Hike to the Hollywood Sign from Griffith Observatory

hike to the hollywood sign from griffith observatory

Are you looking for how to hike to the Hollywood sign from Griffith observatory? Millions of people who visited Griffith Park —or anywhere in L.A, they end up asking the same question.

“So, how do I hike to the Hollywood Sign?”

Southern California is now one of the best tourist places, where people are fond of seeing these white big letters Saying” HOLLYWOOD”.

Built in 1923 as a housing subdivision, to attract people to buy the plots, the sign is now the symbol of the Entertainment Industry. It is located on a steep hillside of Mt. Lee in the south-western Griffith Park making it visible to everyone in L.A.

Although, the Hollywood sign can be seen from miles, but getting there is a tricky task. You’ll have to go down the road with no addresses and no parking spaces. So, if you are a newcomer you can probably get lost or will not be able to find the sign.

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There are some stories where people choose the wrong route and end up hiking miles to see the sign.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, the best choice is to know which is the perfect trail that leads to the Hollywood sign from the Griffith observatory.

The first option you’ll try is to get driving instructions from Griffith Observatory to Hollywood sign with the help of Google Maps. However, multiple trails lead from Griffith Observatory to Hollywood Sign.

hike to the hollywood sign from griffith observatory

On your way to Griffith Park, you can explore another iconic landmark of the park, Griffith Observatory. Also known as southern California’s gateway to the cosmos!

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Tourists can enjoy the views of stars, Los Angeles, Hollywood Sign through telescopes. It also provides live shows, exhibitions that are also worth watching on your way to the Hollywood Sign from Griffith Observatory.

Hike to the Hollywood Sign from Griffith Observatory

The journey from Griffith Observatory to Hollywood Sign is tricky, thrilling, and photogenic. If you want to update your Instagram and increase your social base, this trail is perfect for you. It consists of numerous spots, where you can click beautiful images. You’ll have a chance to click images with all the Los Angeles on your back. Generally, tourists visit this trail in the evening period, as they can enjoy the sunset while sitting at the top of Mount Hollywood, and also the pictures are amazing.

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On your way to the Hollywood sign, you’ll have to begin with Charlie Turner Trailhead, which is opposite of the parking area of the Griffith Observatory. (Note: You have to a parking fees).

hike to the hollywood sign from griffith observatory

The trail is covered with pine forests and some beautiful plants, which are only found on this trail. After a hike of 0.3 miles, you’ll come across a West trail( which leads to Western Canyon). You’ll have to continue trekking the same straight route with few rocky steps.

You’ll experience an elevation gain of 465 feet on the trail, so be sure to pack essential items in your bags. There is no water supply at the top of the Hollywood Sign, so water bottles are must need necessity. In summers, the temperature rises and it could be difficult to drink hot water. At that time, you’ll need the best water bottles that maintain water cold during your trekking for long period. The best chicos is to get Hydro Flask Wide Mouth($45). It has superior build quality and in addition, if you accidentally fall it, you don’t have to worry it doesn’t going to break.

During the elevation, it can difficult to hike, so better equipped yourself with a hiking stick. The best choice is to get Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork ($130). It is lightweight and budget-friendly and you can use it any trek and under any weather conditions.

While riding up the Mount Hollywood Hiking trail, you can experience the fantastic views of Griffith Observatory and beside it the whole city of Los Angles.

After hiking for 1 mile, you can see the icon of the L. A, the big white letters Saying HOLLYWOOD. The letters are at the top of Mount Lee to the west.

After you watch the amazing Hollywood Sign, it’s time to get back to Griffith Observatory. You can choose the same path to get down. If you are left with time and enough energy to explore more, you can view some nearby trails that connect various hills. Griffith Park is the largest municipal park in the U.S. and you can enjoy various other activities including horseback riding, plenty of scenic views of Los angles city, and several hills for camping and trekking.

How long is the hike from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood sign?

The hike from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee is 8.8 miles round trip (4.4 miles each way).

Although the trailhead is located at 575 feet of elevation, the trail is now difficult to ride. There are several trails from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood sign, but not all of them are easy to hike. If you are a hiker you can easily find your way between the trails and can easily choose any trail as per your wish. But if you are not a fan of hiking long routes, then you have to clearly notice the direction mentioned below.

The route from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood sign doesn’t consist of marked direction or stopping points.

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The route from Griffith observatory will take you the Mount Hollywood, which lies above the observatory. You have to pass through these trails which extend your routes by 0.4 miles.

When you hike using this trail, you can enjoy the magnificent views of Griffith Observatory and Los Angeles and also a slight glimpse of the amazing Hollywood Sign.

If you are looking for a shorter path from Griffith Observatory to Hollywood Sign, the hiker can choose the trail from Mount Hollywood drive. Located near the intersection of west Observatory drive and Western Canyon Road. Although the route is paved but it is closed for vehicles and with this route, you can easily cut down about 2 miles of your trail distance from the observatory to the Hollywood Sign.

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The shortest route to get to the Hollywood sign faster is to take the trail from Griffith Observatory to Mount Hollywood. The distance is only 2.65-mile and spectacular views of L.A. and photogenic spots consist of Hollywood signs.

  • Distance: 8.8 miles (out and back)
  • Elevation change: 575 feet
  • Hiking time: Approx. 4 hours
  • Open to: Hikers, dogs
  • Fees & Permits: Parking fee at Griffith Observatory
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Directions: Get to the trail
  • Region: Los Angeles

It’s not possible to drive up to the Hollywood sign, as it is prohibited.

Directions from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood Sign

  • Begin your journey from Charlie Turner Trailhead by Griffith Observatory and ride up the Mount Hollywood Hiking Trail.
  • Follow the straight trail for about 0.2 miles.
  • After passing a couple of trails, you are going to reach the top of Mount Hollywood. At this point, you cover almost half of your journey.
  • Go through Dante’s View and turn left up East Ridge Trail (1.3 miles)
  • At the bottom of 3 Mile Trail and turn left up Mount Hollywood Drive (2 miles).
  • After that, you have to turn left down Mulholland Fire Road (2.3 miles)
  • You’ll be passing through Brush Canyon Trail.
  • You have to turn right to Mount Lee Road (3.45 miles).
  • It lasts you’ll reach the Hollywood Sign at the summit of Mount Lee (4.4 miles)