Mountain Hiking near Charlotte NC

mountain hiking near charlotte nc

There are million state peaks, beaches, you could visit for a small hike near Charlotte NC. But if you are an adventure enthusiast and would like a great challenge mountain hiking near Charlotte NC is one you want to go for.

Charlotte is an amazing city from Blumenthal Performing Arts Center or hitting the outdoor for a small hike in state parks and there are many more places to visit in the queen city.

In My recommendation, if you want to explore the outdoors of Charlotte NC, you should visit these designations. Some are food for easy mountain hiking with your partner. But some want the real challenge of mountain hiking, good news for them is that we have included that too on our list.

  1. King’s Pinnacle Trail
  2. Stone Mountain Trail
  3. Mount Mitchell

All three mountain hiking trails are the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure and thrill. These are not the only mountain hiking trails near Charlotte NC. To know more about every mountain hiking trail near Charlotte NC, you could check our list mentioned below.

Mountain Hiking near Charlotte NC

King’s Pinnacle Trail

Crowders Mountain State Park - panoramio (1)
Idawriter, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Trail distance: 3.7 miles

Trail Location: Crowders Mountain State Park

Time: 4 hours

Just a 30-minute drive from Charlotte, North Carolina, this is one of the most popular hiking destinations. If you would like to enjoy the scenic view of Crowder’s Mountain State Park and the whole city. The trail itself consists of challenging hikes, towering cliffs, and 25-mile views of the surrounding piedmont.

There is nothing better than hiking a mountain that is standing at 1,705 feet. To be honest, learning about the altitude of King Pinnacle got to be sacred, but my buddies help me through it.

Crowders Mountain State Park offers 11 hiking trails, but King’s Pinnacle trail is the hardest among all of them.

For adventure enthusiasts and daring people, they could enjoy rock climbing and bouldering all over the top at a vertical angle. If you are one of few people who don’t quit in the middle of mountain hiking, in the end, you will get rewarded with the best glorified and magnificent views of Crowder’s Mountain State Park and Charlotte city, North Carolina.

Linville Gorge Wilderness

Easy Mountain hikes near Charlotte, NC

Trail distance: 7 miles

Trail Location: Linville Gorge Wilderness

Time : 3 hours

Home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls Linville Falls, located at the northern end of Linville Gorge is now available for the public. Linville George Wilderness offers multiple mountain hiking trails, which means there are very certain fixed hiking trails. For some people, it’s bad news but some want to face a wild adventure and make their trail to the top of the mountain.

The two most popular trails we recommend you to choose are either Little Table Rock Trail (hard – 2.7 miles) or Hawksbill Mountain (moderate – 1.8 miles). For some hardcore experience of mountain hiking, you should stick to Little Table Rock. The trail itself led you through steep,  unpaved paths and rocky mountains.

The most popular attractions among tourists consist are

  • Wiseman’s view – beautiful view of the entire gorge.
  • Linville Caverns
  • Linville Falls – the waterfall with a nice swimming hole, just waiting for you to jump on.

Ridgeline Trail

Mountain Hiking near Charlotte NC
Mountain Hiking near Charlotte NC

Trail distance: 14.7 miles

Trail Location: Crowders Mountain State Park and Kings Mountain State Park

Time: 14 hours

There are many easy and strenuous trails in America but this trail is quite interesting. Hiking to one mountain is great but hiking through two mountains is beyond awesome.

The longest trail extended two different mountains. Starting from Crowders Mountain State Park in North Carolina to Kings Mountain State Park in South Carolina, this is the best longest and easily accessible hiking trail near Charlotte. According to Locals of Charlotte, mountain hiking was one of the greatest adventures of their lifetime.

The trail itself leads you through the hilly, unpaved path and steep inclines, and rocky terrain. The trail is 14.7 miles, so you should consider adding some gear while hiking.

This trail is one of the few most challenging trails of mountain hiking in America.

The trail explores the deep nature and wildlife with magnificent views of the two mountains.

Chestnut Knob Trail

Mountain Hiking near Charlotte NC

Trail Distance: 4.1 miles

Trail Location: South Mountains State Park

Time: 3 hours

This is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to hike on steep angular paths with a magnificent view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The trail explores through woods of steep, rocky, unpaved path which is most popular among hikers.

Another good part of this trail, you could take your Dogs with you. But with a precaution, they must be kept on a leash when you are hiking the trail.

The first look of the trail made many people scared but don’t worry. Only the first half mile is steep with rocky terrain, and the rest trail is considered average and can be hiked by any age group of hikers.

High Shoals Falls Trail

Mountain Hiking near Charlotte NC

Trail Distance: 2.71 miles

Trail Location: South Mountains State Park

Time: 2 hours

Mountain hiking with a waterfall at the end is the greatest hiking trail we always imagined.

The trail is one of the easy mountain hiking trails and you could bring dogs and small children with you. It’s easily accessible but few people visit the High Shoals Falls, which makes it the hidden gem of Charlotte, NC.

Two trails are available to get to high Shoals fall.

  • Hike one mile to the 60-foot waterfall and return (for two miles total).
  • Hike the 2.7-mile loop which includes a short section of stair climbing.

Hiking through the first trail gave us chills from an enormous view of cliffs, rhododendron forest, and river cascades.

The moment you reach the top, it gave me the satisfaction I want from hiking a mountain. You also get rewarded with the sounds and sights of the rushing water makes this one of our favorite hikes anywhere.

Hollow Rock Loop trail

Mountain Hiking near Charlotte NC

Trail Length: 3.6 miles

Trail Location: Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area

Time: 4 hours

Located near the Rocky face mountain, the trail is equipped with a vertical steep. The trail is the best option for hikers who want to challenge themselves and hike through an inclined steep and rocky terrain. To experience and get yourself fully worn out, Charlotte, NC locals could just hop in the car and in about 30 minutes you will reach your destination.

The trail itself leads you through the angular, vertical rock mountain, you might want some gear to help you the mountain hiking.

Dogs are not recommended in this trail, as it’s difficult to put hold them when you have a mountain to hike.

Another great aspect of the Hollow Rock Loop trail is that it is visited by every age group of hikers. If you are above 18 or 40 you both are welcome to enjoy and explore the Rocky Face Mountain Recreational Area.

Chimney Rock State Park

Chimney Rock State Park hiking trail

Trail Length: Varies

Trail Location: Chimney Rock State Park (Lake Lure, NC)

Time: Varies with trails

The most iconic state park near Charlotte, NC with a magnificent and breathtaking scenic view that led wonders in every visitor. The state parks contain multiple trails, some are easy and others are a real challenge for hikers. All trails follow different views and different experiences.

To explore the magnificent view of Chimney Rock State Park, these are the trail you might want to check out.

Exclamation Point Trail – Expert level – 0.6-mile round trip (estimated time: 45 minutes)

The trial is the hardest trail in the state park which ascends 200 feet above Chimney. The trail itself will lead you through the rock formations like Opera Box and Devils Head. This mountain hiking trail is the real challenge that wants to experience the ultimate goal of achieving the hiking crown.

Skyline Trail – Moderate level – 2.2 miles round trip (estimated time: 2-2.5 hours)

Starting from Exclamation Point,  this mountain hiking trail near Charlotte, NC will lead you through the cliffs, peaceful forest and help you to connect with nature and wildlife. The trail includes the highest peak point in the Chimney Rock State Park, which shows a beautiful overview of the entire Park.

Spectacular view can also be seen in the movie The Last of the Mohicans.

Hickory Nut Falls Trail – Moderate level – 1.4 miles round trip (estimated time: 1 hour)

Al the end of the trial you will have a gorgeous view of the 404-foot waterfall, one of the tallest waterfalls in America.

Mount Mitchell

Mount Mitchell hiking trail

Trail Length: 11.3 miles

Location: Pisgah National Forest

Time: 8 hours

The highest peak mountain in the state of North Carolina. The hardest and most adventurous trail in North Carolina for people who are serious about mountain hiking. To get to the best mountain hiking near Charlotte, NC you might want to drive for 2.5 hours in a car. But for the magnificent, glorified, thriller, adventurous experience of your life, it is all worth the trip.

The 11.3 miles trail itself leads you through the steep, rocky terrain, and in just 6 miles you will ascend 3,700 feet from the ground. If that doesn’t make you excited to go mountain hiking near Charlotte, NC.

At the top, you could enjoy several miles of the mountain top and also the best destination to click photos to post on  Instagram and make everyone jealous.

For a hiking adventure that will be with you for your lifetime, hit up Mount Mitchell trail.

Easy Mountain hikes near Charlotte, NC

Fall Mountain Trail

Mountain hiking near Charlotte, NC

Trail Length: 3.8 miles

Trail Location: Morrow Mountain State Park

Time: 2 hours

The mixture of mountain hiking and easy to hike with family, kids, and dogs. Located in the Marrow State Park, this trail itself leads yours through the peaceful forest and some of the best photos location ( you might have seen in some movies or any magazine cover).  This trail is very popular among families, parents love to teach kids about hiking, camping, lakes, trees, and wildlife. The trail consists of small ponds, small animals, and breathtaking mountain views.

This trail is the best family weekend getaway destination near Charlotte, NC. Just a short drive and you are free to spend your time with your family and relieve all stress from work.

Stone Mountain Trail

Stone Mountain hiking Trail

Trail Distance: Varies

Location: Stone Mountain State Park

Time: Varies

The most visited park for easy most mountain hiking is near Charlotte, NC. Stone Mountain state park offers 18 miles of trails and 20 miles of designated trout waters. It is a great option for families and people who are learning about camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, picnicking, horseback riding. Every outdoor activity is well instructed by the officials with the use of every security protocol.

The trail itself leads you through steep, rocky terrain, peaceful forest, and river. It is the best easy mountain hike near Charlotte NC, on every route, there are restrooms and full support of officials that will guide you through every inch of the Stone Mountain State Park.

Note: Rock Climbing is also available, you have the option to climb the 600-foot granite face of the landmark mountain. You will enjoy the breathtaking views of the entire State Park and Charlotte city.

US National Whitewater Center

Trail Length: Varies

Location: Near Catawba Heights (western Charlotte)

Time: Varies

Although it is popular for organizing whitewater rafting lessons, there is some easy mountain to hikes near Charlotte NC. US National Whitewater Centre is filled with trails that cover the entire area and gathers the most peaceful hiking experience. Most people are visiting the center for river rafting as they are not familiar with the hiking trails in the center.

The trials offer the visitors to experience hiking and learn about safety, precautions, camping, methods to trek for a long day and if you are not interested in this you could enjoy watching the enormous view of the river with your families.

Reedy Creek Park and Nature Center

Trail Length: 3.1 miles

Location: Northeast Charlotte off of Grier Road

Time: 2 hours

Easy mountain hikes are those where you don’t wear out your body and along the way could enjoy the mountain hiking experience. This trail is one of the closest hiking parks where you either could enjoy family-friendly hiking or could solo hike through wood without working out your muscles. The trail itself offers beautiful scenery, small creeks, a peaceful lake, and some old stone ruins, and the noise of birds in quiet peaceful nature. Locals find this trail as the best and closest to visit near Charlotte NC and some state this as the city park trail. The most popular attraction is the rock house ruins on the trail. Beautiful, sculptures surrounded by long trees could make anyone connect with nature.