How to Wear Hiking Boots with Shorts

How to Wear Hiking Boots with Shorts

How to Wear Hiking Boots with Shorts?

If you hate packing for your hiking trip, you know the struggle when it comes to selecting the equipments to bring for the trip. If you pack additional clothes and equipments for your Hiking trip, you will be easily tired due to weight, this could ruin your whole trip. But, if you manage to pack light and left some important equipment, you have to suffer the loss during your trip. To maintain a perfect balance, the hiker should always pack light and important equipment according to their journey.

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Can you wear Hiking boots with shorts?

Yes, hiking boots could be worn with shorts. Hiking boots are designed to provide safety and comfort to your feet. When hiking boots are paired with shorts, they provide additional comfort to the hikers’ legs as shorts are way more comfortable than jeans. When a hiker is on a hiking trail to high altitudes, shorts provide additional movement to the legs, and hiking boots provide grip.

These are the perfect pair for hiking in high altitudes or trails that require vast leg movements. But there are some safety measures when a hiker wear Hiking boots with shorts. If hikers didn’t follow the safety measures, it causes a high risk of injury. Now we know, a hiker can wear Hiking boots with shorts and there are some precautions before wearing Hiking boots with shorts.

How to Wear Hiking Boots with Shorts

When shorts paired with hiking boots, it looks cool, stylish, casual, and if course comfortable. When the hiker wears Hiking boots with shorts, he should know when, where, and how to style them.

Hiking boots are designed to withstand any weather conditions, but shorts are not designed this way.

Shorts are casual wear which provides comfortability and more leg movements through the hike trip. Most guys wear Hiking boots with shorts, but they don’t know how to choose the perfect shorts and how to style them with hiking boots.

If you’re about to wear Hiking boots with shorts, you should consider a few things:


Before wearing Hiking boots with shorts,  the hiker should have terrain knowledge. If the hiking trail consists of rocks, rock climbing, or waterfalls, it’s advised to wear shorts with hiking boots. But if the hiking trail is in the forest, where bushes, trees are around every corner, your legs could be scratch or some insect could sting you on the legs.

Hiking boots should be only paired with shorts when the trail doesn’t consist of bushes and in a safe, paved path.

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Weather and Temperature

Weather and Temperature plays an important part in every journey. From small hiking trails to multi-day trekking, the hikers should always have knowledge about weather and Temperature.

Wear Hiking boots with shorts when the temperature is not below 30 degrees after that it’s better to switch to full pants.

Rainy, Summer, and Spring are the season the hikers should wear hiking boots with shorts. In these seasons, the temperature is always above 30 degrees and the hiker doesn’t feel cold.

Always avoid cold-weather season, as wearing Hiking boots with shorts will have a high risk of health conditions.

Wear Socks or Not

Hiker should always wear socks when he wears hiking boots. Socks provide another layer for cushioning to make feet extra comfortable.

The leather of the hiking boots is also hard around the ankles and if hikers don’t wear socks, there be cut his ankles. This primarily occurs in new Hiking boots but it could happen with the old one too. It happens because the leather of hiking boots rubs continually against the skin, this could be avoided with socks.

The length of the socks should be always above hiking boots. Hiker could also wear crew socks when he wear Hiking boots with shorts.

Length of the Shorts

The ideal length of the shorts is one inch from the kneecaps. The shorts should never be below the kneecaps.

The length of shorts depends on the person’s height. If the person’s height is around 6 feet, then the ideal length is 9 inches. If the hikers wear 10 inch Shorts, the bottom of the shorts will always attach to the kneecap. It affects the movements of the legs and it’s not very comfortable when walking.

If the hiker is about 5 feet 8 inches, the ideal length of shorts will be 7-8 inches. Hiker could always go between 5 – 6 inches to show more thighs.

More than 9 inches long are not called shorts, they are referred to as capris.

The length of the shorts should not exceed the kneecaps. It should always be above the kneecaps.

Width of the Shorts

Width is also important to check when the hiker wears shorts on his hiking trail. Some people are fond of wide shorts as it makes them comfy as the fabric doesn’t touch the thighs.

Some people prefer to be tight around the thighs. It doesn’t matter which one a person in daily life but it affects when the person wears them on a hiking trail.

The width of the shorts should never be too wide, if it is wide there is a risk an insect could fly inside and it also affects the movement of the legs.

If the shorts are too attached to the legs, it doesn’t provide breathability and it also affects the movement.

The width should be normal, the hiker will have enough breathability and provide movement to legs.

From a fashion style, the wide or too narrow shorts never look cool.

How to Style Hiking boots with shorts

If you are going for Hiking, you should stick to earthly colors like brown, black, navy, gray etc of your shorts. These shorts benefit you in maintaining the color balance with nature. Also, these colors are photogenic i.e. provide good texture and color with any background.

Nobody could buy multiple color hiking boots, go with the traditional color black, brown if you are buying and if you have to stick to them.

If you are going to buy a new pair of hiking boots, you should focus on which terrain and under which weather conditions you will go hiking.


Wearing shorts with hiking boots is the perfect combination in hot weather as it provides better breathability and additional leg movements than full-length pants.

Hikers could wear every Hiking boots with should, there are no limitations to it. Choose hiking boots that fulfill your every need.