How to wear Hiking boots with jeans

How to wear Hiking boots with jeans

How to wear Hiking boots with jeans? –Hiking boots could be paired with any outfit. Although they are specifically designed for hiking trips, still People wear them on a daily basis.

Hiking boots are comfortable, durable, and also stylish when paired with a stylish outfit. In this internet fad, hiking boots are worn by every woman/man of every age group and with any body type.

People could use them as rain boots, work boots, walking shoes, and of course hiking boots.

But when you wear Hiking boots with jeans, the person should have a knowledge of which jeans are best to wear.

Most of the hikers wear hiking boots with jeans, as they save a lot of space are comfortable for any weather and are also waterproof.

They provide the benefit of hiking in mountains, deserts, cold weather, and keep your feet dry in rainy seasons.

To style your hiking boots with jeans, check out the ways you can wear your hiking boots with jeans.

Can you wear Hiking boots with jeans?

Wearing jeans with hiking boots is the best combination for a hiking trip. Jeans are designed to wear in any weather conditions, people wear them in rainy, summer, spring and winters too.

You just need to see that the hiking boots look good with the color of your jeans. Jeans are comfortable and are suitable for every environment.

If you are wearing hiking boots with jeans, you need to style your jeans for a perfect photograph. Let’s see some outfit ideas for hiking boots with jeans and also how to style the jeans with hiking boots.

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How to wear Hiking boots with jeans

Hiking boots are designed to withstand any weather conditions and in the traditional way, they are supposed to be only used on hiking trips. But now the trend of 2021 brings hiking boots as a casual shoe to wear on daily basis. There are magazine covers of models wearing hiking boots and also on normal people are following this trend.

Hiking boots are versatile and can be used on a daily basis as the combination of rainy boots, work boots, could be used in heavy construction works and also hiking trips too.

Hiking boots are easy to style but the outfit looks more stylish if it is paired with the appropriate jeans.

Length of the Jeans

On your hiking trip, it’s advised to choose the perfect length of your jeans. If the length is too long, the bottom part will get dirty and also create difficulty in moving.

If the length is short, the hiker will not be able to tuck the jeans into hiking boots. The perfect length of the jeans when the hiker wears hiking boots is till his ankle. The hikers’ jeans Lenght should not exceed his ankle or above it.

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Why tuck your jeans in hiking boots

How to wear Hiking boots with jeans

In wooden areas like forests and hilly areas ticks are present. Ticks cause Lyme disease. This disease is caused by the infection bacteria: borrelia.

The ticks are present in long grass and it makes them easier to jump to the person’s legs. Although, the disease is not contagious but can cause skin, bone, and cardiac problems if not treated under two weeks of getting bitten.

If the hiker wears shorts, it’s easier for ticks to jump on the hiker’s legs and bite them. But if he wears jeans and tuck inside hiking boots, there is no place for ticks to get inside. You’ll be safer from Lyme disease if you tuck your jeans in hiking boots.

How to wear Hiking boots with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are preferred by every man/woman in the world. Skinny jeans are skinny from the waist to the ankle. Although, skinny jeans are not the best suitable to pair for hiking. Skinny jeans do not offer mobility and comfort to hikers. Hikers jeans should be comfortable, allow mobility and breathability to the hikers.

Skinny jeans are only paired with hiking boots as a style statement. People could wear skinny jeans with hiking boots on a daily basis, but they should avoid them when they go on a hiking trip.

If a person wears Skinny jeans with hiking boots, he should always tuck in his jeans. This looks stylish and also increases mobility as compared to if the jeans are not tucked in.

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Avoid Bootcut and Relaxed Jeans

When a hiker wears jeans with hiking boots, it’s best suitable to tuck them. But if he is wearing Bootcut or Relaxed jeans, it is impossible to tuck them.

These jeans are baggy from the ankle area, and this results in insects getting inside your jeans and biting you. Although these jeans provide more mobility than skinny jeans, the hiker should never them on a hiking trip.

Wear Straight or Slim-fit Jeans with hiking boots

Straight and alim fit jeans are easy to tuck Inside the hiking boots. Also when these jeans are tucked in, there is no baggy material falling outside from the top of hiking boots.

These jeans are most commonly are preferred by any age group and any gender of any body type. For a hiking trip, you should always consider wearing these jeans.

High ankle-length Hiking boots

High ankle hiking boots are designed to withstand any weather conditions and also provide additional ankle support.

It’s easy to tuck jeans in high ankle length Hiking boots rather than any type of hike boots. Besides ankle support, these shoes are preferred in high altitudes and rainforest areas.

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Colors to choose

When buying hiking boots, it’s suitable to select earthly colors like dark brown, light brown, and black.

Jeans’ color depends on personal interest, some people prefer blue, some prefer black, but in the end, it’s your personal choice.

Blue and Black jeans are photogenic colors, These colors look good on photos with any color of hiking boots.


Hiking boots are durable, versatile, and could withstand any weather conditions from the rainy season to high altitudes areas and extremely cold weather. Jeans and hiking boots are a classy combination to wear on a hiking trip, but due to this internet fad, this combination is now streetwear style.