Best Tents That Fit A Queen Air Mattress

Best Tent for Queen size Air Mattress

If you’re confused about which is the Best Tent for Queen size Air Mattress, we are here to help. We are going to make sure that you’ll have the perfect tent enough for a queen-size mattress, which could easily have space for your family.

For a comfortable night’s sleep with your family, you have to make sure you’ll have the best tent to protect from rainfall or insects and a tent with a good quality air mattress.  The tent is a secondary home, and you want that home to be comfortable, durable, and have a long life expectancy. Buying a tent is not an easy task, you have to make see its specifications, and is it easy to carry.

From my personal experience always buy a tent, which is lightweight and easy to carry for long trips. But if you are going camping with your family, you want to choose a tent with enough space where your family could easily fit in and don’t risk your comfort. We have analyzed and listed the best tents and we’re going to help you decide which one meets your needs the best.

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So here is the list of top tents that will fit a queen size air mattress.

Best Tent for Queen size Air Mattress

1Coleman Sundome

Coleman is a brand, that itself represents the durability and reliability of tents in outdoor activity. After almost 120 years, the Coleman brand is one of the ten best and primary producers of tents. The Coleman Sundome series can fit a queen-size mattress.

How good is Coleman Sundome?

Coleman Sundome series is affordable and can fit a queen-size mattress comfortably. The tent is made of highly durable Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric material, which is suitable to withstand any harmful conditions, and also it is waterproof. Even in high rainfall, the tenant will not leak or tear down.

Coleman Sundome 4 person


The 4 person Coleman Sundome tent, has an extra space left after you insert a queen-size mattress. About 1-foot space left at the foot of the air mattress and on one side you have 3 feet space left ( and you can put clothes, furniture, etc. to fill the space).


The peak of the tent is less than 6 feet and if you stand up on an air mattress, you head. Will touch the ceiling.

Coleman Sundome 6 person


The 6 person Coleman Sundome tent, has more space and more height as compared to 4 person series. You could easily fit not only one, but 2 queen-size mattresses inside the Coleman Sundome tent. The height of the tent is above 6 feet, there is no worry of touching the ceiling.


The 6 person Coleman Sundome tent is heavy as compared to 4 person series. Also, this tent needs more time to set up.

Is Coleman Sundome easy to carry?

Yes, you can carry this tent on any trip. The 4 person Coleman Sundome tent series weighs only 9.8 pounds/ 4.47 kg.

The 6 person Coleman Sundome tent series weighs only 22.5 pounds/ 10.15 kg.

The Carry Bag is compact and easy to hold.

Set up a time for 1 person: 10 -15 minutes

Additional features:

  • Strong frame withstands 35+ mph winds
  • E- Port available( electrical cord inside)
  • Great ventilation

2Pacific Pass Dome

Pacific Pass makes the best compact and durable tents. The tents come with an affordable price tag and the prices go up when the person’s capacity increases. Pacific Pass is famous for its durability, so there is no risk of metal or tear-up fabric inside every tent. The Pacific Pass Dome can fit a queen-size mattress.

How good is Pacific Pass Dome?

Pacific Dome is Tent is made out of polyester material that could handle any harsh weather conditions. Every tent in the entire Pacific Pass dome series could fit a queen size mattress comfortably. The only bad thing about this tent series, it is not very well suited for heavy rainfall and could easily tear down.

Pacific Pass Dome 2 Person


You could fit a queen-size mattress, but there is no space left around the side for additional furniture. Highly durable material and it will not shred into pieces and can hold small cuts. It is available for under 50$, which is easily affordable for any person.


Only can withhold 800 mm of rainfall, which means in heavy rainfall it could tear down easily. The height of the tent is 3.9 feet (47 inches), you could face difficulty while sitting on the air mattress. Your hard will always touch the ceiling and you might not able to stand inside the tent.

Pacific Pass Dome 4 Person


The Pacific Pass Dome 4 Person tent, left with additional space after inserting 1 queen size mattress also equipped with 2 x mesh windows, 2 x mesh pockets, 1x rainy fly for additional comfort. additional windows to increase ventilation and 190T polyester with 63D and water-resistant fabric that could hold 1500 mm of rainfall.


The tent fabric is not reliable for rocky or surface. If the tent is put over small rocks the floor of the tent could very easily tear. Although you can fit queen size matters inside the tent, you’ll be left with no height to comfortably sit inside the tent.

Pacific Pass Dome 6 Person


The Pacific Pass Dome 6 Person tent, has 2 mesh windows and a rain fly and it could easily fit a queen-size mattress inside the tent. The difference between this tent and the other two tents is that you could easily stand up without touching the ceiling. The maximum height of the tent is 75 inches (6.25 feet).


Besides its holding capacity of 6person and two queen size mattress, this tent can hold up to 1200 mm of rainfall. It is less than 4 person series, but if you need additional space inside the tent this is the perfect choice for you.

Is Pacific Pass Dome easy to carry?

The entire pacific pass dome series is made from highly durable material and suitable for high-altitude regions. The weight depends on which tent you have from the Pacific Pass Dome series (2p,4p,6p).

The Pacific Pass Dome 2p weighs only 5.72 pounds / 2.59 kg. While Pacific Pass Dome 4p weighs only 7.92 pounds/ 3.59 kg. and Pacific Pass Dome 6p weighs only 13.2 pounds/ 6.03 kg.

Set up a time for 1 person: 15-20 minutes

Additional features:

  • Convenient Door size
  • Compact Carry bag for long hikes

3Big Agnes Copper Spur

Big Agnes is popularly known for its comfortable and waterproof tents. It’s one of the few best tents for queen-size air mattresses. The aspect of this brilliant tent is its two-door, most of the tents in this budge don’t come up with two-door and additional windows. The most ventilated and the best breathable tent in our list of the best tent for queen size air mattress

How good is Big Agnes Copper Spur?

Big Agnes tent provides comfortability, reliability and also this tent is designed in a box figure. It means the height around the corners is increased. The poles are made up of aluminum that makes this Big Agnes Copper Spur series super lightweight. It is available in various variants (1 P,2P,3P, and 4P). In 1 person and 2 person variations, you cant fit a queen-size mattress.

Big Agnes Copper Spur 3P


The Big Agnes Copper Spur 3P has two doors and a window, which makes this tent super ventilated. Another great aspect of this tent is that could fit a queen size matter and also leave an additional space around the corners. If you struggle with setting up the tent, this could the tent you should consider. Durable tent and could withstand any harsh weather conditions.


It could be expensive for some people, but always remember higher the price higher the quality. If you sit on your air mattress your head will touch the ceiling ( Not enough height).

Big Agnes Copper Spur 4P


The Big Agnes Copper Spur 4Pis one of the lightweight tents in a 4 person tent variant. It is almost 20% lighter than other 4person tent variants and this makes it easier to travel on long hikes. You could easily fit a queen size air mattress and still be left with space to move around. High-durable material that can hold up to 3000mm of rainfall. You could also throw some small stones on the tent to check out its durability. I tried it and it never failed and there was not even a scratch or cut on the tent.


Expensive for some people and does not have enough space for two queen-size mattresses. It is not available in the 6p variant.

Is Big Agnes Copper Spur easy to carry?

Yes, this is one of the lightest tents in our picks of the best tent for queen-size air mattresses. The Big Agnes Copper Spur 3P weighs only 3 Pounds / 1.59kg. And The Big Agnes Copper Spur 4P weighs only 5 Pounds/2.26 Kg.

Set up a time for 1 person: 5-10 minutes

Additional features:

  • Oversized ceiling pocket
  • Secure pole-tip capture
  • Increases strength and stability

Why Trust Us?

We tested every picks on our list of the best tents that will fit a queen-size air mattress. We have to make sure that you buy a tent that is durable, easy to carry, and that meets your needs the best and also life expectancy. There is no point in you spending almost 500$ on a tent if it’s not easy to carry or tear down easily. We tested these tents under heavy rainfall and made sure that they are waterproof. You can trust our independent review, we are not influenced by any retailer.

4How to Choose the Perfect Tent for a Queen Size Air Mattress?

Before buying a tent for a queen-size mattress, you should know the details about tents. If you have never bought a tent, you have to learn about tents. You probably are looking for a tent of a big size that could easily fit your queen-size mattress, but you have to consider the tent that will meet almost your every need. Every tent has a different design and specifications and we are providing a list of the best picks you could buy. But at last, you have the decision of which one to buy.

What is the Tent size?

If you are considering fitting a queen-size mattress in your tent, you’ll need a 4 person tent, only these tents have enough to occupy a queen-size mattress. But in the end, you’ll find yourself with no extra space to move around. All your tent is covered with queen size air mattresses.

If you need an additional space in your tent, where you could easily move around the side, you have to choose a bigger tent.

In my recommendation, always buy a tent larger than 4 person tent, you might not know then you need additional space in your tent.

Remember to choose the tent, that could accommodate your queen size air mattress and also has additional space for your furniture.

Is it easy to Carry?

Next, make sure your tent is easy to carry. Heavy tents with a mattress is a combination you never want to choose. Heavy tents increase your weight capacity and make it harder for you to carry long-distance and at last, you’ll have no energy to hike and the only thing you want to is sleep. And you don’t come to go that far, just for asleep. So make sure your tent is lightweight as it is easy to carry and you can take it to high altitudes very easily.

Is it easy to set up?

After you carry your tent to the perfect spot, now it’s time to set up the tent. If you have a complex tent set up, you have to spend more than half-hour just to properly set it up. That’s a thing you should always consider before buying a tent.

Now when you set up a tent, you had to make sure that you can easily enter your air mattress through your tent door. Some tents have small doors and it is impossible to enter an air mattress inside. Deflated air mattresses are large too and when you inflate them, you don that air mattress doesn’t cover all the space around the tent or is larger than your tent. If your tent space is smaller for your air mattress, your tent will fall. And you probably don’t want that On your trip.

Is there a floor included?

Some tents don’t have a floor included and you have to buy an additional floor for your tent. The joined floor is recommended in a tent, yes even if you have an air mattress. If you don’t have a floor included, worms from the ground could easily enter inside your tent and even rats too.

When you put an air mattress on the tent floor, it provides additional protection from the ground and also comforts for sleeping.

In case if your air mattress is deflated, you’ll still have additional protection from stones, worms, etc, and hard surfaces from the ground.  In other words, you will not have back pain if your air mattress deflated because you have two layers of protection ( tent floor + air mattress deflated).

How tall is the tent?

Now, you have placed your air mattress inside your tent, but air mattresses are thick and decrease the distance of height. When using the queen size air mattress inside the tent, the tent has enough space left for adults to sit comfortably on the air mattress. There are few small tents where adults can stand properly without touch the ceiling of the tent.

If the tent height is not appropriate and it doesn’t allow adults to properly sit in the queen size air mattress without touching their head to the ceiling of the tent, you want to consider a different tent.

Hopefully, you have considers which tent to buy that could easily fit a queen size air mattress. If you have a query related to any tent you could use the comment box. If you want to How to keep bedding dry when camping or How to Wash Hair While Camping