Is hiking a sport? 

Is hiking a sport

Is hiking a sport? This is one misconception that a lot of people have in their minds. The main reason for that is that hiking is similar to many other outdoor sports like mountain biking and trail running. Today I will clarify why hiking is not a sport and also discuss if hiking will ever be a sport in the future. 

Is hiking a sport? 

No hiking is not a sport because there is no organization or body that organizes the competition or events for hiking. For hiking to become a sport, it requires competitions and events run by specific organizations followed by rules and regulations

Reasons why hiking is not a sport

Hiking is not a competition

The first reason is very obvious, as hiking is not a competition. People do hiking as a fun activity and to explore nature on their feet. 

While some people do hiking to remain fit and to get a break from their busy life. 

Hiking is more of a hobby than a competition. However, for some people hiking is a passion but in hiking, you have to spend your own money to explore the world while in sports you are being paid by sponsors and organizations to compete at the highest levels. Because of this, there is so much competition in sports than in hiking. 

Not competitive

Every sport has competition and it requires a certain type of skill and years of practice to compete at the highest levels. On the other hand, hiking is not that competitive and anyone can do hiking with no skill. 

However, there are some hikes that do require experience and skill, still, there are no such rules and events for such hikers. 

In sports every game is competitive. A lot of money and buzz has been created to increase the competitiveness of the sport and make it more interesting. 

Hiking has no rules and regulations

Because there is no organization, so there are no rules for hikers. There is no time limit or judges to give scores, which makes hiking a non-sport activity. Only friendly competitions are there between friends who finish first. 

However, there are some restrictions for hikers that every hiker has to follow for their own safety or to maintain a healthy environment. 

Lack of events and interest in organization is the big reason why hiking is not a sport. However, there are some similar activities to hiking that can be considered as a sport like a trail running. There are competitions and events that are held for trail running but the number is very low. 

Will hiking be a sport in the future? 

Yes, hiking can be a sport as there are some hikes that require skill and experience. So, hiking can be a sport. The more people get into hiking, the more chances there will be for hiking to become a sport. Organizations only put their money on things where they can make more money than they invest. 

As a lot of people are now getting into hiking, is a good sign for hiking and for hikers who are passionate about hiking. 

Moreover, there are some changes that need to be done which makes hiking an appealing sport to the majority. Some fun or thrill is required in hiking which makes the sport more fun to watch and people get more attached and not get bored. This is my personal opinion because hiking is fun when you do it, but you may get bored if you see others doing it while sitting on your couch. 

I want hiking competitions to be thrilling, competitive, and fun. Competition increases immediately in any sport when you get paid for your passion. It will be amazing if the competition has opportunities for both solo hikers and team hikers. 

However, every game becomes fun and thrilling when you add competition in front of it. 

Why do some people consider hiking as a sport? 

Some people consider hiking as a sport because there are similar outdoor activities that are considered sports like mountain biking and fishing. Mountain biking and fishing have organizations and authorities which organize the competition for players and every rule and regulation has been followed which makes them a sport.

Some unofficial hiking competition

Four desert race

It is a 7-day racing competition for hikers where hikers are taken to 4 different deserts across the world for racing competition. 

As discussed above this is a 7-day competition excluding travel time. The competition is regulated and organized by racing the planet limited. 

Hikers need to provide medical proof of their health if they want to take part in the competition. This competition has some difficult rough terrain that requires great fitness and experience.

If you don’t how to train yourself for hiking or which muscles to train then read this article-what muscles does hiking work

Four desert trail running is not compatible for all hikers as some want small competition for fun and to compete. Don’t worry, there are some unofficial events where you can take part in trail running competitions. 

Triple Crown of hiking

This is a popular competition or event among hikers in the US. To claim the title, hikers have to complete the three famous trails in the USA which are – continental trail, the Pacific trail, and the Appalachian Trail. 

This can be a seen as sports competition but is not because there are no regulations. 

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