Can a woman wear men’s hiking boots?

Can a Woman Wear Men's Hiking Boots?

Can a women wear men’s hiking boots?– this is the question that my friend mandi asked me recently. She wants to know if she can wear her brother’s hiking boots for the trip. This makes me realize that mandi may not be the only one who is confused, a lot of female hikers or travelers may have this question in their mind. So, don’t worry today I will tell you if you can wear men’s hiking boots or not?

Can a woman wear men’s hiking boots?

Yes, you can wear men’s hiking boots if your feet fit well in the boots. The only thing you need to make sure of is, check if the weight of the boot is not too much for you and the boots are not loose from front and sides.

If you are still confused and want to know if men’s hiking boots are a good option for you, then keep reading.

Sign’s men’s hiking boots are better for you

Generally, women’s feet are thin and soft than men’s. So, the hiking boots of men’s and women’s are also different from men’s hiking boots.

Men hiking boots are not suitable for all women. To know if men’s hooking boots are a good option for you then consider the signs described below.

If your feet are wide

Men’s hiking boots are the best option if you have wide and heavy feet.

However, most women do not have wide feet but there are women hikers who have wide feet and they wear men’s hiking boots every time they go on hiking.

If you are a woman with wide feet then you should go with men’s hiking boots instead of women’s hiking boots because women hiking boots are made thin.

Did you know that a few years back companies only used to make men’s hiking boots? But later when women hikers numbers increased, they started to focus on women hiking boots as well. Companies realized that women’s feet demand different boots. 

Color doesn’t matter to you

Color may not be a big thing for most men’s but the majority of women do prefer boots with the color of their choice.

I personally don’t look at colors when buying boots, actually, I don’t get the options.

But if you are a hiker who prefers comfort over matching then, you will be happy with men’s hiking boots.

This doesn’t mean that men’s hiking boots don’t come in different colors, yes they do, but most of them are in earthy colors.

Your feet are not too soft

Mostly women’s feet are soft and demand more security and comfort. But there are a lot of women hikers with heavy feet.

If you are one of them, then men’s hiking boots are a good option for you.

The difference you notice when you wear men’s hiking boots


Mens’ hiking boots are made heavy because men have heavy and big feet by birth. On the other hand, women hiking boots are made light.

You will definitely notice this difference when you wear men’s hiking boots. Don’t think you will get tired easily while wearing men’s boots.

If the size fits well, then the small weight difference doesn’t feel that much. However, I don’t recommend too heavy hiking boots for women on a multiday hike.

Yes, you can wear them on a small day hike but not a good option for thru or multi-day hike.

Less comfort

If you have used women’s hiking boots earlier, then you will find less comfort when you shift to men’s hiking boots.

The reason for that is, women’s hiking boots are made more comfortable by adding more foam and midsole insert to support the flexible feet of women.

On the other hand, there is no such requirement in men’s hiking boots because men’s feet are hard and less flexible than women’s.

However, there are men’s hiking boots that are comfortable as women’s hiking boots, so it’s not a big problem.

Gives you ankle support

Ankle support is very important for any hiker. The ankle can get twisted and one can fall while walking downhill or uphill if the ankle support is not good.

Because women’s feet are flexible so they need extra arch or ankle support in boots than men. Ankle support is important if you have weak ankles or you are a complete beginner.

How to check the fitting of men’s hiking boots in women’s feet

Just like other boots and shoes, you should first check the fitting of boots. Men’s hiking boots are different but all that matters is fitting and comfortability.

You should check the fitting of shoes by following these steps.

Wear it for 10 minutes

Always wear for 10 or 15 minutes to check the comfort and fitting of the boots.

Keep the boots for 10 minutes and walk here and there, see if boots feel heavy or not.

If the boot feels too heavy then avoid wearing boots. Or if you feel uncomfortable then also you should avoid wearing men’s hiking boots.

Try walking on an incline and decline surface 

To make sure if a men’s hiking boot is perfect for you, try to walk on an incline and decline surface.

Check if the ankle support is enough for your feet. Second, check if the boot is fit and you are not losing the grip on the surface.

While doing so, you can also add weight by picking a backpack to get the real test of the ability of the hiking boots.

Here is the proper guide to check if your hiking boots are too big for you-How to Tell if Hiking Boots are too Big?

Conclusion- If you don’t have women hiking boots but you have men hiking boots then you can save your hard money by wearing men’s hiking boots. The only thing you need to make sure of is that boot fits you well. If boots are loose and you don’t feel comfortable while walking then avoid wearing them and instead buy new women hiking boots because loose hiking boots don’t serve the purpose. Last I want to suggest you, do not think too much about material or anything, if the boots fit you well then it means it is best for your feet, even if it’s men hiking boots.