Glitter Mountain

Glitter Mountain

Glitter Mountain: Hidden Gem of Arizona. Diamonds are the perfect companion of women and it’s no wonder as they are shiny and sparkle like women’s. This is one of the reasons they are considered a rare gem in the world. We often see people getting crazy over these pretty small rocks and it’s common in every part of the earth. Shiny things are always special to people, whether it’s the moon, pebble, or rare gems in the world. People buy these shiny rocks to give to their loved ones and not to mention, it is a tradition for marriage proposals, a diamond ring is mandatory to give to your girl. You only have seen shiny rocks in small quantities, but what will happen if you can watch a whole mountain of these pretty gems. It’s like a dream come true, just pick any rock and it will be as shiny as a diamond. 

Wondering where you can find a whole mountain of incredible, shiny rocks. If you are in the USA, you are very close, you may not know but you are close to the 8 wonders of the world. On your way, you can also explore Utah by Hiking to Delicate Arch and enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains.

What is Glitter Mountain Utah? 

The huge mountain of shiny rocks is known as Glitter mountain. It is located in Arizona and the whole mountain is covered in crystals that make the whole hillside look like it is covered in white shiner white paint. It is not known when it was first covered, but glitter mountain is an old gypsum mine that is covered in millions of fragments of the mineral. These fragments give the shiner surface of the entire mountain and there is nothing brighter than this mountain in the daylight. If you are wondering, can you mine all these minerals, to get yourself a small Souvenir from your trip. Well, you don’t have to do a lot of hard work, you can just pick up any crystals that are lying all around the pit and the rim. If you hike in the daylight you could experience the mountain floor sparkle dye to the reflective nature of this material. 

Origin of Glitter Mountain

Glitter Mountain is a mine with a deposit of selenite almost 240 million years old and it was formed as a part of the Moenkopi Formation in the Triassic period. Selenite is used mostly for decorative use like in glasses, gifts and also they are used in fish tanks to increase the shine in the water tank. Selenite acts as an evaporation material, and it was formed when a huge basin of land( mostly between Southwest Utah and northwest Arizona) and over the period when water evaporates from the basin, created a giant solid salt material. 

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What rocks are at glitter mountain? 

Selenite is the most present material in the Glitter mountain, but there are other materials that can easily be found such as Gypsum, Calcite, and Halite, as with Searles Lake and the Great Salt Lake.

How far is glitter mountain from Sr George? 

Glitter Mountain is also called The old gypsum nine, or sparkle mine, so don’t get confused. It is almost 10 miles from St. George and you’ll only need a 25 minutes drive to reach Glitter mountain. The glitter mountain is easily located due to signs and boards present in the area and also far away it looks like a big glowing diamond. So it will be hard to miss out on the mountain. But if you still can get confused, follow these directions that will reach you to the destination.

Price: Free

Address: St. George, UT (south by 13 miles, across the AZ border) 

Directions: From Warner Valley Exit

  • Head East on Warner Valley Road
  • Take the first Right onto the dirt frontage road and continue in this route for 4 miles.
  • Take a right turn and cross over the dry wash. 
  • Move-in a straight direction for another 1 mile. 
  • On your left, you’ll encounter Sunshine trail road. Head down on this trail for almost 1 mile.
  • When you head down on this trail road, you can easily spot glitter mountain and the parking space is almost 1 mile. 

Do you need a permit to visit glitter mountain? 

No, there is a permit or any additional permission required to visit glitter mountain. But, as Glitter mountain is under the property of Feller stone corporation, there are some rules that visitors must follow. 

There are few most important rules you must follow:

  1. The pit is off-limits as the mine is active. Visitors can explore the outskirts of the mountain as much as they like without giving any fee. 
  2. Although visitors are eager to break down a big chunk of shiny crystals, according to the owner it is prohibited. The area is under the property of Feller stone and they have full authority on the site. 
  3. No taking selenite from the Glitter mountain as the authorities are very strict on this law. 
  4. The visiting hours are 10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. Glitter mountain is closed at night. 

The owners of Glitter mountain want to preserve this area as they believe it is a beautiful sight and everyone must enjoy it. But also, their business is linked with the crystals and it would be wrong to take someone’s belongings without permission. 

Can you take crystals from Glitter mountain? 

Yes, you can take crystals from the Glitter mountain but these crystals must be smaller than 2 inches which you can easily find lying on the ground. And for these little crystals, you don’t have to pay a dime as it is a giveaway percent from the owners of the Glitter mountain. 

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What you need to know before you visit Glitter Mountain

  • Bring water: There is no water source around the mountain and you can get dehydrated while exploring. So it’s better to pack yourself with plenty of water. You are literally 25 minutes of drive from the nearest town. So, it’s better to bring some snacks for eating if you are about to spend the entire day in the mountains. 
  • Previously, visitors used to bring axes, buckets, bags to mine the mountain and extract the pretty jewels. But now, it’s is prohibited by the owners of the mountain. So don’t being any equipments for mining. 
  • Wear glasses as during the day the crystal shines way too bright and sometimes it’s hard to see clearly far away. So packing sunglasses would be nice for your trip.
  • There is no exact map of the location, even Google Maps doesn’t show the exact location. But now, due to the popularity of Glitter mountain, there are several boards that will help you reach the destination. 

Best time to visit Glitter mountain

The best time of day to visit is in the morning of summer or spring. During these seasons, the crystal shines the most as selenite has reflective properties. The more the sunlight the merrier the Glitter mountain shines. The sun is on the east side of the mine, where there is a huge deposit of minerals and from far away, it looks like a white crystal, shining like a diamond.

Price: Free

Address: St. George, UT (south by 13 miles, across the AZ border)