How to Wash Darn Tough Socks

How to wash darn tough socks
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So you‘ve got yourself a pair of darn tough socks, and now you’re left wondering, what’s the best way to wash Darn Tough Socks?

There are only a few people on the planet that love doing laundry and I am not one of them. But no matter how much I hate doing it when it stinks and people keep staring at me. Then it is the perfect time to wash your socks. 

Darn tough socks offer superior comfort than any other in the industry and we have to keep it that way. A small laundry accident cab ruins the quality of the socks and you may have to buy a new pair. So it would be better to learn how to properly wash darn tough socks.

Although, it is popularly known as an indestructible fabric material in socks yet it can be destroyed if not handled properly.

In my opinion, washing and drying is the best care we can give to darn tough wool socks. It will increase the life expectancy of your socks and also people around won’t run from your stinky socks smell. When you are on your hiking trip, the one thing you should definitely know how to Keep your Shoes Dry when Hiking in the Rain

How Do You Wash Darn Tough Socks? 

Darn Tough socks are made from merino wool, so it’s recommended that they should be gently washed. Merino wool has properties of shrinking, but only when it is exposed to high temperatures. Thus, to avoid shrinkage and maintain the integrity of the darn socks, they should never be washed with hot water.

There are two ways to wash darn socks: 

  • Machine wash
  • Hand wash

If you are using a washing machine, it is advised to check the setting and put the machine in wool mode. Although not all washing machines have wool mode, so use cold water wash or wash cycle for delicates. This is done to avoid shrinking the socks.

Avoid bleach and use a mild detergent that is compatible with wool clothes ( to check see the Woolmark symbol on the packet).

If you use bleach on the socks, it can destroy the woolen fibers and probably you’ll probably not wear them again.

If you another method and tries to do hand washing, there are also some conditions that you should follow.

You can use lukewarm water( temperature below 30 degrees) and turn the socks inside-out. Soak them in water for 10-15 minutes and gently rinse them out. Avoid using too much force as the woolen material can be damaged.  Always use a mild detergent for washing the darn socks.

How Often Do You Wash Darn Tough Socks?

People who sweat a lot might want to want to wash their socks frequently. This is because the sweat from the feet has a very bad odor. The important feature of the darn tough socks is that they are very comfortable and can keep your feet cool and dry. 

If you use darn tough socks you’ll don’t have to worry about feet sweat as it decreases the temperature of the feet. Not by a huge margin but enough to keep your feet dry.

When I go for a day hike or a multi-day trek, Darn tough socks are one of the essentials that I bring. Usually, I sweat a lot, and the moment I started wearing I never felt uncomfortable from wet feet. From that day, I wear these socks on every occasion and sometimes even at home too.

If you choose darn tough socks you can wear them easily for a couple of days without worrying about stinky feet.

The material used in these socks is merino wool, which has a supreme quality and also built to prevent bad odor. Wool fibers. The socks can easily keep your feet dry, cool and also absorbs moisture and bacteria.

There is no need to wash darn tough socks on a regular basis. It avoid bad odor and your feet don’t stink after few days. 

If you are an adventurer like me, you know the struggle of choosing essential on long trips. Your clothes and sleeping bags take the most of the space and extra weight. Although socks don’t weigh much, but with darn tough socks you’ll have one less thing to stress out during packing. You can use the same socks throughout all your trip without getting feet sweat.

Should socks be washed inside out?

Yes, darn tough socks should always be washed inside whether you are washing them in a machine or hand wash. It is done because socks absorb moisture and bacteria from the feet and all that is stored in the inner area of the socks. If the socks are washed from the outside, there is less possibility that a single wash can remove the bacteria and clean the socks properly. People who have a problem with their feet sweat should always wash their socks inside out.

Also, when socks are washed inside out, there is less risk of damaging the fibers and also there will be less shrinking. During the wash, the fibers are rubbed, and if the detergent is strong, it can cause destruction of the particles, and you probably can’t wear those once again.

How to dry darn tough socks?

Drying socks is as important as washing them. People are generally unaware of how to perfectly dry their clothes. The most common practice is to hang outside under the sun. Well, it is most suitable for most clothes but if you have merino wool clothes it is not the best option. 

When merino wool is put under excessive heat and the woolen fibers get damaged.

Although, darn tough socks are of premium quality, but is not a wise choice to dry them under excessive heat.

So, avoid drying them outside when the sun as its peak. There is an alternative to this, you can dry them inside a dryer.

If you are unsure whether you can dry merino wool inside a dry, the answer is you can. But there are some restrictions you have to follow. The dryer should be set in a low setting to prevent damage to the fiber.

Do darn tough socks shrink?

Yes, darn tough socks shrink but not by a huge margin. They don’t change into mini socks but overtime or every wash they shrink. You can stop this from happening and increase the life expectancy of the socks if you choose to perfectly wash and dry them.

When you machine or hand wash the darn tough socks, always use the guidelines mentioned above like woolen approved detergent, etc. 

And socks should never be dried under excessive heat. If you air-dry the socks, they only take about 2-3 hours to dry, factors like humidity and cushioning affect them.

If you have heavily cushioned socks, they usually take about 6-7 hours to dry. 


When washing darn tough socks, these are some guideline every person should follow

  • Always turn the socks inside out as this prevents damaging and shrinking of the woolen material.
  • When machine washing the darn tough socks, the machine should be in the wool mode or at gentle cycle.
  • Always use mild detergent and woolen approved detergent.
  • Avoid bleach as they damage the woolen fibers.

If you follow these steps you can have long-lasting socks in no time. You’ll never have to worry about whether your socks stink with darn tough socks. And washing darn tough socks is an easy process with both matching bad hand wash.

These are the best essential items you should carry on your hiking trips. It can help you maintain a better grip as you will not have wet feet due to sweat. Lots of hikers use these socks for the exact reason as to when they wear these socks the hiking shoes are in full contact with the feet and also absorbs moisture and bacteria. 

Even if something happens to socks, you can get the benefits of their warranty replacement pair.