

The durability of the shoes is also worth the price. They might not last you a lifetime but give you enough durability if you are a light hiker and not a serious hiker. 

The mid-cut height of the shoes provides good support to ankles, especially downhill. The only thing is that they get easily wet and take more time to dry because of thick material.

I would recommend these for summer hiking or day hiking. But when you are on trail, you don’t know what you can encounter, some trails have water flowing in summers because ice melts, so you should invest in a waterproof option.

The waterproof option also has enough breathability that you can wear them in summers. These boots are also a good option if you have wide feet. But don’t worry if you have narrow feet, they are not super wide, you can get a fit pair or you adjust the fitting later. 

Check here – Keen Targhee vent mid

Merrell Moab 2 Mid Ventilator

Price- $110 for non-waterproof

Price – $135 for waterproof

Men and women : Yes

  • My no one choice for summer hiking for light hikers
  • Best in comfort, heel support. 
  • Average stability and traction control

Moab 2 mid ventilator is one of the best summer hiking shoes because it is light and provides good breathability on the trail, which is very important in summers to keep your feet dry and cool. 

Moab 2 mid ventilator is the number choice for light hikers like me. It is very comfortable and slightly flexible from ankles which is good for light backpacking. These shoes are specially designed for summer hiking, especially ones that are not waterproof. 

Yes, mid ventilator comes in 2 editions. One is waterproof and the other is not. However, you will not see any significant effect in breathability with waterproof boots, there is some effect but it’s unnoticeable. 

If we talk about comfort then for me, these are very comfortable boots for summers in this price range. The comfortability of these is the main reason why these shoes are so popular among light hikers.

You get great arch support and a footbed. The heel cup holds the feet in one place and ensures the right fit. The company also has put a lot of effort into providing heel support by adding more cushioning under the heel. This added support under the heel is very effective on a rocky trail. 

The next thing that makes these hiking shoes a good choice for summer hiking is the weight of the shoes. 2 Mid ventilator weighs 2.2 oz or 946 grams. There are some lighter options out there but then you have to compromise on cushioning and comfort. 

Overall, mob 2 is a great summer hiking shoe with average stability and enough support. If you are a multiday hiker who usually carries a load, then I would not recommend you these shoes because they are light and have some flexibility. 

Check here – Merrell Moab 2 Mid Ventilator

Salomon X Ultra 3 Aero

Salomon X Ultra 3 Aero

Price – $130

Men and women – Yes

  • Excellent traction, because of its descent control mechanism. 
  • Snug, and comfortable fitting. 
  • Higher drop (11mm) will not work for athletes used to a low drop shoe. 

The Solomon is one of the best summer hiking shoes on the list. The new lineup in the x ultra lineup offers every feature you will need on a summer hiking trail. It provides excellent grip, Breathability, withstands Rocky terrain, and at the same time is lightweight. The shoe comes in two variants, waterproof and nonwaterproof. However, the waterproof hiking edition is $30 expensive. 

These hiking shoes show no discomfort in fitting, every shoe offers a snug fit and there is enough room to move to toes. 

The X Ultra Mid 3 has a Contagrip sole that is durable and versatile, which allows the hikers to easily move one sharp rock. The attachment of thick insoles is added as an additional touch that helps the hikers to avoid any soreness in feet after wearing it for a few hours. 

One of the prominent features of these summer hiking shoes is their quick lace system. This adds a plus point to the comfort of the hiking shoe. Furthermore, the shoes are specially designed for down steep grades with its additional feature where the shoe’s outsole now comes with an extra feature at the heel called Descent Control. This allows more control over stopping and stability while descending downwards. 

For good summer hiking, the shoe provides more breathability in comparison to all other summer hiking shoes in this category.

The shoes are lightweight and only weigh about 1pound 10 ounces, which is similar to every hiking shoe in this category. There is also an over-the-ankle toe variation, with an 11 mm transition. It is the perfect summer hiking shoe for all-terrain.

Check here –  X Ultra Mid 3

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Arc’teryx Aerios FL GTX

Arc'teryx Aerios FL GTX

Price – $170

Men and women – Yes

  • Stiffer around the heel area
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Good for summer hiking

The Arc’teryx Aerios FL is a comfortable summer hiking shoe that goes well with hikers who want lightweight hiking shoes. The ultralightweight shoes only weigh around 1 pound 6 ounces, which is the lightest hiking shoe on our list. 

Despite being lightweight, Arcteryx is built with premium hard leather, which makes it durable for all-terrain. Hikers can take this shoe on sharp, rock rocks, and still don’t feel a thing in their feet. 

The cushion inside the shoes are thick but also stiffer than other hiking shoes. This is done to increase the versatility of the hiking shoe. Although, some hikers have complained about this, as wearing these for long hours created numbness in their feet. Although it was minimal, wearing them for a long period could be difficult. 

For stability, the shoes are but with good support system and could be used on strenuous cross-country trails without any worries. 

The fit is medium volume and thus creates a snug fit for the hiker, as there is enough room to move around, but not too much for blisters. 

For summer comfortable, this shoe is highly waterproof, because of its Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable liner, which acts as a waterproof barrier and also provides a proper airflow in the shoes. These are a few hiking shoes that are both suitable in dry conditions as well as in wet conditions. 

The outsole of this shoe is built from Cordura fabric, which is a lightweight but durable fabric. However, the fabric is considered to have a shorter lifespan in comparison to leather and suede. Thus, these shoes have a short lifespan of about 2-3 years. 

Check hereArc’teryx Aerios FL

Brooks’ Cascadia 16

Brooks’ Cascadia 16

Price – $130

Men and women – Yes

  • Wide toe box area
  • Can be used for running
  • Lightweight

Brooke is popular in building comfortable shoes. This is the newest lineup of the 2021 Cascadia series. Hikers have the option to go with a non-waterproof and waterproof version of this lineup. However, the waterproof version costs almost $30 more than the non-waterproof. If you are choosing it for a summer hike, a non-waterproof option will be a wise choice. 

Unlike other hiking shoes, which are mostly narrow from the toe box area, this shoe is different. It has a unique design where the toe box is wider. Although, for some hikers, this could be too wide. People who are heavy and always end up with narrow hiking shoes should consider buying these shoes. 

As for the comfort, there is a thick cushion provided. The padding is a mixture of soft and bouncy, similar to the running shoe. Thus, you can easily run on these hiking shoes without creating ant muscle fatigue. 

Also, the use of a hard outsole, with good traction, creates enough stability for the hiker to run easily on the difficult terrain. 

In comparison to the previous version, Brooks added two millimeters of their DNA Loft v2 foam for additional comfort while hiking.

There is only one single layer mesh on the toe area that ensures the proper ventilation inside the hiking shoe. The laces are strategically placed, so that even if a hiker with narrow midfoot, the laces can easily make a snug fit shoe. At the same time, make sure the toe area has enough space for movement.

As for the lightweight, this summer hiking shoe only weighs about 1 pound 5ounces. However, the hiking shoe is not as durable as other hiking shoes on the list. If you use a non-waterproof option, these tend to take a lot of time to dry. 

Check here – Cascadia

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R 2 GTX

Price – $140

Men and women : yes

  • Light but not quick
  • Excellent traction control
  • Very comfortable
  • Lacks flexibility

One of the best hiking shoes for summer by Adidas. In simple words, these are light and rigid boots that can survive the tough trails. These shoes weigh 1.86 pounds a pair, which is less than most of the shoes on the list. 

These boots fit well and feel more comfortable after break-in. These boots are light but you can not get a trail runner experience in these, they are more like a lighter version of hiker boots.

You can hike in these in summers, as these are tough which means you can go on long light hikes. Because of less ankle support they are not a good option for thru-hiking or heavy hiking. 

The deep lugs on the boots provide great traction control on a rocky and slippery surface. The sole also looks durable as it is made of car rubber, and also feels hard when you touch it. 

If comfort is important to you and you don’t want to feel the trail then these shoes are perfect for you. These shoes are super comfortable and you don’t feel any sensation when you step on a sharp object. Moreover, it also provides great protection on the sides and toes of the shoes. 

The only thing that this shoe lacks is flexibility, as the material of the shoes is so hard, which adds protection but at the same also takes away flexibility from the shoes. 

Just like most other hiking shoes, these also come has two options- waterproof and non-waterproof. If you are looking to buy shoes for summer hiking then go with the not waterproof option, don’t worry it dry quickly when wet. But if you don’t have sweaty feet or the summers are not that hot in places you hike then waterproof is a good bet.

Check here – Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R 2 GTX