Solo Camping Checklist

Solo Camping Checklist

The best thing about camping is that you can carry a lot of stuff with you, especially if you have a big vehicle, which allows you to load a lot of stuff and make your experience much more comfortable than you are camping with one or two people. Still, one should learn to cut down the size of essentials as you get used to camping. So, let’s find out solo camping checklist for your next outdoor smooth experience.

Solo camping checklist

Here is the basic solo camping checklist for every solo camper.

Tent  or hammock

Tent and hammock are two ways you can enjoy your solo camping. However, both have their positives and negatives. First, let’s talk about tents.

  • The tent is the best option in winters, or if you’re going solo camping in a region where weather is unpredictable.
  • The tent also provides more protection against bugs in contrast to the hammock.
  • The tent is the best option for more than one-day camping as it provides you with more protection in the wilderness at night.
  • If we talk about hammocks, then it is more relaxing and best for short solo camping. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t take too much time to hang a hammock, especially outdoors. Check here – Hammock on posts
  • The experience depends on the person, still, the hammock provides you a better experience.
  • There is no insulation or suffocation problem with hammock, while insulation problem inside the tent is very common. But you can but tent with air conditioner to deal with this problem.
  • Don’t have to worry about the surface, one can hang a hammock over a wet surface. While looking for the best surface to set up a tent is a real struggle sometimes.

If you plan to take a tent with you, then make sure it is wide and long enough so that you can sleep comfortably. Go with 2 person tent if you want a comfortable experience inside the tent when solo camping.

Similarly, carry a hammock that is not too long or not too short. The best length for a hammock is 11 inches, however, one should choose according to their height.

Air mattress

Air mattress is one of the easiest and best options to get a comfortable sleep inside a tent or in-car while camping. Air mattress is used by many campers, however, for some campers, it has bad insulation and doesn’t provide warmth in winters.

Though that depends on the mattress and the weather itself. Besides that, an air mattress is a must if you are solo camping in a tent or in the car.

Portable camp pillow

If can not sleep without a pillow then it’s best to include this as well in your checklist of solo camping. Most campers take a portable or self-inflated pillow as it saves space.

However, if you are going in a vehicle then you will likely have a lot of space for your favorite pillow.

Sleeping bag or Quilt

A quilt and sleeping bag is another thing you need on your solo camping to get a comfortable sleep at night. Both options have their pros and cons.

The basic difference between both is that sleeping bags provide more insulation than a quilt, which is why a sleeping bag is best for winter camping.

However, quilts provide you with more freedom to sleep comfortably and are best for side sleepers. 

Camping chair

If you are a fan of sitting outside on a chair and drinking coffee that tastes good and boosts you up with energy then, carrying a camping chair with you is one decision that you will never regret. 

As a solo hiker, you have a lot of time, and you need yourself entertained while camping. The one way you can do this is by sitting on a portable camping chair and reading any book, or you can listen to a song (this is what I do).

It is very comfortable and peaceful at the same time. You don’t want to sit inside a tent or in a car the whole time.

Mobile or compass

You must hear the phrase that taking your phone with you while camping means you are not camping. However, still, more than 90 percent of campers take their mobile phones with them while camping because of many reasons. 

One just does not take phones to camp to watch videos or surf the internet. Instead, carry it with for useful purposes like – cameras, maps, GPS, books, music, trail maps, etc. 

At last, I want to say that it is your own choice if you want to take it with you or not. For a solo camper, a mobile phone can serve you well on your trip. 

If you don’t want to carry a mobile phone with you as you want to connect with nature the most, then do carry a map or compass with you. 

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—–kitchen checklist


The stove is a must for camping. If you are solo camping for more than one day then, the stove will help you in many ways. You can make coffee, cook food, and even warm the cooked food. 


Though most campgrounds have water and shower facilities, still, if you are going somewhere the first time, then carrying your own purified water is the best option. 


Food is a must for any trip to make it amazing. You can carry any food you want with you while camping. If you are a fitness then, camping can be your best cheat day.

Bring any food you want or like, if you day camping. However, there is a lot of food that campers recommend for camping like – cereals, bread, pasta, sandwich, rice, eggs, etc.

If you are a coffee lover and instant coffee is not your thing, then you can bring milk with you 


Great camping lighter makes things easy for you in the outdoors. A lighter can be very useful in burning fire regardless of weather conditions. If you are deciding to go camping solo in winters then a lighter can save you a lot of time and effort of burning fire. 

Lighters are windproof, waterproof and you don’t have to take off your gloves in winters to burn a fire.

The best lighter for camping that doesn’t let you down is the Zippo outdoor lighter and Urgette 2 Pack Butane Lighters.

Cast iron skillet, pan, and pot

Cast iron skillet is a must and the best choice for camping. It can last you years, and on top of that, you don’t have to worry about burning the skillet. It is a much better option than stainless steel. 

You can cook any food on cast iron from meat to any vegan food. If you want to know more about how to season or use the cast iron skillet then check this article – How to Use a Cast Iron Skillet Over a Fire

To keep the food warm for longer, bring the covers for pans and pots.

Camping percolator

A percolator is one thing you need to enjoy your morning coffee while camping. It is easy to use, and also a must for coffee lovers.

—–Grooming checklist

Flip flops

Carrying a pair of flips is a great deal, as it makes the showering process so easy. On top of that, flip-flops provide ventilation and work best if the surface is wet. 

Biodegradable soap

Showering while camping is sometimes hard if you are in a place with no water facilities. For such situations, one should bring biodegradable soap with them as it will clean you without harming the environment. The soap I recommend is Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap that will make you clean in no time.

When using biodegradable soap, make sure to not leave its trace within 200 feet of any water.

Outdoor Shower Ideas for Camping


A good hand sanitizer is one way to maintain your hygiene or prevent any allergies from the dirt around you while camping. Hand sanitizer will also make things easy for you as you don’t have to wash your hands every time.


Sunscreen is a must when you are steeping outside from the shelter. The importance of sunscreen increases more outdoors. Always carry sunscreen with you while camping in the woods. Sunscreen below 30 SPF is of no good, look for a sunscreen that has more than 30 SPF. 

Face wipes

If you are solo camping and you don’t want to take shower or there are no such facilities at the camp, then face wipes can be a good alternative. Face wipes can be used as body wipes and can make you clean, it is a quick short shower without any hustle.


You can forget or cancel other grooming essentials from the list but never forget to take a brush with you while camping to maintain oral hygiene.

—–Survival checklist

Survival tools are very important when you are solo camping in the woods and especially if you are unfamiliar with the area.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is very important for any outdoor activity. Whether you are camping or backpacking, you should always have a first aid kit with basic medical items in it like – tweezers, bandages, antiseptics, and important medication.

Mosquito/Bug repellent

If you are camping in the wrong weather or in an environment where you catch more bugs than fish, spraying bug repellent on you can save you from bugs, mosquitos, ticks, and other blood-sucking insects.


Are you asking yourself, “how do I entertain myself solo ?” Then, here are some suggestions to kill your boredom while camping.


If you are a reader then reading a book while lying in a hammock or sitting on a camping chair elevates your experience. 

Even if you are not a reader then also I recommend you to take any type of book that you find interesting and try to read it. There are very high chances that you will love reading it.

Transistor radio

If you love to bring some old-fashioned vibe to your camp, then bring a small portable transistor radio with you.


If you want to spend more time engaging yourself with nature, then bring a monocular with you to watch the birds.

Tip: camp near your vehicle

When you are a beginner, it is always best to camp near your vehicles as it will make your experience smooth and comfortable in so many ways.