11 Best kids waterproof hiking boots of 2022

Best Kids Waterproof Hiking Boots

Your children don’t want to be left out of the fun. They want to hike and explore. Here is a list of the Best kids’ waterproof hiking boots that will keep their feet dry and comfortable while they adventure.

Quick recommendation

If you don’t have the time to read an article then check out the quick recommendation table.

  • Complete waterproof: Reima Ankles Waterproof Low Cut Rain Boots 
  • Best overall: Timberland Kids Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof Boot 
  • Waterproof and breathable: Mishansha Kids Water Resistant Hiking Boots
  • Budget-friendly option: Biacolum Outdoor Hiking Waterproof Kids Sneaker
  • Best for summers: KEEN Seacamp Ii CNX Sandal
  • Best for winters: Deer Stags Mak2 Thinsulate Waterproof Comfort Boots

11 Best kids Waterproof Hiking Boots

We prepared the list of the best kids’ waterproof hiking boots on the market. The list is prepared on the basis of user satisfaction, how good are boots at waterproofing, and lastly the price.

TZJS Kids’ Hiking Work Boots

This pair of boots is made of artificial upper leather, which prevents the water to enter inside. Because of artificial leather, it is easy to clean these boots, all you need is a clean cloth.

Further, as you can see these boots do not have a traditional lacing system, but a Hook-and-loop Strap. This is best for kids as they can easily pull on and off the shoes.

The sole of the boots is made of TPR material, which is also known as Thermoplastic Elastomers sole. You can expect a good grip on incline terrain.

Besides all of the features, it also provides ankle support which is important to prevent ankle rolling. 

There are two things that we liked about these boots. Firstly, your kid can wear them while hiking, under jeans, or at casual outings as well, because of their stylish design.

Secondly, the price of  TZJS Kids’ Hiking Work Boots is less compared to other waterproof hiking boots, they are affordable.

A pair of these boots will cost you around $37. This is one of the best kids’ waterproof hiking boots at an affordable price. 

Moreover, there are 9 color options to choose from.

We discussed the positives, let’s look at some downsides of these boots. Firstly, they run large, so make sure to check the sizing guide by the brand before you order a pair.

Secondly, these may be the best option for waterproof hiking boots for kids on a budget but can not expect them to last very long. 

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Merrell Chameleon 7 Access Mid WTRPF Hiking Boot

The Merrell Chameleon 7 is designed to support the natural foot form especially when it comes to the shape of the arch and dorsiflexion while being lightweight, flexible, and breathable.
Its breathable membrane not only wicks moisture away from the feet, but it also reduces the risk of blisters by providing a protective layer and helping prevent moisture and salt from being absorbed into the skin.
The mid-foot Flexibility System adds additional support and flexibility to help reduce strain on the feet.
The Chameleon 7 has been touted as the “best hiking boot for wet, muddy, and rugged conditions.”
This Chameleon 7 Access Mid WTRPF Hiking Boot gives the user a high-quality hiking experience with an aggressive mid-sole and a smooth, soft tread that is ideal for everyday wear for all-day comfort and the ability to hike over rugged terrain or across exposed rock.
These Hiking Boots get high marks for their ability to keep feet dry while still offering performance and stability, and underfoot protection that makes them ideal for hiking boots.
This durable boot is made with a waterproof, breathable fabric and is fully seam sealed. So, no matter the weather or trail conditions, these boots will deliver comfort and protection to your kids.
The downside of this hiking boot 
  • Not a good pick for kids with flat feet
  • They are not completely waterproof, however, they do dry super fast.

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The Columbia Youth Newton Ridge Suede is a waterproof hiking boot for kids.
This boot is designed to keep your kids’ feet warm and dry in the coldest weather, but it also has a stylish look that is perfect for your kids to wear to school or when they want to venture out on their own.
The waterproof PU leather upper material used in the construction of this boot is both durable and comfortable, making it a great boot to wear for long periods of time.
The rugged outsole of the Youth Newton Ridge Suede is made of Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber, which provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. This makes it a great boot for kids who spend a lot of time outdoors.
These boots are designed to keep your kids’ feet dry and comfortable on the hike or while playing in puddles.
The leather upper is resistant to water and dirt, rubber goring around the ankle for support, and a waterproof membrane to keep your kids’ feet dry when they’re out playing in the rain.
The boots also feature rust-proof hardware for longer life, a hyper-drying liner that helps keep your kids’ feet dry even when they’re sweating, and a toe cap that is designed to protect your kids’ feet from rocks and other hard objects on the trail.
These hiking boots are available in three colors and cost between $40-$150.
Overall these hiking boots are great waterproofing hiking boots for your kid. 
  • Shoes are glued and not stitched

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Timberland Big Kids Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof Boot Brown

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie, Junior MT. Madddsen Waterproof Hiking Boots are essential for a fun and safe hike.
They keep your feet dry and comfortable during rain or snow and are highly durable, making them the perfect hiking boots for young hikers.
A new and improved technology that helps the boots adjust to your foot type. This is important for comfort, as kids often struggle with the wrong size boot.
Converts to normal hiking boots: Dynamic Fly, Upperskin, Uncouched, Midfoot Support, and Lacing System all work together to give you the perfect fit, no matter your foot type and gait.
To top everything off, the fit of this pair is more comfortable than other innovations and lasts longer.
A waterproof design and feature a durable, slip-resistant outsole to keep your feet dry. In addition, the outsole holds traction on the most varied terrain.
The boots are designed to keep your feet dry in even the wettest conditions, yet they are durable enough to weather the outdoors for years.
Water-resistant ripstop fabric, a reinforced toe, and a durable sole are just a few of the features of the junior MT.
No matter the surface, the MT. MADDSEN WATERPROOF HIKING BOOTS from JUNIOR MT. MADDSEN WATERPROOF HIKING BOOTS are ready for almost any condition.
The versatile traction helps you stay on the move, while the fit and comfort work for kids who are on the go all day long.
  • Overall good quality
  • Comfortable and dry quickly
  • The lacing system is not appealing

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Columbia Hyper-Boreal Omni-Heat Waterproof Hiking Shoe


The Columbia Youth Hyper-Boreal Omni-Heat Waterproof Boot is a great choice for kids that love exploring the outdoors.

The waterproof membrane and Omni-Heat lining will keep their feet warm and dry while they are out on the trail.

The midsole is designed to offer stability and traction control, which will allow them to explore more freely in any weather condition.

It has a rubber sole to provide traction on both wet and dry surfaces. There is also an adjustable lace system that allows you to customize the fit of the boot for a more comfortable experience.

The boots come in multiple colors so you can find the one that best matches your little one’s style.

These boots have Good traction control and we recommend these  waterproof shoes for day hikes

Overall these boots are great and you can trust the brand. However, we also want you to look at some aspects given below which we find the downside of these shoes.

Depending on the size of your kids’ feet these hiking boots will cost you between $19-$80.

  • Too sturdy and stiff for kids
  • Run small

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Deer Stags Mak2 Thinsulate Waterproof Comfort Boots

The best hiking boot option for kids in terms of protection and waterproofing. The upper of these boots is made of faux leather. For those of you who don’t know, faux leather is more protective against water and it doesn’t need that much care. 

You can further make this boot more waterproof by adding a protection layer with the help of water spray or water sealant. But even if you don’t want to do that, then also your kid’s feet will remain dry in mild rain.

Cleaning these boots is also very easy, all you need is a clean piece of cloth.

Further, the outsole of these boots is made of Thermoplastic Elastomers, also known as TRP outsole.

At the top of the boots, you get soft leather ankle protection. This will help in preventing the ankle role. 

The best thing about these boots is that they are 100% manmade, so you get a good quality overall according to the brand. But that might not be totally true as some users complain about the durability of the Boots.

The only thing is that you will only get 3 color options to choose from.

The user satisfaction with these boots is high, which makes them one of the best kids’ waterproof hiking boots on the list. 

The price of these boots is slightly higher than most of the boots on the list. These boots will cost you between $19-$79, depending on the size of your kid’s feet.

Lastly, these shoes are great for hiring in slightly cold weather. On contrary, we don’t recommend these boots for summer hikes. For summer hikes your best option would be KEEN Seacamp Ii CNX Sandal

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Mishansha Kids Water Resistant Hiking Boots

kids waterproof hiking boots

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This hiking boot is made of quality materials and has a waterproof construction that will keep their feet dry and comfortable while they are out exploring.

The rubber sole also provides them with traction on slippery surfaces.

They can wear these boots anywhere and anytime, as long as it’s not too hot outside or in snow-covered areas.

Mishansha Boys Girls Water Resistant Hiking Boots are designed to meet the needs of children with wide feet.

The ankle is designed in a way that is flexible and snug. It has a tongue that will keep the water out. It also has an EVA pad which can be removed for cleaning purposes.

The midsole of Mishansha Boys Girls Water Resistant Hiking Boots is made of rubber and it provides good grip and stability control because of its non-slip feature.

The outsole is made from rubber too and this provides good traction control as well as durability because it has a high friction coefficient.

The best thing about these shoes is that they are affordable as they only cost around $40. These shoes are also the most rated hiking boots by users. These hiking boots are great we compare price and quality. 

Though these hiking boots are made of leather, but the leather used is not animal leather, it is artificial leather. This reduces the price of the boots but also makes them more water resistant.

If your kid loves different colors then you can bet on these boots as you will get dozen of color options.

At this price point, we don’t find any negative in these shoes. The only thing you need to make sure of is that these shoes might not be great for snowy trails.

Biacolum Outdoor Hiking Waterproof Kids Sneaker

kids waterproof hiking boots

Another Affordable (comes at $37)option for kids. This hiking boot is one of the best boots you can get. It has a breathable upper, but that doesn’t mean it is not waterproof.

The mesh is available around the ankle for breathability, but the main upper is a waterproof material.

Your kid can wear these boots in mild rain. However, we don’t recommend keeping these shoes under water as the water can make its way inside through the mesh. For rain, it is a great option.

Mesh is important in shoes to make the shoes dry quickly and to allow airflow. So, don’t think of it as a downside.

On contrary, if you want shoes that prevent water completely then you can go with Reima Ankles Waterproof rain boots. 

It has a unique design for the lacing system. It comes with both laces and straps, but you don’t have to tie the shoes. 

Moreover, You will get 14 color options to choose from. These boots are a great option if your kid has a wide toe, though it is also its downside if your kid has a narrow toe.

Overall, you get good quality at a decent price.

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Reima Ankles Waterproof Low Cut Rain Boots 

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If you want completely waterproof hiking boots for your kid then this option is for you. These rain boots are made of rubber, and there is a negligible chance of water getting inside these boots.

Though these shoes are made of rubber, but you get decent comfort inside the boots.

They come with removable soles and insoles. The material used to make these boots is vulcanized and cotton-lined rubber.

Further, they come in 7 color options and cost will cost you around $34. 

Though these boots are waterproof they are not breathable which is a downside if your kid wears them while hiking in summers. For slightly cold temperatures or for the rainy season this is the best option you can get.

If you want a breathable hiking boot that also blocks water from entering g inside then you can go with another option on the list. You can further add neoprene socks to your kids’ feet to add more waterproof protection.

DVTENI Unisex-Child Ankle Boots

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Hawkwell Kids Classic Zipper Waterproof Comfort Wo is a hiking boot designed for kids. It has a durable rubber sole, which provides stability and traction control.

This shoe also has a waterproof membrane that keeps your little one’s feet dry and comfortable.

This shoe is perfect for children who love to go on hikes with their parents in the rain or snow.

The lining prevents your child’s feet from overheating while they are wearing these boots. Further, it comes in 3 colors i.e black, camel, and pink.

The thick padding inside the shoe helps to keep their feet comfy while they are walking long distances on uneven terrain.

These boos have a round toe design, which prevents quizzing of a child’s toes. Further, it provides ankle support, thanks to the padded collars it comes with. 

what makes these hiking boots great is the design and quality of the shoes, these are sturdy, strong, and comfortable boots for every hike.

With a strong and sturdy toe structure, it eliminates the pain or injury scenarios if out of blue your kid’s toe hit any rock.

Another plus of these shoes is the price. The pair of these hiking boots will cost you around $34, which is comparatively less than some branded kids hiking boots. 

These shoes look similar to timberland shoes in terms of design, color, and even material. Most users find these shoes a better option than timberland if we compare the prices of both the boots.

KEEN Unisex-Child Seacamp Ii CNX Sandal


KEEN Seacamp Ii CNX Sandal is a great option for parents who want to take their kids hiking. It’s designed for kids, so it’s lightweight and has a flexible design.

The midsole is made of a durable rubber material that provides traction control and stability control.

The KEEN Kids’ Chandler CNX Hiking Shoe has an excellent grip on wet surfaces due to its deep lugs with an aggressive tread pattern.

It comes with a water-resistant upper. the upper is made of synthetic leather coated with water repellent. This helps the water to shed off quickly. The best thing about sandals like these over boots is that they dry in no time because of the excessive ventilation from the sides. 

There is a reason why this sandal is on the list of best kids’ waterproof hiking boots and that is the quality and design of these sandals, which surpasses waterproof hiking boots. This is the highest-rated waterproof hiking sandal for kids.

Further, you have 42 color options to choose from. And a pair of these will cost you around$47. 

There are some downsides of these hiking shoes, that we want you to consider before you make your decision of buying. Though the design of the shoes is great one thing is missing which is ankle support.

Moreover, these are a perfect pick for summers but you need extra pair for your kids for winter hiking.

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We hope that this list of the best kids’ waterproof hiking boots has helped you find the perfect pair for your little ones. With the right pair of boots, they’ll be able to explore the great outdoors while staying dry and comfortable.

Do you have a favorite pair of hiking boots for kids? Let us know in the comments below!