Hang Hammock on Posts In 5 Steps

hammock on posts

Hanging a hammock on post is one of the best and easiest ways without trees. So, if you want to know about how you can hang a hammock on posts then read the full step-by-step guide. 

Hammock on posts

To hang a hammock on post, there are some things that you need to know before, to make sure that posts don’t fall down and get a solid base. 

Things you need to for hammock on posts

  • Gravel 
  • Concrete 
  • Water 
  • Two Posts to attach the hammock
  • Tool for digging a hole
  • Hooks to hang the hammock
  • Hammock

Install post 

The first and foremost thing to do before hanging a hammock on a post is to choose the right place. The best place for installing a hammock could be near the pool.

Step 1

First, buy posts from any local lumber yard or online.  Well, the online option is not that good for some people as it is hard to find good quality wood posts. An alternative could be looking up logging places or making your own posts by cutting them down.

While buying posts, look at how thick the posts are. If the post is too thick then it may require two bags of concrete to stay. 

Step 2

Second thing is to look at the place where you want to install the post. If the place is wet or loose then dig the hole around 3.5 feet or 30 inches. 

On the contrary, if the place is solid then dig the 2.5 or 3 feet deep hole for posts. This is for a post that is 8 feet tall and 10″ In diameter. However, the depth of the hole depends on the size of the post. 

The hole should be 1/3rd of the height of the post. You can measure the height of your pole and then do the math. Suppose you have 9 feet tall post then you need to dig a 3 feet deep hole for it to stand straight. 

While digging a hole make sure it is two times wider than the post. This will make the room for concrete and material to reach the root of the post. 

Step 3 – add gravel

First add the gravel to the hole, which provides strength to the material. Make sure the gravel is evenly spread and then, stand the post over it. 

You can use pea gravel or any gravel you want as they are not expensive. Gravel is not just a filler but also adds more volume to the concrete. 

You can use stands to level out the posts. 

Step 4 – Fill the hole

There are three ways you can install the post i.e with concrete, postcrete, and with expanding foam. You can use any method, the easiest one is expanding foam. However, I still prefer concrete for a non-removable hammock. 

With concrete

Fill up the hole with concrete. Now, you can use concrete that can be found in any local store or you can use simple concrete. The brand that we like to recommend is Quikrete

After that add the bag of concrete evenly around the post. Depending on the size and thickness of your posts, you may need to use two bags of concrete to let the post standstill. After that, wait to let it dry and inspect it the next day by hanging the hammock. 

With Postcrete 

If you are using postcrete, it will hardly take 10 minutes to dry. To make it work first–

Fill the hole partly with water, and then add the postcrete bags to soak the water up. Let it dry for 6 to 10 minutes, and then add soil over it. 

Install post without concrete

Before trying this I want you to know that this works well on a dry surface where the soil is hard and moreover the posts are also light. I don’t recommend this option for heavy posts or where the soil is wet. 

One person installed the post by using this method in his backyard,  and because there is no weight in the foam, it wasn’t able to handle the weight of the post. 

The reason for the same is that the posts are installed on a wet surface and are heavier than normal. 

So, if you want to use this method then, make sure the weight of the post is not too much. And also search the soggy soil for the same. 

Besides all that, using an expanding foam instead of concrete can save you a lot of time and is easier to do. But at the same time concrete is a much better option as it adds weight to the pole and makes it stand for years. 

How to install post without concrete

  • Buy a postfix from the store which is a foam liquid that expands when shaken for 30 seconds. One company that makes this is Sikka
  • Postfix comes in a packet, with the two liquids separated by a line. The rule of thumb is to roll the packet from one side and squeeze it hard so, that there is no Separation and both liquids can mix well to make a foam. 
  • After pushing, you have to shake it for 30 seconds so, that it can mix well. Don’t do it more than that, else it will start expanding inside the packet, which is bad news.
  • After shaking it for 30 seconds or so, add it to the hole. While doing so, make sure the soil does not get mixed with the solution, and move the soil away from the sides. 
  • Now, just pour the foam, and let it there for 2 minutes to see it expand. 

Hammock posts distance

The distance between two posts should be 2 feet extra from the length of the hammock for stability. If the hammock length is 14 feet, then the distance between two posts should be 18 feet, 2 feet extra on both sides.

How to hang a hammock with posts

To hang a hammock first you need to fit the hooks inside the post. There are many types of hooks, the one you can use is the swing hook, which can be found in any local store or online. 

Step 1 

  • Drill the holes on both posts facing each other at the height you want to hang the hammock. 
  • There are several types of hooks available that you can use to hang the hammock. 
  • Anyway after drilling the hole just attach the hook to the hole. 

Let’s be honest that, not all have trees in their backyard or everywhere they go hiking or camping. And situations like these demand smart work instead of giving up. 

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Removable hammock post ideas

If you have no trees around you to hang a hammock and you want a removable hammock then, don’t worry I will tell you how to hang a hammock without trees that is removable. 

Things you need for a removable hammock

  • Pvc pipe
  • 2 posts
  • In caps
  • Pea gravel
  • Quikrete

For this, we are taking 8 feet long posts which are of a round shape. No need to take thick posts for your removable hammock. 

Step 1

Dig a hole that is 1/3rd the height of your posts. Make sure your base is solid, especially if you are outdoors as you may not know the soil is tough or wet. 

As we are taking an 8 feet tall post, we are going to dig a 35-inch deep hole. 

Step 2

After that pour some pea gravel inside the hole. Now, don’t over-pour the gravel. Fill it up to 5 inches to create a solid base. 

After filling the hole with gravel, now you are left with a 30-inch deep hole. 

Step 3

Now cut down the PVC pipe in half. The PVC pipe should be long enough to fill up the hole. In simpler words, you need a PVC pipe that is 60″ or taller. 

Cut that PVC pipe in half and you have a 30-inch pipe for each post. 

I suggest you take a pipe that is more than 60 “as it is easier to grind it afterward if needed(above ground level) then, leaving you with no choice if it goes shorter(below ground level). 

Step 4

Attach the cap to the bottom of the PVC pipe. After that, drill small holes in the cap that will allow the water or rainwater to drain outside. 

Now put the pipe in the hole with holes in the cap at the bottom. Don’t worry if the pipe is one or two-inch high. Just wiggle it to bring it to the level of the ground. 

And now cover the upper side with another cap, so that no concrete or water pours inside the pipe. 


Pour Quiqcrete around the pipe evenly. And then spray some water. Now, leave it there to let the Quicrete dry out. 


Lastly, put the posts inside the pipe by opening the upper cap. Put the cap again on the top after you are done with hammocking to prevent any water or junk pour into the pipe. 


To hang the hammock you can use the hooks method told above or you can use the straps and tie them around the posts to hang the hammock. 

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How to sleep comfortably in a hammock

Sleeping in a hammock can be very uncomfortable sometimes for longer hours, if you are a camper or hiker you know the struggle. However, there are many things that one can do to get a comfortable sleep in a hammock. Let’s reveal some tips to sleep comfortably in your hammock —

before directly jumping to the tips, I want you to know that sometimes you have to find your own comfort zone as this is a subjective topic and sometimes what gives comfort to me can not be comfortable for you.

Pick the right length

The first step to getting a comfortable experience in a hammock is choosing the right length of the hammock according to your size. The best length for a hammock according to many experts is 11 feet. 

Avoid buying hammocks that are really small as they will ruin your experience in so many ways. Some are  – not able to flatten up your body, and put pressure on your knees. 

The length of the hammock should not be less than 11 feet. Although you can buy a hammock that is more than 11 feet, at the same time you will find difficulty in hanging this(more than 11 feet) hammock if you go outdoors for camping or hiking as it requires more space.

Attach cordes at 45 dgree

Another thing you need to make sure if you want to sleep comfortably in a hammock is to make sure the chords of the hammock are neither too loose nor too tight.

The angle of your chords should be making a 45-degree angle in the sense that the hammock doesn’t make any curve or get too tight.

Sleep Diagonally

Next, you need to make sure that you sleep diagonally when you sleep in a hammock. Sleeping straight in a hammock can be very uncomfortable for too long as it may hit the pressure points and prevent any claustrophobic issues. 

Use a sleeping pad or underquilt

To get the right insulation and to get some comfort beneath, you can use the sleeping pad. Moreover, you can also use underquilt as an alternative. 

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