Is Hiking in Teva Sandals a Thing ?

hiking in teva sandals
courtesy : Teva

Do you also get bored from walking in these bulky, chunky hiking boots, then the solution to this – is to wear sandals. 

If you ask the hiking community, there are two different opinions, some love it and others feel they are terrible footwear for hiking. 

So, Is Hiking in Teva Sandals a Thing? 

Absolutely, Yes, you can hike in Teva sandals. Teva sandals come with a thick sole, and tight velcro strap, and are extremely lightweight.

However they don’t offer protection, as you get in hiking boots, it lacks ankle support, do not provide protection from debris or insects, and can get slippery in wet conditions

Let’s check out whether you should wear them, and are they safe to hike on long hikes?

Can you hike in Teva sandals? 

When it comes to hiking, you can hike in any shoes, sandals, and even barefoot. Although numerous hikers love to hike with Teva sandals, regularly.

However, there are some constraints to hiking in any footwear:

Some footwear is more prone to blisters and ankle injuries, causing a hiker to fall and be extremely uncomfortable during a long trek. 

For this reason, many hikers only choose high-quality hiking boots, with plenty of protection and safety, for a safe and risk-free hike. 

Although Teva sandals on a hike may seem abnormal, there are hikers out in the wild who only prefer sandals on their trekking, these can be Teva, Chaco, keens, and even crocs. 

We Surveyed 286 Hikers To Find Out Who Wore Sandals

Without checking facts, it’s unprofessional for me to come to any conclusion about whether hikers wear sandals or not during hiking or not, and If Yes then how many choose them on long hikes and short hikes. 

Result of the data for long hikes, we’re surprised! The data shows that 2.50% of hikers wear sandals on their hiking trips. 

Hiking in sandals
Multi-day Hiking in Sandals Review

While hikers wearing crocs and going barefoot, we’re only 0.90% and 1.20% respectively

So, the data shows that people wear sandals more, as compared to crocs Or barefoot. 

More than half of the hikers (52%), preferably hiking boots, 24% opted for running shoes, and the rest (19.4%) prefer hiking shoes on their long hiking trips. 

Survey of short hikes( day hikes) we’re the opposite of footwear choice on long hikes. 

Hiking in Sandals
Day Hiking in Sandals Review

Almost half (47%) of the people opted for Running shoes, 33% opted for sandals, 12% went with hiking boots, 6% hiking shoes, 1.20% wore crocs and only 0.80% hiked barefoot. 

From the data, we can easily say that sandals are the second most popular choice of footwear on short hikes. 

How Long Can You Hike In Teva Sandals? 

Teva sandals are not an ideal choice for a long difficult hiking trail, but they are useful when it comes to a short easy hike.

For instance, if you are going on a well-paved hiking trail, with an easy hiking rating, then wearing Teva sandals will be extra comfortable, due to their soft cushion. 

The duration of how much distance you can travel in Teva sandals is primarily dependent on the hiking trail and terrain. 

Although hikers who traveled in sandals on their hiking trip suggest that the first five miles are a wonderful experience, they feel soft, extra jumpy, and provide good traction.

But as you move forward, on an uphill or a rocky path, they start feeling uncomfortable, tight, sometimes slip, and do not provide good ankle support. 

Thus, Teva sandals are good for the first 5 miles, if the road is paved, then 10-15 miles can be slightly uncomfortable, if the hike turns difficult.

Also, when the trail is wet and slippery, you have to be slightly cautious, otherwise, you can fall. 

Why are Teva sandals suitable for hiking? 

Hiking is a fun recreational activity, to connect with nature, and by doing this some professional hikers have a curiosity about trying new gear, like wearing sandals on their long hikes. 

Although Teva sandals can be worn on a hiking trail, they are still great alternative footwear to try on a long hike. If you plan on doing this, always carry a backup pair of hiking boots. 

However this does not mean, you should never wear Teva sandals on a hiking trail, there are numerous benefits of hiking in Teva sandals. 

These sandals are popular for their comfortable design, easy to put on and off, and their extremely lightweight nature. 

Check about the benefits you can get from wearing Teva sandals on a hike below:


The weight of footwear plays a crucial role in a hiking trip. For instance, on an overnight hiking trip, you want to save as much weight and space on your backpack as possible.

The lightweight footwear, the longer and faster you can walk, and Teva sandals weigh in at 14.6oz, which is extremely lightweight as compared to other hiking footwear. 


Do you suffer from sweaty feet, the sandals are your ultimate walking footwear. These will keep you cool, on a hiking trail, as your entire feet are almost naked. 

In addition, due to proper airflow, you will not have sweaty feet, and will not suffer from blisters. 


Regular hiking boots can cost above $200+ and they are only good to wear on a hiking trail.

But Teva sandals start from just $50 and these can be worn on a day at a beach, casually hanging out, etc. 


Teva sandals come with a simple velcro strap system that makes them very easy to put on and off.

The aesthetic design tends to look more stylish and versatile for a good walk in the outdoors. 

Quality and Durability

Teva is the first brand to allow wearing sandals outdoors, especially on hiking trails. The sandals are extremely durable, built from top-notch material, and equipped with a thick outsole.

Thus, it will be a few years before you want to replace these sandals, even if you use them all the time outdoors. 

Sole and Grip

Teva sandals come with its trademarked Durabrasion Rubber, which offers mostly horizontal tread that offers superior grip, under wet conditions.

Due to modern technology, now sandals come with a thicker padded sole that makes every step more comfortable and smooth. 

Although it’s not as good as hiking boots or shoes, on a small hike, with an easy-rated hiking trail, it will provide amazing grip and traction. 

For a long hike, it might not be suitable, as sometimes it does not provide good ankle support or grip-ness under wet conditions. 

Dry Quickly

A hiking trail can consist of the Rocky path, branches, river crossing, etc., and at that time Teva sandals will be very useful.

Unlike hiking shoes or running shoes, these sandals will dry out quickly, the moment you step on land. 

A hiker can easily cross a river without removing his footwear, avoiding any sharp rocks on the bank. 

What about blisters? 

Blisters are one of the problems, every hiker has suffered during his hiking trip. Blisters happen due to skin being damaged by friction and heat.

People who suffer from sweaty feet, generally have blisters during their hike. 

Blisters in Teva Sandals – can happen or they might not happen. There are a few hikers who complained about blisters due to Teva sandals, while others do not face this issue. 

Sometimes the blisters can happen while wearing Teva sandals, and the reason could be;

  • The strap of Teva is too loose or too tight
  • Wrong size Teva sandals
  • New sandals

Generally, hikers who never wore sandals often face blister problems, as their feet are not adapted to sandals. 

New sandals are sometimes too hard around the straps, and they require some time to adapt to your feet ‘shape. This may also result in blisters. 

Wrong size sandals or any footwear, will definitely cause a problem, it might be blisters, pain, or any other issue, so always make sure to choose the right size of sandals. 

Solve blisters Problem

  • Adjust the strap of the sandals, and make sure they are of the right fit. 
  • Wear socks whenever you wear sandals, this will definitely avoid blisters. 

Why Not Wear Teva sandals

While Teva is good to wear on hikes but sadly it has some disadvantages, that stop the hiker from wearing these sandals. 


Hiking trails are filled with small debris, rocks, pebbles, etc and it is very common that these get stuck underneath your foot.

This problem is generally with unpaved, uncemented paths, and it can be very annoying, as you have to continuously remove this from underneath your foot. 

Lack of Protection

In addition, the sandals do not provide any type of protection to your toes. It is very common to pound your foot on a rock and then put an ointment to the toe.

This is the reason many hikers do not consider wearing these on long hikes. 

Furthermore, the wild is filled with insects and bugs, and exposing your feet will definitely allow these insects a chance to bite. 

Dry Feet

Proper airflow is needed, but leaving your feet open sucks out the moisture, and leaves them dry. 

This can be avoided by wearing socks, on your hiking trip.

What about ankle support? 

Ankle support is important to stabilize to prevent ankle rolls or any foot injury. But let’s face it, ankle roles can even happen in hiking shoes, except in heavy hiking boots. 

Heavy hiking boots have no space for the foot to roll and they also cover the ankle thus preventing the ankle roll.

Whereas there are always chances of getting ankle roles in sandals and hiking shoes. 

However, this doesn’t make sandals’ ankle support worse. Ankle support doesn’t only mean covering the ankle, but it also means how well your heel sits in the heel cup of the sandal.

In “Teva”, the sandal heel cup is made strong, which holds your feet in one place. So, a heel cup is what is important when selecting the right hiking sandal for yourself.

If you have high arches then here are some best hiking shoes for you – Best hiking boots for high arches.

Tevas have some good sandals for light hiking with good stability and heel support, which I will discuss further in this article. 

Tips for hiking in Teva Sandals

Here are some tips for hiking in Teva sandals—-

Break in period

Though Teva sandals are not an ideal hiking choice for many hikers, however, if you want to try then there are some things that you should learn before putting them on a trail. 

Every hiking footwear needs a break-in period and this same with hiking sandals like Teva. 

Start wearing them as soon as you get them casually before taking them on the trail. 

Don’t just walk in them, make sure to run and practice on slippery surfaces to check their comfortability and traction control.

You should feel comfortable in sandals before you step on any trail wearing them.

Treat your sandals (optional) 

Though there is no need to treat the sandals. But you can treat them if you want with any spray. 

This will protect the sandals in water, especially if they get wet for a long period of time.

According to the Teva brand, Teva’s sandals can lead to deterioration if you keep them long enough in the water.

So, to avoid that you can treat them with any water spray. Though they are not made for water specifically, however, you can wear them for a limited time period.

On top of that if they(sandals) are treated with any type of coating that will prolong the life of sandals and protect them from water and dirt

But if you need hiking shoes for water, so that you can remain in the water for long period then check out this article – Best Shoes for Hiking the Narrows

Moisturize feet

Another main thing is to keep your feet moisturized, this is very important if you are wearing sandals without socks.

Unlike hiking boots where your feet don’t get dry, In sandals because of too much ventilation your feet are going to get dry super fast in the open air. 

You can solve this problem by moisturizing your feet with foot cream or the best is to bring foot cream with you on a hike and use it if needed. 

Bring socks

Bringing a pair of socks with you on a hike is always a good idea, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing sandals.

Socks help in cold weather and protect your feet from blisters and derbies.

Don’t wear them at first but make sure to bring them and wear them if needed. 

Here are some best hiking socks for women – 10 Best hiking socks for women

Use baby powder for squeaking

Use baby powder for squeaking. If you find squeaking irritation while you walk in sandals then the best solution is to use a baby powder.

Just sprinkle some powder on an affected area and the work is done. The reason why baby powder is best is that it absorbs moisture, which is also the reason why squeaking happens(when moisture is stored in the pores of the midsole). 

Best Tevas sandals for Men and women

There are various options available in Tevas in the hiking section for both men and women. Though there are different versions for men and women, however, there are some Tevas sandals that can be worn by both men and women.

This list consists of the best Tevas sandals for hiking but in the end, it all depends on personal preference. 

TIRA by Tevas for women

hiking in teva sandals

This is one of the best Tevas sandals for women in the outdoor category. Most users are satisfied with these sandals. You can wear them on a day hike, they are comfortable and comfy at the same time.

You get Eva’s midsole and shock pad at the heel. The shock pad function is to absorb the shock if your feet land on any sharp object. 

Shank is made up of nylon which might irritate some people. But the issue can be solved if you wear socks. The best thing about nylon is that you can use it in water as nylon resists water. 

The width of the shoes is neither narrow nor too wide. However, if you have wide feet then you might feel tight in these sandals. 

These sandals are perfect for day hikes where the pack weight is light. 

Arch support is average with decent ankle support. 

The outsole of sandals is made of rubber which provides average traction control on slippery surfaces.

On top of that, it is also a more durable material for the sole. However, if some of you don’t like rubber soles and are instead interested in Nuckbuck soles then you should be looking for model 1099273 in Teva

Talking about colors then you get 12 color options and one pair of these will cost you $80.

Places to buy

Hurricane XLT2

If you know about iconic hurricane XL then this is the upgraded version of that.

Just like Tira, it is one of the best Tevas sandals that can be used for hiking. You can also use them for fishing or any outdoor activity like camping.

The best thing about these sandals is that anybody can wear them i.e men or women. It comes in different sizes and dozens of colors (14 colors).

It is also good for light day hikes. Moreover, you can wear these in water or on dry terrain.

Straps are designed in an injection shape l, hold your feet in one place. The further footbed is made of EVA, which provides sufficient comfort for a day hike.

Shanks of this are also made of nylon, so make sure you moisture your feet before wearing them.

The outsole is made of rubber, which provides average traction control and stability on incline terrain.

You can buy these according to the width of your feet. It comes in a 22 and 26-inch strap.

One user named Tiva Bobbi from Charlotte, NC finds this pair good for everyday use and hiking. You check it here-

This sandal pair will cost you around $75. You can buy these from

Places to buy


This sandal from Tevas is a new addition to the men hiking sandals. The difference between this and other sandals is big.

The toe area of the sandal is covered with mesh and synthetic material, which adds more toe protection and stability while hiking. 

It is the best hiking sandal for men and you can wear it on a day hike. The sandals are lightweight as claimed by users. Brands claim that it is made of synthetic material and is good for both wet and dry conditions. 

The footbed is made of EVA. And outsole is made of rubber. So, good traction control for an easy hike. 

The upper foot is covered with a mesh that is breathable and the toe is covered with synthetic material, which adds toe protection. 

It is only available in two color options. And is a great and much safer option for men. 

The pair of these will cost you around $65. It is best if you have sweaty feet as it holds your feet in place. 

Places to buy