Why hiking is fun

Why hiking is fun

Hiking is one thing that doesn’t require expertise to do unless your plans are to reach the top of Mount Everest. Hiking is a fun activity and challenging at the same time. There are various reasons why hiking is fun, it depends from person to person. But there is something about hiking that makes up your mind that no matter what, you will do it(hiking) again. So, without wasting your time, let’s get to why hiking is fun? 

Before that, I want to tell you that this is my personal list of why hiking is fun for me. I hope this list will help you to pack your backpack and wear those sturdy boots and hit the trail. 

Why hiking is fun? 

Hiking is fun because of the joy you get afterward by defeating the challenges like walking for miles while you are still tired. Besides that, the connection between you and nature becomes strong which makes hiking more fun and enjoyable. 

Attach you to culture

Hiking is not a destination, it is a wonder that you walk into, when you step your first step in it. Earlier I used to think that hiking is just to explore nature or to know yourself more, but with time I found out that it also has more to offer you in the form of living in different cultures that you are completely unfamiliar with. 

If you are an explorer or an observer, hiking is the best fun activity that can provide you with different cultures to connect with. If you ever go on a thru-hike, you will see that oftentimes you will cross villages and people who have different lifestyles than most of us. The meaning of life is different for them.

Meeting new people and watching their culture closely, makes you happy from the inside. You will not adopt that of course, but that feels so different and amazing.

Once I visited the small village that is located in mountains in Dalhousie. That was the first time I drank tea in a cup that was made of mud. When I start looking around, I find the creativity of village people. They make beautiful artistries and sculpture just using their hands. They were very welcoming and humble. When I showed them the camera, they start looking at it and asked me about it. That may not be a big thing but at that moment, they were so happy which made me happy as well. So, for me, hiking is more fun when you connect or have good times with people that you are completely stranger too. 

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(Changes the meaning of life) 

Hiking let you check your capabilities

The real fun of hiking is in figuring out your capabilities, to know your value. You will face different challenges throughout your hike, that will teach you, will make you fearless, and let you know your capabilities. 

Feeling tired and you still have to reach your camp before dark, getting blisters or pain in feet but still figuring out your way out, climbing the mountains when you are afraid of heights are some challenges that will test your capabilities. 

Hiking is not a capability test that you have to pass, but it’s the experience or fun you earn by giving out your sweat or energy on the trail. 

These challenges add more fun to hiking. I can recall one incident where we have to pass the river but my shoes are not waterproof, which was a silly mistake by me that I thought it’s not a big deal.

When the time comes where we have to step in the water, the water was less but still, it’s enough to make your feet wet. At that time I was maybe immature but I decided to pull off my shoes and I passed the water with my bare feet.

Now, that was not a big challenge but later I also passed many rivers with bate feet. That was thrilling, challenging, and risky at the same time.

Though I don’t recommend this, it’s just an example that you will face such types of challenges while hiking, not exactly the same but maybe similar which will increase the fun in hiking. 

Every new trail test your capabilities, doesn’t matter how experienced a hiker you are. These small challenges make you tough, and most importantly they make turn into a decision-maker and action taker. 

If you find difficulty in making decisions or you are too afraid to take action, then just pack your bag and hit the nearest trail to you. Start exploring your nearby trails and when you start feeling the vibe of it, you can also go for thru-hiking.

I suggest, you everyone who is reading, whether you are a short hiker or not, do go for thru-hiking at least once in your lifetime. It also doesn’t matter if you are on job, just take a break and just go. If thru-hiking is too long for you then go on a multiday hike. This will definitely change your life in a good way and help you in discovering yourself more. 

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Explore history

The fun thing about hiking is that there is no time limit for it to complete. And this gives you enough time to explore the trail or place properly and gain some knowledge. Howere there is a limit to how far can you hike in a day. Check here to know how far can you hike in a day.

If love to know how nature is evolved or want to know the history of the trail, then there is no better way to know about it other than knowing it by yourself.

Knowing everything about the trail and the place is something that adds more fun to hiking as you will leave the trail with the story of the place that you can share with your friends later. 

Unforgettable memories

The memories and experience, or knowledge you take back with you at the end of your hike is what you will never forget. 

Where in day-to-day life we rarely remember anything because of too much work pressure or simply because living the same life for so long becomes boring. 

You create beautiful and Unforgettable memories during a hike that remain in your head for a lifetime. Talking with people, bathing under a waterfall (waterfall hikes ) or sleeping in a tent at night, making morning coffee with a coffee on your own, sitting quietly at night under the stars, overcoming challenges and the feeling of joy afterward are some memories that are not short-lived. 

Memories are great and also play a very important in your lows. 

Provide peace and cure frustration

Why most people find hiking a fun activity is because it disconnects you from regular routine and, offers you something new and different every time. 

The peace you get when you are not surrounded by materialistic things, and you are on your own walking down on a trail while taking a glimpse of nature is what makes hiking fun. 

I’m not an expert in psychology but I do know that there is something different when you are surrounded by nature. All things change for a person. The sound of birds and water is more relaxing and keeps you cool through your hike. 

Breathtaking views

Hiking is fun as it reveals you to some of the world’s wonders that are not man-made but a creation of nature. 

The beautiful landscapes and waterfalls are the major highlights of most of the hikes. And how can we forget about the view from the top of the mountain, that is unforgettable and a magic view. 

The best thing about these highlights is that they encourage you to do hiking more often. It doesn’t matter if the hike is difficult or time-consuming, the end cures everything in a minute. 

Big time for photographers

In this social media world, I know all people are into selfies and photography. Though there are some people who just want photos just to collect them as memory. I’m not judging anyone as this increases the fun of hiking. 

However, I do prevent using any device while hiking. Taking photos of moments or places adds more fun to hiking. This is also the reason why most of the young generation is also attracted to hiking. 

The feeling you get when you click the photo yourself is way more satisfying than just looking at the picture as there are hundreds of photos on the internet. 

Makes you more interesting 

Hiking is fun which makes you fun and showcases you as an interesting person. 

The more you do different things, the more interesting person you become. The more experiences you share with other people, the more they connect with you. 

If you are an introvert, still hiking lets you enjoy your freedom and life in a fun way. 

I have a friend who goes hiking every month to some different place. He always has some story to tell, which make him a fun person and I also love to spend time with him because we have more conversation than just discussing some web show on Netflix. 

Hiking also lets you meet different people who come from other cultures and countries to see the beauty of nature. This way you make new friends on the trail. 

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Mind, heart, and body feel good

As I have already told your thinking will change and which also changes your mindset. 

The little decision you make during a hike, makes your mind strong, the daring things you do during a hike make you fearless, and overcoming challenges gives you a feeling of joy.

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Sense of achievement

Hiking is fun because it gives you a sense of achievement which does release dopamine(a good feel hormone). 

The challenge you make in your mind is that you will complete this hike at a specific time and push yourself when you feel too tired and want to quit. These things may sound, motivational but they do give a sense of achievement and you feel more proud of yourself. 

Conclusion– If you are feeling low or stressed from the daily routine, hiking is one of the fun activities that you can adopt in your life that will help you overcome the current situation.