Best Tent With Air Conditioner

Tent With Air Conditioner

Best Tent with Air Conditioner: For outdoor camping, an air conditioner is a necessity. This is the only way to go on camping on summer days. For the premium experience, you need to choose the best tent with air conditioner support and also the type of air conditioner you are going to use.

Two types of air conditioners are suitable for camping outdoors. These different types of air conditioners are suited for different types of tents. Choose the suitable type to air condition a tent. 

Best Tent With Air Conditioner

Camping in summer is a fun outdoor activity, but it can easily be ruined if you are sweating all over on your entire camping trip. So, it’s best to choose the best tents with ac ports, which will allow you to beat the summer. So, check out this list of the best tent with air conditioner ports. 

1. Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent [Big Tent With Air Conditioner Ports]

Ozark Trail with air conditioner port

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The is the biggest and most popular tent with air conditioner ports. The tent is a perfect choice for a big family, as the tent can accommodate 12 people. 

Featuring three separate rooms to provide more personal space and privacy to each individual. Furthermore, there is enough space inside to store all the gear, and at the same time easy to move inside the tent. 

The tent is equipped with two AC unit ports one at each end of the L shape of the tent. This way, you can add two AC units instead of one and choose where you want most of the cooling. 

The tent has one less AC port than a room, thus campers in that room have to open the internal door or window. 

Both AC ports are located at the bottom of the tent, so no requirement for a big AC stand, a normal box will do the job perfectly. 

The tent also comes with E-ports, enabling the campers to have electricity inside the tent during rain and windy seasons. Electricity is a requirement during outdoor camping, especially at night. Thus, with the help of E-ports, you can add calves without opening any windows and doors, and also there are no laying wires around, thus creating more safety, especially for the kids. 

To battle the heat, natural ventilation is also a requirement, thus this tent is fused with seven windows, that are enough to provide proper airflow inside the tent. Also, the large awning outside the tent is enough to occupy a few campers and shield them from the sun. This comes in handy while making food during your camping, as you have plenty of shady places with the help of a large awning. 

The tent can easily fit 3 queen-size mattresses and left space left to roam around. 

To pitch the tent, you only need about 15 -20 minutes, as it comes with pre-attached poles. Just unfold and extend the tent, to pitch it at your desired location. 

The main drawback of this tent is that it is quite bulky and weighs around 27 kg. Thus making it difficult to carry to high altitudes. 

Also, the wall fabric is not strong enough, if you have kids playing inside the tent. 

2. Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent [6/9/12 person]

tent air conditioner camping

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The Bushnell Shield Series instant cabin tent is the most durable and expensive tent with an AC port. It is available in 6-person, 9-person, and 12-person sizes, thus depending on the number of people in your outdoor camping, you can get a suitable size tent. 

The 9/12 person tent provides personal space privacy to family members with its room dividers, which changes the tent into three rooms. In addition, there are small storage pockets on the room divider wall and a few on the roof of the tent. 

Although, the 6-person tent only has 1 room divider ( only has 2 rooms). If you are a small family with only 4 members, this tent is a perfect choice. As you have enough privacy, and enough space left to roam around in the tent. 

In addition, these room dividers are removable, which enables you to convert them into a single room. 

The tent comes with one AC port in a 6-person tent, and two AC ports in a 9/12-person tent. Moreover, these AC ports are considered TRUE AC ports because you can use a window air conditioner with them, and  E-ports, which makes it wise for you to also use a free-standing air conditioner inside the tent. It is the only tent that works best for both air conditioners. 

AC ports are located at the bottom, which makes it convenient for the campers to install air conditioners. 

To battle the extreme heat and extreme rainy season, this tent comes with heat shield technology and waterproof features. The tent is equipped with an attachable rain fly. The most prominent feature of this is that it acts as a reflective sunshade and waterproofing shield. 

The bottom of the rain fly is made with a coating that enables the blockage of UV rays of the sun. Thus, during hot summers, the tent will not get hot from the inside. 

To pitch the tent, you only require 10-15 minutes, as you just have to take out the tent from the bag, and extend the pre-attached poles. And there you have your pitched tent ready for you to sleep on a summer outdoor trip. 

Unlike other tents, the tent is very durable and can handle strong winds. Despite its size, under extreme windy seasons, the poles and fabric don’t take a lot of damage. 

The main drawback of this tent is it is expensive. If you go on regular camping trips, then it is a perfect choice, but if you are going to use it once a year, you can with any other affordable tents listed below. 

Another drawback of this tent is that it is very heavy, and weighs almost (59.9lbs/27.2kg) for a 12-person tent. 

3. Wenzel Klondike 8-person tent with air conditioner ports

instant tent with ac port

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This is the most budgetable tent with air conditioner support. The tent is suitable for 8 people, but in reality, for premium comfort, it only can accommodate 6 people with gear space and roaming space.

Unlike other tents that have all equal rooms, including the space, flooring, and ac ports, this tent is quite different. 

The manufacturer describes one room as the screen room ( where your gear, etc things are located, and the second room is known as the main room. 

The main room is considered a sleeping area, but with the use of two side panels and two front panels, this room is also used as the sleeping room. 

The difference in both rooms is the main room consists of ceiling hooks and large height, whereas these things are missing in the screen room. Although, the flooring is similar in both rooms. 

The tent consists of only one AC port, meaning that you can add one window air conditioner to the tent. This can create a disturbance, as the size of the tent is large, and it would take two air conditioners to properly cool both the rooms. 

If you are using the main room for sleeping, the one AC port is sufficient to cool the room. 

The AC port is located at the bottom of the tent, making it easier for the camper to install the air conditioner in the tent through the AC flap. 

The tent does not have a reflective sunshade, meaning you must pitch the tent in a shady area, otherwise your tent will be very hot. 

To battle the heat, there are multiple windows and the front door is large, which will provide the airflow on a hot summer day. 

Unlike other instant tents with pre-attached poles, this tent is like traditional tents. So you need to practice the tent to step up, and it costs a lot of time if you’re a beginner. If you pitch your tent for the first time, it can take up to 1 hour to properly set up the tent. 

The main drawback of this tent is that it doesn’t include E-port, so you have to add the cables through the window or door, to get the electricity in the tent. 

Despite, the tent being waterproof, it cannot withstand the extremely windy and rainy season. 

Although, because of its price it is the perfect choice to use in summer outdoor camping. 

4. Coleman Montana Tent With Ac Ports

best tent with ac port

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For campers who want to use a free-standing air conditioner rather than a window air conditioner, this is one of the best tents for this. It is an affordable tent with air conditioner support. 

For a free-standing air conditioner, there is no requirement for an AC port. The only thing required is an E-port. This is used to enable the power supply to the free-standing air conditioner in the tent( avoiding any insects coming inside the tent). 

The tent is suitable for a family of 4. Though it is a 6-person tent, you need a space to fit all the people, gear, and some space left to move around freely. So, it’s best to accommodate only 4 people in this tent, for maximum comfortability. 

The tent can accommodate two queen sizes easily. However, the tent doesn’t have a room divider, meaning it only has a single big room. 

For battling the heat, the rainfly is added to the roof, but the coating is not like Bushnell instant tent. 

For natural ventilation, the windows and big doors are provided. The important thing is that windows are strategically placed, which enables the cameras to open the windows, during rain also. 

Easy to carry as the tent is very lightweight as it only weighs about 7.98 kg. This is the lightest tent in our list of nest tents with air conditioner support. 

 A door awning is also present in the tent, allowing the campers to sit outside the tent on rainy days. 

To store small gear, you can use the pre-attached storage pockets on the wall of the tent. 

The main drawback is that it is not as durable and can hold strong winds or strong rains. I’m extreme rainy season, the tent began to leak in small areas( around the edges of the tent) 

Despite its lightweight, the tent takes about 30-40 minutes to pitch properly, and two people are required to set up the tent. 

5. Core 9 Instant cabin tent with air conditioner slot

tent with AC port

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This tent is the best tent to go for while using a free-standing air conditioner with the tent. Unlike Coleman, this one’s a bit pricey, but that’s okay because it covers most of the drawbacks of the Coleman tent. 

The tent is suitable for 5-6 people maximum, despite the manufacturer claiming it to be 9 people. If you adjust 9 people in the tent, there will be no space left for you to install your free-standing air conditioner in the tent. 

To be able to use the air conditioner in the tent, there are multiple E-port available inside the tent. So you can easily adjust the air conditioner as per your desired location. The E-port is available at the edge of the tent, and the space is enough to add multiple wires at the same time. With an E-port you can add a power supply inside the tent, without worrying about the insects coming inside. 

Unlike the Coleman tent, pitching this tent is very easy. You just have to bring the tent to your desired location, the next extent is the one attached to poles and your tent is stepped up. It only takes-3-5 minutes to set up and a single person can easily pitch it. 

For proper airflow inside the tent, there are several windows present inside the tent. All windows are closed with the use of a zipper, and it is fully waterproof. So, no need to worry while using it during the rainy season too. 

To increase privacy while camping outdoors, room dividers are equipped with this tent. You have a choice whether to use a single big room or two rooms with the help of a room divider. 

The space is enough to adjust 5 people easily, and the space left can be used for the air conditioner and your additional gear. 

This tent can be used during the day because it’s an enormous T-shaped door that allows more airflow to enter inside the tent. Although, pitch the tent in a shady place. 

The main drawback of this tent is that it does not include a reflective sunshade, that reflects the Sundays from the sun. Reflective sunshade keeps the temperature cool in the tent during hot summers. 

Tent With Air Conditioner: Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right tent that will suit all your needs is an easy task if you know what things you must check while buying a new tent. Well, walk you through the basic things that must be checked while buying a new tent with an air conditioner. 

How To Choose Camping Tents With Air Conditioner

Ease Of Set-Up

When buying a new tent, one should always keep in mind how long it takes to pitch a tent. If you don’t want to spend hours perfectly pitching a tent, you should get an instant setup tent. This type of tent takes very few minutes to pitch, due to its pre-attached poles connected to it. 

Tent with Reflective Sunshade

A reflective sunshade protects the tent from sunlight, as it bounces back the sun rays with its reflective coating. By choosing a tent with a reflective sunshade, you will have the ability to use the tent in the daytime too. As with sunshade, the tent will remain cool. Also, while using this with the air conditioner, the tent remains cool for a long duration, because the coating doesn’t allow the cool air to get outside the tent from the roof.  This sunshade acts as dual protection in the tent. 


Whether you ever go on an outdoor trip in the rainy season or, your tent should always be waterproof. The reason behind, waterproof tents are considerably more durable than traditional tents. 

Also, to avoid any leaks during the rainy season should always be included in an outdoor camping trip. 

Interior Space/Sleeping Capacity

Tents are small closed spaces, but a tent where you couldn’t even sleep properly and add your gear by your side is a waste of money. So, before buying a tent, check how many people are coming with you and the amount of luggage you are accommodating. 

Generally, a larger group will require a larger tent to accommodate everyone.

In addition, a larger tent will be bigger and heavier in size and could create problems in carrying. So check out, the weight of the tent. 

Room Dividers

Larger tents often come with room dividers, to provide more personal space and privacy in your outdoor camping. Furthermore, room dividers also provide everyone with equal space inside the tent. 

However, a different room in a tent leads to multiple accounts ports. So, when it comes to cooling your tent, you have to place it in one AC port and open the room divider to let cool air in. 

In addition, multiple room dividers mean multiple ac ports, so you can have the advantage of installing multiple air conditioners in different rooms of the tent. 


How Can I Keep My Tent Cool?

There are a few steps that will certainly help your tent to remain cool while camping outdoors. Follow every step, to keep the tent cool in summer. 

Step 1. Pitch tent in a shady place: Direct sunlight on the tent, is the worst step you can make during outdoor camping in summer. So, opt for a shady place( like trees, etc. The idea is to let trees absorb direct sunlight, instead of the roof of your tent. 

Avoid setting up till 4:00 P.M. After this period the sun begins to go down. 

By pitching under a tree, you can set up your tent at any time of day. 

Step 2: Use a Reflective Sunshade

This provides the tent ability to reflect up the sunlight. Thus creating a cool temperature underneath it. 

With these, you can even sleep during the day, which is a requirement for every camper.

However, to work the sunshade to its full capacity, a 12-inch space is required between the tent and the sunshade. It can be a difficult task to sometimes stick it above the tent. 

Step 3: Open windows and use the direction of the breeze: A closed tent tends to create a more humid environment that encourages more heat. So, by opening the window, the air will be increased, and the temperature will start to decrease. Also, by changing the direction of the tent, you can encourage more travel inside the tent. 

Pro Tip: Always, face your tent door towards the wind direction. 

Step 4: Use A Camping Air Conditioner Unit. 

Portable air conditioners are the perfect choice for battling the heat in summer during an outdoor camping. 

Should You DIY A Tent With An AC Port?

The choice is yours, whether you want to buy a new tent with an AC port or restore your old tent. Although, Professional campers recommend buying a new tent rather than DIYing an AC port in the tent. 

There are two main problems with DIYing your tent. 

Firstly, you need good sewing skills, as you have to stitch a new cloth with the tent cloth. If your sewing is not accurate, you will end with small holes in your tent fabric. These small holes will reduce the life expectancy of the tent. 

In addition, several small holes damage the waterproof feature of the tent, and you may end with leakage. 

Secondly, the tent fabric is not like an iron rod, which can be measured accurately. Despite several attempts, there where you cut a bigger hole than your ac unit. The Dimensions of the air conditioner should be equal to the dimensions of the ac unit.

If you are confident in your sewing skills and do not mind spending hours DIYing a tent, you are ready to customize your tent with an ac port. 

How To Install AC To A Tent

After buying a tent that consists of an AC port, it is also mandatory how to Install the air conditioner in a tent. As we previously mentioned, tent air conditioners are of two types, and this how-to install both air conditioners in a tent. 

Window AC Unit

To install a window air conditioner, you need a tent with an AC port called AC Flap.

Tip: Check the dimensions of the AC port with the air conditioner. If they are equal, then you will have no problem installing them. 

Step 1. Check the distance of the AC port from the ground. 

Step 2. Get yourself an AC stand if the distance is large. 

Step 3. Add the air conditioner to the ac port, by pulling the Ac flap sheet. 

Step 4. The sheet should cover the entire roof of the air conditioner. 

Step 5. Tie the rope of the sheet with an air conditioner, avoiding it to move. 

Step 6. Check for any small holes left on the side of the air conditioner( Important: small insects can enter). 

Step 7. Add any cloth to the area, to cover the holes. 

Step 8. Connect the air conditioner and enjoy the cold air inside your tent. 

Portable Tent AC Unit

For installing a portable AC unit, you do not require a tent with an AC port, instead, you need a tent with an E-mail port. 

A portable tent AC unit sits inside the tent, so there is no requirement for an AC port. 

Step 1. Choose an interior space where you need to place your AC unit. 

Step 2. Avoid placing it around the front door. 

Step 3. Take the wire from the AC unit, and put it inside the E-Port. ( E-Port allows you to manage the wires of the Ac unit) . 

Step 4. Place the exhaust of the AC unit, and add it to one of the hoses in the tent. 

Step 5. Connect the wires, and enjoy the cool air breeze inside the tent. 

Types of Air Conditioner for Tents

1. Window AC Units for Tents

Most preferred by campers on their outdoor trips for tent air conditioning. It is similar to the old window air conditioner in 2010. Although, the difference is its size. If you have used a window air conditioner before, you will have no problem with a smaller unit during your outdoor camping. 

Why is it best? 

Firstly, the size of the outdoor window ac units is small, which makes it easier for the hiker to transport them to different places.

Secondly, the window air conditioner has fewer BTUs than air conditioners at home. Fewer BTU prevents your tent from turning into a cold cave. 

The tent is very small, and with a high BTU air conditioner, the tent will be too cold. Moreover, with a high BTU air conditioner, you will be required to have a great power source. Thus, making your package heavier. 

Tip: British Thermal Unit (BTU) represents the energy used to remove heat from a room within an hour. 

Disadvantages of Window air conditioner for Tents

Nothing is perfect, and the main problem with this air conditioner for tents during outdoor camping is:

Placed outside the tent

These window air conditioners are placed outside the tent, so your need must have an AC port available. Not all tents come with an AC port, you might need to buy a new tent, or use a DIY hack to install it with the tent. 

Theft issue:

Although it’s pretty uncommon if it is placed outside the tent, there is a risk it can happen. 

Premium Window tent air conditioner: 

AMAES Outdoor Window Air Conditioner, check out on Amazon. It comes in a small size, is compatible with BTU for outdoor camping, and is lightweight ( for easy transportation). 

2. Free-Standing Tent Air Conditioner 

Another air conditioner for tents while camping is a freestanding air conditioner. It is called that because it stands in the tent and front of your eyes the whole time. 

Unlike tent window air conditioners, there is no requirement for an AC Port. Thus you can use your old tent for outdoor camping with air conditioning, and there is no need to make any changes. 

Why is it good? 

This air conditioner only needs a 6-8 inch hose hole, that will exhaust all the hot air from inside the tent. Moreover, it creates stealth camping, and not worry about any theft issues. This is similar to like your AC at home. 

This tent air conditioner also comes with fewer BTU and is lightweight. Although, the size is bigger in comparison to the tent window air conditioner. 

Disadvantages of free-standing tent air conditioner:

The main drawback of this air conditioner for tents during outdoor camping is:

Placed inside the tent:

As these tent air conditioners are placed inside, they take a certain amount of area in the tent. Tents are very closed spaces, and an air conditioner inside the tent, creates difficulties for the campers. 

Noise Problem:

As the air conditioner is inside, there will be a small noise inside the tent when it works. For Light sleepers, this can create a disturbance in sleep. 

Premium Freestanding tent air conditioner:

BLACK+DECKER BPACT10WT Portable Air Conditioner, check out on Amazon. Small size, fewer BTU, and ease of installation are some features of the air conditioner. 

Final Thoughts

To battle hot temperatures in summer, portable air conditioners are a perfect choice. With very little effort, you can get the outdoor camping experience and not worry about the hot temperature outside the tent.