Best Ultralight 2 person Tent

Best Ultralight 2 person Tent
Best Ultralight 2 person Tent

Tent one small house that you can take with you on thrilling adventures. And when selecting a house for yourself everyone wants that remains with them for years to come. Selecting a tent is easy nowadays, thanks to e-commerce and product reviews. But it gets complicated when you have to select a durable and lightweight tent for two-person which you can carry with your friend on long hikes. So, here are six of the best ultralight 2 person tent.

If you want a quick summary and already have knowledge about tents then you can go through this chart. For a better-detailed review, the pros and cons of each tent keep reading this article.

Tents Weight Price $
Zpacks duplex


1.5 pounds $599.00
Nemo dragonfly 2


2 lb , 10 oz / 1.2 kg $359.95
MSR hubba hubba NX 2p


3 lbs. 8 oz. $449.95
Agnes Cooper spur HV ul 2 tent



2 lbs. 12 oz


Big Agnes tiger wall


 2lb 3oz / 992g $399.95
Featherstone outdoor 2 person ul


 5 lbs,(a bit high for this list, included as an option because of the features it provides) $119

Best Ultralight 2 person Tent

Along with the overall price and durable features, these best ultralight tents have some awesome features that make them an ideal pick for 2 person.

1. Zpacks duplex

Zpacks duplex one of the lightest tent you can see in the market only weighs about 1.5 pounds. This lightweight tent comes with a heavy price tag and may become a reason for some people to pass on. But what I can say about this tent is that it proves it worth if you try it. Let’s know why I think so?

How good is Zpacks duplex?

First, the material used in Zpacks duplex is cuben, which is the highest quality material and superior to other materials. The fabric is tough to fight against harsh conditions and it’s waterproof. The quality of the fabric is supreme that not a single drop of water will come inside your tent.

Zpacks duplex is the best ultralight 2 person tent. The tent is consists of 2 doors with 2 vestibules, gives each person its space and privacy. The benefit you get over other tents here is the high ceiling, which means you can take your tall friend with you on a trip.

Now, we know the quality of Zpacks duplex is supreme but there is no tent without any downside, and Zpacks duplex is no different. The top downside of the tent is, it has no freestanding, which means it is not easy to set up it like other tents and it requires some work and practice to set up this tent.

Second is the condensation stored inside a tent, especially in wet conditions. But it is rare, only found in very wet conditions.

Where you can carry it?

You can carry this tent on long treks even in harsh weather it provides you shelter by fighting against strong winds and heavy rain. The material used(cuben) in tent provides a strong faith in a tent in heavy rain because it doesn’t sag like other tent materials.

Why you should buy this?

Zpacks duplex is the best option for long treks or you want a durable tent. Besides its two downsides which are not big if you already know about tents, you get a very light tent with strong floor material. It is a good pick if you prioritize quality. It may take time for you to learn to practice the setup, but it is not a hard skill to learn. So, I would really suggest a Zpacks duplex, the best option that comes under 4 pounds for 2 person.


Packed Weight 21 oz. (595 g)
Type Tarp Tent/Semi-Freestanding
Wall Type Single Wall Hybrid
No. of Doors 2
Sleeping Capacity 2-person
Seasons 3-Season
Packed Size 12 in. x 7 in. (30 cm x 18 cm)
Floor Dimensions 90 in. x 45 in. (230 cm x 114 cm)
Floor Area 28.1 square feet
Peak Height 48 in. (122 cm)
No. of Vestibules 2
Vestibule Area 20.75 in. depth on each side (53 cm)
No. of Poles 0


2. Nemo dragonfly 2

The tent surprised me with its ability to succeed in overnights. This tent is a 2 person tent with very low weight, and you can trust this for an overnight adventure. Nemo dragonfly has multiple features from pocket size to comfortability, which makes it a good pick for hikers makes it a marvelous engineering piece. But let’s see how it lives the test of circumstances?

How good is Nemo dragonfly 2?

Nemo dragonfly is a durable tent with lightweight, which keeps the journey smooth. This tent comes with extra pocket storage, where you can store gear. You don’t have to worry about the setup because it comes as a free stand, which only takes minutes to set up. The tent comes with enough headroom, and two vestibules to keep the room comfortable for two people.

The tent also features a single aluminum DOC 8.7 mm pole and one small pole. The instructions are also written on the stack if you get confused in assembling the tent.
The material used in the spring leaf is 10 denier nylon ripstop fabric. For fly and floor, the material used is polyurethane nylon which gives the user a smooth and relaxing place to sit on.

Nemo dragonfly 2 can pass the test of weather and winds easily but the only problem you may face with this tent is condensation storage inside the tent on wet nights.

Where you can carry this?

The tent is good for all weather conditions. It can fight against winds and rain easily, the premium 15D Nylon Ripstop used on fly forms a strong layer, and gives a protected environment in heavy rains. For sunny days also it is proved to be one of the best.
Protected stunt vents used in the tent at the top, offers great ventilation during heavy storms.

Why you should buy this?

Overall, Nemo dragonfly 2 is a good tent for 2 people or hikers who love to challenge themselves for long hikes in bad weather conditions. With extra space and privacy, it offers for two person, It also comes with the extra pocket gear space, this makes it one of the prominent players in the market for 2 hikers.


Capacity 2
Seasons 3
Minimum Weight 2 lb , 1 oz / 948 g
Packed Weight 2 lb , 13 oz / 1.28 kg
Packed Size 19.5 x 4.0 in dia / 50 x 10 cm dia
Peak Height 40 in / 102 cm
Floor Area 20.3 sq ft / 1.9 sq m
Floor Dimensions 88 x 35/32 in / 223.52 x 88.9/80 cm
Vestibule Area 10.0 sq ft / 0.9 sq m

3. MSR hubba hubba NX 2p

The best thing that makes it a top option is that it is easy to pack, set up, and carry.
The Nemo other tents may not be famous and considered lightweight tents, but this tent is the opposite of others. Tents gained high rankings as one of the lightest tents in the market for 2 people. The tent is famous for its durability and material quality. It comes with multiple features which makes it the best ultralight 2 person tent under 4 pounds for 2 person. Let’s know how it outsmarts other tents

How good is MSR hubba hubba NX 2p?

The tent offers a good living environment with two doors and two vestibules. The brand has improved the quality of poles with the Easton Syclone hubbed pole, which increases the performance in strong winds.

Just like some other big players, the tent didn’t make any compromise on floor quality. The 30 D denier floor provides more durability to the tent and can perform well after hard abuse.

If we compare MSR with Nemo, it is clear that MSR provides good ventilation and goes well with most of the seasons. On the other hand, Nemo has more space and height, provides a comfortable and undisturbed experience for 2 people.

Where you can take this?

MSR gives priority to weather and makes a tent that survives in different weathers. But the problem you can face is the fly, which usually becomes an obstacle, especially in strong winds.

But overall you can take this tent to normal hikes, where the weather is more light and sunny. If you want to try this for long hikes or harsh weather you can try this, but it doesn’t consider as good as its competitors.

Why you should buy this?

MSR hubba hubba NX 2 is one of the durable tents because of the material used in it. The 30D denior floor, two doors with vestibules, lightweight, easy to pack, and easy to set up are some Highlights of this tent, that is enough to make a tent valuable.


Sleeping Capacity
Minimum Trail Weight
3 lbs. 8 oz.
Packaged Weight
3 lbs. 14 oz.
Packed Size
6 x 18 inches
Floor Dimensions
84 x 50 inches
Floor Area
29 square feet
Vestibule Area
8.75 + 8.75 square feet
Peak Height
39 inches
Number of Doors
2 doors
Number of Poles

4. Big Agnes Cooper spur Hv ul 2 tent

The tent that goes with three seasons and one of the lightest and popular tents out there big Agnes Cooper spur HV ul 2 tent is what you need if you are looking for a light backpacking tent for long treks or hikes with your friend. Why feel confident about this? Let’s see

How good is the Big Agnes Cooper spur hv ul2 tent?

From its ability to stand against strong winds to one of the easiest tents to set up and carry, Agnes Cooper has it all that a hiker or adventures needs. It doesn’t stop here the best thing about this tent is the inside space. Which is enough for 2 big adults to fit in, it also works for three-person but sometimes gets a little uncomfortable. Just like other tents, it is consists of 2 doors.

The tent is so durable and gives back your every penny worth when it provides shelter in heavy rains.

Things to consider

● The one thing which comes as a downside in this tent is the material used. Which is very thin and demands a little more care.

● The material sometimes holds the water but that is not a great problem because the weight may increase slightly but you can carry it easily.

Where you can carry this

As said above this tent suits every hiker or adventure who conquers long hikes. The tent is so light that you barely feel any weight while climbing up on rocky trails. The tent is compatible with all-natural conditions and gives you a happy sleep at night in heavy rain or strong winds.

Why you should buy this?

Firstly, I want to say this is the best option for those who conquer long and frequent hikes because you get a fair deal for its price. If you just want to use a tent 2,3 times then it may be expensive for you. But the durability it provides, you can say it’s a deal cracker for you, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on other tents every few years.


Sleeping Capacity
Minimum Trail Weight
2 lbs. 12 oz.
Fly / Footprint Pitch Weight
2 lbs. 2 oz.
Packaged Weight
3 lbs. 1 oz.
Packed Size
4 x 19.5 inches
Floor Dimensions
88 x 52/42 (L x W head/foot) inches
Floor Area
29 square feet
Vestibule Area
9 + 9 square feet
Peak Height
40 inches
Number of Doors
2 doors
Number of Poles

5. Big Agnes tiger wall

This ultralight tent is designed beautifully from inside that will give you a living experience. The size of the tent is good from inside to fit 2 people of normal size. The tent comes with semi freestanding option makes it an easy and quick option to set up. Although two separate doors are provided, one for each person to make the experience undisturbing.

How good is big Agnes tiger wall?

Big Agnes wall is good if you are looking for a light tent, but the same thing leads to its downside in the material. Yes, the material used in tent is thin which means it should be kept with extra care, especially while backpacking for long treks. Although the tent was built to provide good interior space, still the fitting of the tent is tight.

Now, a few cons of this tent don’t make it a bad option. The tent is backed with 2 vestibules and 2 doors with organizational pockets. The best thing about this tent is setting up this tent saves you a lot of time.

Conclusion – Big Agnes tiger wall may not be great but a good option if you want a lightweight tent that comes under 4 pounds. It is the best ultralight 2 person tent for those who do not want any headache to set up a tent.

Where you can carry it?

The tent is good for short hikes and places where the weather is normal. If you set up this tent in harsh weather especially in rain you may face some problems because of no built-in ventilation ports on the rain fly. But still, there are fly zips which may help in mild rain.

Conclusion- The tent is good where the weather is clean. Although the tent comes with a season tag, you must take some extra equipment for harsh weather.

Why you should buy this?

The tent is known as one of the best ultralight 2 person tent for maintaining the balance between weight and comfortability ratio. The tent is easy to pack and carry for long treks because of the semi freestanding tent technique. If you are looking for a comfortable, easy to set up, and easy to carry tent then this tent should be your pick.


Trail Weight 2lb 3oz / 992g
Packed Weight 2lb 8oz / 1.13kg
Fast Fly Weight 1lb 11oz / 765g
Packed Size 5.5″ x 18″ / 14 x 46cm
Floor Area 28sq ft / 2.6m²
Head Height 39″ / 99cm
Vestibule Area 8 sq ft / 8 sq ft / 0.7m² / 0.7m²
Footprint Weight 6oz / 170g
Number of Seasons 3
Number of Doors 2

6. Featherstone outdoor 2 person ul

From solid Oxford nylon material to rain flyes to protect you from rain, the Featherstone has payed attention to give its customers a safe and comfortable experience. The tent shares some features of Agnes tiger Wall, and some extra features.

Why it is good?

The first thing you should know about this tent is that the tent comes with the most satisfied customers. Other than that the engineering used in the construction of this tent is a piece of real craftsmanship. The tent offers multiple features to make the experience lively and smooth for 2 people. Let’s know why?

How good is Featherstone outdoor 2 person ul?

Featherstone outdoor 2 person ul tent is a great lightweight tent for two persons. The tent comes with various features, some best are –  2 door and vestibules – these 2 door vestibules give the user and his partner an underlying experience. Each door has a separate zip so that your partner doesn’t get uncomfortable every time you go to pee.

The other thing that makes it a good pick is the Oxford nylon material used for the floor to make it comfortable and relaxing, also the floor is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about water coming in and disturb your sleep.

Although the only thing that bothers me in this tent is its poles. Not that poles are weak, instead the material used in poles is aluminum which is the best material for poles, but what it does is that it makes the poles tight. Which may result in breakage of the pole if extra pressure is forced on poles. So here it demands a little bit of care. But the amazing thing about the Featherstone tent is that it comes with a splint, provided as a backup in case the poles may break.

The second thing is the weight of this tent is above 4 pounds but offers great features that is why it is on the list. Also, the weight is distributed between 2 people, but not a good choice for a lone traveler

Where you can carry this?

Featherstone tents are lightweight and can fight strong winds and rains because of the quality material used in it. The tent rainfly is made with polyester fabric and the coating is done with hydrostatic resistance, which provides you security during heavy rain or on a hot sunny day. So, this is the tent that you can take with you on hikes where the weather is unpredictable. It is a 3 season tent which means you can carry this tent with you in summer, spring, and autumn.

Why you should buy this? 

Not only it is easy to carry on the longest treks for 2 people, but also provides durability and lasts you years to come. The stitching quality and easy to set up option make it a Nice backpacking trip option. Also if you look at the customer satisfaction rate, it is quite healthy, develops trust in the brand product.


capacity 2 Person Backpacking Tent
Floor Size Base Size: 4’8 x 7’2
Capacity (People) Sleeps Two
Weight 5 lbs
Season 3-Season


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