How to Wash Hair While Camping : Step by Step Guide

How to Wash Hair While Camping
How to Wash Hair While Camping

Whether it’s your home or outdoor every hair demands care. But when outside for camping this is the common issue lot of people face because hairs get oily and dirty easily when you camp on rough and muddy areas, the condition becomes bad in summers when all set and dirt attach to your hair and makes you uncomfortable and you really need to wash it up. While every hair type of hair is different some are tougher than others. But if your hairs are not that tough or get oily easily then you should wash them to prevent any damage. Washing hair while camping is not easy for some people because they struggle to find water or don’t know the procedure. But don’t worry today I will tell you all the possible ways to wash your hair while camping. Not only that this article also covers the pros and cons of washing hair while camping, and a guide to protect your hair while camping.


Wash your hair while camping?

  • Get water or use a solar shower
  • Use shampoo according to hair type

Dry wash your hair while camping

  • use dry shampoo
  • use baby powder

Does dry shampoo really help?

Wash your hair without products while camping

Protect your hair after washing

 Use cap or hat

do bun and braids

use sunscreen oils

use anti-Pollution Hair Care

Don’t use a cotton pillowcase

Wash your hair while camping?

The first thing you need to wash your hair is water. As there are few options of water while camping or hiking. Still, there are many ways to wash your hair. But first, you should know some facts that show do you really need to wash your hair?

Don’t wash your hair if there is no dirt or oiliness. Before washing your hair you should know some facts about your hair. If your hair is thick then it can survive for a long period of time without cleaning. While on the other hand thin hair gets dirty and oily easily and requires regular washing.

Curly hairs are dry and hardly get oily, and you can easily go without cleaning for days. But with straight hair, you have to clean them regularly because straight hair gets dirty easily.

Get water or use a solar shower

the first and simple option you have is a solar shower if you have Rv. Don’t worry if this option doesn’t work you still got many water sources, some are-

Find a lake or river

If there is a river near your camp you can use that water. The water may not be clean but it works if you really need a shower. If you are using lake or river water, just make sure to use biodegradable soap because it is more environmentally friendly than common soap., but while using biodegradable soap make sure you are 200 feet away from water because biodegradable soap requires soil to breakdown.

carry camp shower

If you plan it early it becomes easy for you. You can carry a camp shower with you and you don’t have to worry about anything. But in case you don’t have any options described above you can either use water from your bottle or use the sprayer if you have one.

If you got any source from above then the next step you should follow is to wash your hair

As all know how to wash their hair. But you need to keep in mind some basic information that helps you to prevent damage to your hair.

Use shampoo according to hair type

Use shampoo according to your hair type. If you have normal hair you can use the normal shampoo. But curly or dry hairs demand a little bit of care, even if it’s your one-day camp. Avoid shampoo if you can if you have dry or curly hair. if your hair gets oily during camping you can simply wash it with mild or cold water, and it automatically removes the oil from your head because curly hairs absorb less oil and can go for a long period of time without applying shampoo.

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Dry wash your hair while camping

If you struggle to find water while camping to wash your hair, then you can dry wash your hair which doesn’t require any water. There are two options that you can use for dry washing

use shampoo caps

Shampoo caps help to clean, dirt and dor from hair, require no water, and no rinsing. This is used by people who don’t get up from bed in inwards and hospitals. To use a shampoo cap- place the cap on your head and then rub your hair through the cap till the hair is saturated.

Use dry shampoo

You can use dry shampoo on your scalp. This method is easy to use- Hold the shampoo a few inches away from your hair and then spray it. Strat spraying Along the hairline if you have long hair. For short hairs start from the oily section of your head.

Use baby powder

In case you don’t have dry shampoo or don’t want to spend money for one day camp, then you can use baby powder it will do the same work for you. To use it – take a small amount of powder and apply it gently on your scalp. Massage it for a few minutes and then leave it there, and after 9 hours it absorbs the oil from your hair.

Does dry shampoo really help?

If you are not familiar with dry shampoo properties you should know that it is not a good option for regular use. Although you can use it for one time if your hair gets too oily while camping.

Why dry shampoo is not good?

Dry shampoo doesn’t work as a normal shampoo. It doesn’t remove dirt or oil from your hair, it only absorbs oil from your hair if you apply it. In hair science, it doesn’t consider a shampoo. It is only a product that makes your hair look less oily. But you can use it occasionally while you are camping, only when your hair gets too oily.

Wash your hair without products while camping

Washing your hair with only water is not only the best option for you when camping but also keeps your hair healthy.

The hair types which these options suits most are curly, oily, thick, and coarse.

If you have any of these hair types, then you should always go with this option. This option is also great if you are camping for 5 or 6 days because you can’t use shampoo every day, as it leads to hair damage.

What if your hair is oily?

Then you can divide the days in which, wash your hair 3 days with shampoo and 3 without shampoo. For multiday camping or hiking, this works best.

Washing your hair only with water leaves the natural oil on your scalp. But only with water, you can not remove the products totally you applied to your hair. So, it is always best to not apply any product or oil before going camping.

If you camp often, then you can relate to this. Those who never applied this may find this odd for the first time because your hair takes time to get used to the chemical-free process.

At first, your hair may remain oily but this is the best option that demands less care.

Protect your hair after washing

After washing your hair let them dry because wet hair absorbs dirt oil and dirt easily.

To dry the wet hair use a towel or piece of cloth if you have, and then gently tap your hair with the cloth. For quick results wrap the cloth around your hair if you have long hair.

After that, use the wide comb to style your hair. Using a wide comb has a lot of benefits, some are- they don’t let your hair break, it is more gentle on your scalp, Also prevents split ends.

But the best option while camping is to not use any comb, instead use your fingers or hand to provide some volume and symmetry to your hairs.

To prevent hair damage while camping keep some points in mind-

Use cap or hat

You can use a hat or cap after styling your hair to keep it clean from dirt. Hat also protects your hair from sunlight if you are camping in summer, and from frizziness in winters.

Do bun and braids

Keeping a tight hairstyle during camping is the best option because this way you protect dirt particles directly coming inside your locks. This also prevents the possibility of washing your hair. After making bun or braids, you can use a hat or cap as an ultra protector for your hair.

Don’t use a cotton pillowcase

Avoid pillow at night if you have done shampoo because rubbing your hair against a cotton pillow will damage your hair. This is important for women with long hair. People with short and rough hair should also avoid this.

Extra products for hair care 

use sunscreen oils

Use sunscreen oils if have to. It protects your hair from harsh UV rays while camping outside for long hours or for multiple;e days. Apply a small amount of sunscreen oil to prevent the extra moisture because then your hair pulls dirt particles easily and you do not want that.

use anti-Pollution Hair Care

Use anti-pollution haircare if your hair is thin or oily. Anti-pollution hair care protects your hair from dirt and prevents the dirt particles from directly entering the roots of your hair.